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The Perfect Bali itinerary for Honeymooners

Someone famous once said, ‘Every year go someplace you’ve never been before’. Really touches a cord doesn’t it?  More so, when you have just got married and are looking for a honeymoon destination. This search led me to PickYourTrail, who in turn led us – Priyanka and myself – to the perfect Bali itinerary for honeymoons. 

Dharmendar and Priyanka at Bali Honeymoon Trip

The fun part – Planning

Our trip to Bali and my experience with PickYourTrail was awesome. With an outstanding team that understood my requirements perfectly, it seemed like they read my mind. Not to mention the patience with which the team answered our endless questions. We used Pickyourtrail’s unique planning tool to book our Bali trip. From hotels with a great ambience to all the activities that we wanted, Pickyourtrail was spot on with the plan. Wondering what that left us to do? We were happily given the task of dreaming about our holiday and a bit of packing, while our perfect itinerary to Bali honeymoons was getting ready!


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Day 1: Here we come Bali

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-17 at 19.43.51

We landed in Bali to be given the warmest welcome ever by Pickyourtrail’s team. It felt like they were our extended family. Everyday was a cheerful start with interesting tips on Balinese culture and the do’s-and-don’ts. Our stay was based in Kuta, the happening beach destination part of Bali. The accommodation was very well chosen and we felt truly like royalty with the plush ambience and the service. Our first day was at leisure and we hung around the beautiful beaches and had a lovely evening out. We ran out of words to describe these beaches, Bali floored us on Day 1! 

Day 2: Adventure of a lifetime

Bali Underwater seawalk
Chatting up with the fishes on a Seawalk

On day two, we started out with much anticipation on our private South Bali Trail. South Bali is vibrant with the right mix of adventure, beaches and markets. How could I forget, great food too! We chose to try out some water sports, and what a brilliant decision it was. The undersea walk that we had was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! It felt like we were out on a walk under the sea, having a conversation with colourful fishes. An adventure which will bring the smile back on our faces, for a long time to come. For those looking for some picturesque sunsets, we would recommend the marvellous Uluwatu Temple.

Day 3: Sailing in Bali

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-17 at 19.46.42

Bali is located at probably the best part of the Indian Ocean, and going into the depths of the Ocean was a fantastic experience. The Aristocrat Sailing Cruise was our window to the world of watersports in Bali. Starting with Banana boat rides, the cruise gives you an awesome variety of adventurous sports such as the coral viewer, parasailing and snorkeling. A truly enjoyable day this one turned out to be!

Day 4: Exploring Ubud

 Tirta Empul temple, Ubud
Tirta Empul, the sacred water temple at Ubud

Our last day at Bali started off on a spiritual note with a visit to the Sacred Temple of Tirta Empul, translating to ‘holy spring’ in Balinese. Touched by the Balinese culture and faith, we went on to explore the sylvan green of Ubud.

Ubud paddy terraces
Ubud’s green rice terraces bring peace to the mind

With lush rice terraces lacing the slopes, Ubud would be Bali at its scenic best. Later in the evening, we did our bit of shopping at the Ubud art market. As we shopped, we stopped to admire the Royal Ubud Palace and its Balinese architecture.


It was not easy saying goodbye to Bali. But we had our photos to remember this wonderful honeymoon trip, the beautiful place and its people. It would be fitting to say that while I found my life partner in Priyanka, we found our travel partners in PickYourTrail! Book your Bali honeymoon package at Pickyourtrail and get the same feeling!

We couldn’t stop ourselves, we just HAD to record our beautiful experience in Bali. Here’s a snippet for you to see ~

About the Author

Our guest author, Dharmender Dubey and his wife Priyanka, travelled to Bali with us on a honeymoon trip

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Bali Honeymoon Package Starting @ ₹24,512

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