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Why the Bur Dubai Grand Mosque is a must-visit?

When it comes to mosques in Dubai or the Middle East as a whole, you are in for a serious treat of some great neo-gothic architecture combined with an insight into the local culture and their way of life. The grandeur of the Bur Dubai Grand Mosque is bound to leave you speechless.

Bur Dubai Grand Mosque
Bur Dubai Grand Mosque | Image Credit:

While there are quite a few beautiful visit-worthy mosques in and around Dubai, and usually the Sheikh Zayad mosque takes the most footfalls among the tourists, Grand Dubai mosque in Bur Dubai has its own charm and heritage to boast of. The mosque is in the heart of Dubai’s commercial and cultural hub ‘Bur Dubai’. Bur Dubai combined with the Dubai Deira area is the preferred choice of stay among the tourists. Even more reasons that you should pay this historical mosque a visit during your next trip to Dubai. The mosque can be easily accessed by the Dubai metro.

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The mosque has its own share of history spanning more than 100 years. The structure was originally built as a holy school teaching the sacred Qur’an and rebuilt as a mosque. It has undergone few structural changes after that, notably in 1960 and 1998. The later change was made to restore the mosque to the present form.

Interesting points about the mosque

  1. Talking about the biggest and tallest in Dubai, the mosque has the tallest free-standing 70m minaret in the entire Dubai city resembling a lighthouse, built in Anatolian style overlooking the Dubai creek.
  2. The original school structure was demolished and rebuilt in 1960 to make way for the mosque, but the present rebuilding of the mosque in traditional Iranian- Islamic architectural style was fully completed in 1998 only.
  3. Non-muslims can enter the minaret from Sunday through Thursday from 9 am to 11:30 am to take in the amazing architecture of the mosque.
  4. The mosque played a very important role in being the cultural and historical center of Dubai. It can accommodate about 1200 people at the same time and is usually full during Friday Namaz.
  5. Though the majority of the structure is unsculpted, the five entrance columns have holy Quarinic inscriptions embossed – be sure to take a stop and admire them.
  6. The mosque roof architecture is dominated by a set of large nine domes and complemented by smaller 45 ones which set an unparalleled visual and spiritual treat to its occupants

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bur Dubai Mosque – some important tips

  1. The mosque is one of the most important places of religious and cultural heritage in Dubai regularly visited by locals – conservative clothing with overall cover is a must to enter the minaret. Head and knee coverall is a must for all. Full sleeves pants and shirts and covered clothing below knees for women is advised.
  2. The opening times are 0900 to 1130 Hrs on Dubai weekdays – if not with a tour, you should consider visiting the mosque in the early hours to avoid crowding.
  3. Please note that non-muslims are not allowed to enter the main praying area of the mosque – they can only visit the minaret.
  4. You can pay a visit to the mosque after the evening also when it is lit in colourful lights for some Insta-worthy moments.
  5. The mosque is very well connected and the nearest public transport access is via Dubai metro. The station nearest to the mosque is Al Fahidi from where the mosque is only a 5-10 mins walk.
  6. You can also combine a visit to the Dubai museum along with visiting the mosque. It is just opposite to the mosque and is a 2-minute walk. Also, you can opt-in for a creek cruise in a traditional Dhow boat, which gives a panoramic view of Old Dubai and is a must so also if you are in Dubai.

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