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Honeymoon in Austria - Blend of music, romance and culture

Planning a honeymoon in Europe? It is not without a reason that Austria is becoming one of the most sort-after honeymoon destinations. Nestled in the heart of the Central European region, Austria is complete with beautiful Alps, its villages, rich history, baroque architecture and picturesque landscapes. With its capital Vienna known as the city of love, Austria's other cities such as Salzburg and Innsbruck makes it the perfect honeymoon destination. To add more colour to it, this German-speaking country is home to legends like Mozart, Strauss and Freud. Another reason for Austria honeymoon packages being a hit among couples is that every season here has something unique to offer and can be visited any time of the year.

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Pickyourtrail offers the best honeymoon package in Austria to make sure you enjoy every amazing experience. Being the birthplace of Mozart and Strauss, you can imagine how important music is to Austria. Filled with ancient concert halls and street performances, our package for your honeymoon is assured to be as musical. Picture yourself travelling along the curvy roads, brushing past the Alpine villages and your eyes feasting on the snow-capped Alpine ranges on your sides. While in Innsbruck, go horse-riding around the colourful buildings facing the Alps. For the party-animals, nightlife here is buzzing with action - best place in Austria to go club-hopping. Take the Sound of Music tour whilst in Salzburg and explore the birthplace of Mozart and his work here. Lose yourselves in the architectural wonders here along.

Walking hand-in-hand with your significant other through the alleys that Beethoven once walked, gazing at the ancient artwork and enjoying the romantic landscapes in Vienna are sure to give you some fond memories to cherish in your life. Stay at the most beautiful and quaint hotels and be assured to experience everything that this romantic country has to offer using our complete Austria honeymoon packages.

Plan your itinerary with us

Our Austria packages for couples offer itineraries that are especially created to suit your preferences. Would you like to add or remove anything from the itinerary? Would you like to spend an extra night just to relax or wrap up earlier? You can edit it yourself as all of our Austria honeymoon packages can be customised according to your interests. Right from flights to stay and exploration, we give you the perfect itinerary for your perfect honeymoon to Austria. Get in touch with us already!

Austria Honeymoon Packages from India
Honeymooning Itineraries in Austria Sightseeing Routes in Austria Price* (Cost per visitor)
Salzburg featured: Cuddlesome 4-night honeymoon in Austria regionSalzburgVienna₹ 44,000 (accommodation included)
4-day alluring honeymoon to Austria for doting lifematesVienna₹ 55,646 (airfare & accommodation included)
Tempting 7-day Austria honeymooning packageBarcelonaViennaPrague₹ 65,409 (accommodation included)
8-day tempting honeymoon in Austria for the new couplePragueBudapestVienna₹ 68,046 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day ethereal Austria honeymoon tourist bundle for doting spousesPragueViennaSalzburgBudapest₹ 72,594 (accommodation included)
Mesmeric 9-day/8-night Austria honeymooning packagePragueViennaBudapest₹ 77,894 (airfare & accommodation included)
Budapest attractions: 8-day hypnotic honeymoon in Austria settingBudapestViennaPrague₹ 80,929 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day surreal honeymoon in Austria for your post-marital blissViennaPragueBudapest₹ 82,084 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-night celestial honeymooning offer to AustriaViennaSalzburgHallstattVienna₹ 82,739 (airfare & accommodation included)
Funfilled 10-night honeymoon deal to AustriaPragueHallstattSalzburgBudapest₹ 83,376 (accommodation included)
9-day endearing honeymoon deal to AustriaBudapestViennaPrague₹ 83,865 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night beautiful Austria honeymoon packageViennaBudapestPrague₹ 84,667 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's alluring honeymoon bundle for 9 days & 8 nightsPragueViennaBudapest₹ 85,375 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day/7-night cuddlesome honeymooning package to AustriaViennaSalzburgVienna₹ 86,301 (airfare & accommodation included)
Surreal 9-day/10-night honeymoon package to AustriaViennaSalzburgMunich₹ 86,523 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-night enchanting honeymoon offer to AustriaViennaHallstattZell am SeeSalzburgVienna₹ 89,457 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmerizing Austria honeymoon itinerary for 8 days & 7 nightsViennaOetztalSalzburgVienna₹ 89,838 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day/7-night sensual honeymooning package to AustriaParisInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 91,490 (airfare & accommodation included)
6-day/5-night engaging honeymoon package to AustriaVienna₹ 92,801 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day/10-night intriguing Austria honeymoon tour itinerary for the romantic coupleViennaInnsbruckSalzburgHallstattVienna₹ 93,694 (airfare & accommodation included)
Vienna highlighted: Lovely 9-day honeymooning in Austria settingViennaInnsbruckZell am SeeSalzburgVienna₹ 94,716 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day magical Austria honeymooning vacation offer for spouses deeply in loveViennaHallstattZell am SeeSalzburgVienna₹ 94,732 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's sensual 9-day honeymooning packageViennaSalzburgInnsbruckVienna₹ 95,440 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day bubbly Austria honeymooning vacation package for your post-marital joyPragueViennaBudapest₹ 97,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
Engaging 11-day/10-night Austria honeymooning dealPragueViennaAmsterdam₹ 97,450 (airfare & accommodation included)
Tempting 10-night Austria honeymoon packageViennaPragueRome₹ 97,970 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day funfilled honeymooning to Austria for your post-nuptial blissViennaSalzburgInnsbruckVienna₹ 98,073 (airfare & accommodation included)
Exciting honeymoon package to Austria for 14 days & 13 nightsBudapestViennaSalzburgPrague₹ 99,899 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night sensuous honeymooning to Austria for the newly marriedParisBudapestViennaPrague₹ 1,01,519 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-day surrealistic honeymooning package to AustriaPragueViennaBudapest₹ 1,01,751 (accommodation included)
Sensual 13-night honeymooning plan to AustriaViennaInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 1,01,819 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-day/6-night memorable Austria honeymooning tour package for wild-eyed romanticsPragueViennaBudapest₹ 1,02,561 (airfare & accommodation included)
Engaging 11-day/10-night Austria honeymoon planViennaHallstattZell am SeeInnsbruckVienna₹ 1,03,580 (airfare & accommodation included)
14-day dreamy Austria honeymooning bundleViennaInnsbruckSalzburgHallstattVienna₹ 1,04,110 (airfare & accommodation included)
Budapest in spotlight: Cuddlesome 9-day honeymoon in Austria settingBudapestViennaPrague₹ 1,05,189 (airfare & accommodation included)
Lovable 8-day/7-night Austria honeymoon holiday package for the just-marriedViennaInnsbruckZell am SeeVienna₹ 1,05,982 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-night enchanting Austria honeymoon packageSalzburgOetztalInnsbruckHallstattVienna₹ 1,06,234 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's exciting honeymoon itinerary for 9 days & 8 nightsPragueSalzburgBudapest₹ 1,06,942 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night celestial Austria honeymooning holiday bundle for the new couplePragueSalzburgVienna₹ 1,09,031 (airfare & accommodation included)
Surreal 11-day honeymooning deal to AustriaViennaSalzburgZell am SeeVienna₹ 1,09,375 (airfare & accommodation included)
13-night enticing honeymoon package to AustriaViennaInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 1,09,754 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day frenzy Austria honeymoon holiday deal for soulmatesMunichZell am SeeSalzburgBudapest₹ 1,10,232 (airfare & accommodation included)
Engaging 14-night Austria honeymoon vacation package for newlywed matesFrankfurtMunichInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 1,10,665 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night rousing Austria honeymoon trip package for lovebirdsPragueSalzburgViennaBudapest₹ 1,10,802 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmeric 9-day Austria honeymooning trip package for wild-eyed romanticsBudapestViennaSalzburgPrague₹ 1,11,826 (airfare & accommodation included)
Enticing 6-day Austria honeymoon planPragueVienna₹ 1,11,986 (airfare & accommodation included)
Vienna showcase: 14-day alluring honeymoon in Austria terrainViennaHallstattZell am SeeInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 1,13,527 (airfare & accommodation included)
Beguiling 11-night Austria honeymooning tour package for lovebirdsBudapestViennaSalzburgPragueAmsterdam₹ 1,13,641 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's dazzling honeymoon package for 14 days & 13 nightsPragueBudapestSalzburgZell am SeeVienna₹ 1,14,035 (airfare & accommodation included)
Hypnotic Austria 16-day honeymooning packageBudapestPragueSalzburgZell am SeeVienna₹ 1,15,025 (airfare & accommodation included)
Romance reloaded 8-day Austria deal for honeymoonersViennaInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 1,15,203 (airfare & accommodation included)
Idyllic honeymoon deal to Austria for 9 days & 8 nightsPragueViennaBudapest₹ 1,15,404 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day funfilled honeymoon package to AustriaViennaInnsbruckZell am SeeSalzburg₹ 1,15,522 (airfare & accommodation included)
Hypnotic 12-day/11-night Austria honeymooning tour package for doting matesViennaSalzburgInnsbruckBudapestPrague₹ 1,16,980 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-day bewitching honeymoon package to AustriaPragueBudapestVienna₹ 1,18,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmeric 11-day/10-night Austria honeymooning packageViennaInnsbruckZell am SeeSalzburg₹ 1,19,395 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day hypnotic honeymoon in Austria for your post-nuptial joyPragueHallstattSalzburgBudapest₹ 1,20,158 (airfare & accommodation included)
Attractive 13-night Austria plan for honeymoonersDubrovnikSplitZagrebViennaSalzburgBudapest₹ 1,20,380 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's effervescent 10-night honeymoon itineraryBudapestViennaSalzburgPrague₹ 1,21,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
13-day/12-night lovable Austria honeymoon holiday package for couplesAmsterdamPragueSalzburgViennaBudapest₹ 1,21,070 (airfare & accommodation included)
Attractive 9-day/10-night Austria package for honeymoonersPragueViennaBudapest₹ 1,22,164 (airfare & accommodation included)
Bewitching 11-day honeymoon package to AustriaPragueSalzburgBudapestVienna₹ 1,22,769 (airfare & accommodation included)
Lovely Austria 6-night honeymooning packageBudapestSalzburgPrague₹ 1,24,020 (airfare & accommodation included)
Ethereal Austria 9-night honeymoon packageViennaSalzburgInnsbruckZell am SeeVienna₹ 1,26,259 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day dazzling Austria honeymoon trip bundle for the endlessly in loveViennaBudapestPrague₹ 1,28,542 (airfare & accommodation included)
Bubbling honeymoon deal to Austria for 9 days & 8 nightsPragueSalzburgBudapest₹ 1,31,190 (airfare & accommodation included)
Funfilled 11-day/10-night Austria deal for honeymoonersPragueSalzburgViennaBudapest₹ 1,31,755 (airfare & accommodation included)
Intriguing 9-day/8-night honeymoon plan to AustriaViennaInnsbruckSalzburgPrague₹ 1,31,976 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day/10-night joyful Austria honeymooning trip bundle for romantic couplesPragueViennaBudapest₹ 1,33,494 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's lovely honeymoon deal for 16 days & 15 nightsBudapestSalzburgInnsbruckViennaPrague₹ 1,34,433 (airfare & accommodation included)
Lucerne foregrounded: Mesmerizing 9-day honeymoon in Austria landscapeLucerneSalzburgVienna₹ 1,37,222 (airfare & accommodation included)
Alluring honeymoon plan to Austria for 9 days & 8 nightsParisZurichVienna₹ 1,37,579 (airfare & accommodation included)
Enchanting Austria honeymoon package for 11 days & 10 nightsBudapestSalzburgPragueAmsterdam₹ 1,41,105 (airfare & accommodation included)
Rousing 12-night Austria bundle for honeymoonersZurichInterlakenInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 1,41,663 (airfare & accommodation included)
10-night stimulating honeymoon package to AustriaBudapestViennaSalzburgPrague₹ 1,45,160 (airfare & accommodation included)
Hedonistic 12-night Austria package for honeymoonersPragueSalzburgBudapestAmsterdam₹ 1,49,018 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night intriguing honeymoon to Austria for the hopeless romanticsViennaSalzburgZell am SeeInnsbruckVienna₹ 1,50,347 (airfare & accommodation included)
Surrealistic Austria 11-night honeymooning offerBudapestZagrebViennaPrague₹ 1,51,445 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-day/2-night ethereal Austria honeymoon trip itinerary for soulmatesRomeFlorenceVeniceInnsbruckVienna₹ 1,53,290 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's sensuous honeymooning package for 11 days & 10 nightsBudapestSalzburgViennaPrague₹ 1,53,623 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day attractive Austria honeymooning offerPragueSalzburgVienna₹ 1,57,669 (airfare & accommodation included)
13-day/12-night effervescent Austria honeymooning holiday package for doting matesPragueSalzburgInnsbruckViennaBudapest₹ 1,59,150 (airfare & accommodation included)
Hedonistic 10-night honeymooning offer to AustriaBudapestInnsbruckSalzburgPrague₹ 1,60,328 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's enticing 9-day honeymoon packageZurichLucerneSalzburgVienna₹ 1,64,723 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's enthralling 16-night honeymoon dealAmsterdamParisInterlakenZurichSalzburgVienna₹ 1,65,889 (accommodation included)
Ethereal Austria 16-day honeymooning packageLondonInterlakenLucerneBudapestViennaPragueLondon₹ 1,69,141 (airfare & accommodation included)
Engaging 13-day Austria package for honeymoonersSalzburgBudapestRomeParisLondon₹ 1,70,140 (accommodation included)
Dazzling 9-day/8-night honeymoon itinerary to AustriaViennaInnsbruckOetztalInnsbruckVienna₹ 1,71,489 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's cuddly honeymoon package for 9 days & 10 nightsVeniceLucerneInterlakenSalzburgVienna₹ 1,72,204 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sparkly 11-day/10-night honeymooning bundle to AustriaPragueSalzburgViennaBudapest₹ 1,72,558 (airfare & accommodation included)
Adorable 14-night Austria honeymoon planPragueViennaLjubljanaZagrebBudapest₹ 1,84,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
Rousing Austria 12-day honeymoon packagePragueSalzburgInterlakenGrindelwaldZermattZurich₹ 1,89,950 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmerizing 16-night honeymoon package to AustriaFrankfurtMunichZurichSalzburgBudapestViennaPragueFrankfurt₹ 1,96,550 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day sparkly honeymooning offer to AustriaPragueSalzburgViennaBudapest₹ 1,99,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
Austria's ethereal honeymoon package for 17 days & 16 nightsMunichNurembergPragueSalzburgHallstattZell am SeeVienna₹ 2,00,094 (airfare & accommodation included)
16-day/15-night bubbling Austria honeymoon holiday package for spouses with benefitsAmsterdamBrugesParisInnsbruckMunich₹ 2,21,230 (airfare & accommodation included)
Paris showcase: 20-day lovely honeymooning in Austria regionParisLondonZurichLucerneInnsbruckSalzburgVeniceRome₹ 2,22,446 (accommodation included)
Beguiling Austria 14-day honeymoon dealAmsterdamPragueSalzburgViennaBudapest₹ 2,29,760 (airfare & accommodation included)
Effervescent 26-day Austria honeymooning holiday plan for the newly wedNiceParisAmsterdamPragueViennaBudapestAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 2,31,956 (airfare & accommodation included)
Paris highlighted: Effervescent 19-day honeymoon in Austria settingParisAmsterdamPragueViennaSalzburgVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 2,39,147 (airfare & accommodation included)
Hedonistic 20-day/19-night Austria honeymoon tourist package for the romantically inclinedParisGenevaLucerneSalzburgViennaPrague₹ 2,45,722 (accommodation included)
13-night surreal honeymooning bundle to AustriaMontreuxZermattInterlakenLucerneSalzburgInnsbruckVienna₹ 2,49,250 (airfare & accommodation included)
Vienna special: 23-night hedonistic honeymoon in Austria landscapeViennaInnsbruckZurichZermattInterlakenStrasbourgParisLondonBirmingham₹ 4,07,810 (airfare & accommodation included)

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Austria Packages By Cities

Fun 12 Nights Austria Tour Packages

  • Vienna (4N)
  • Salzburg (4N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 6 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,86,544 /Person

16 nights 17 days Austria Honeymoon Packages from India

  • Bratislava (4N)
  • Budapest (5N)
+2 cities
  • Hotels
  • 15 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,35,556 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 4 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,51,602 /Person

Ideal 6 Nights 7 Days Austria Holidays

  • Vienna (2N)
  • Seville (2N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 6 activities
  • Flights included
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,07,407 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 6 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from96,440 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 6 activities
  • Flights included
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,25,261 /Person

Perfect 13 Day Packages to Austria from India

  • Zell am See (6N)
  • Innsbruck (6N)
  • Hotels
  • 3 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from64,120 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 8 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,02,997 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 10 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,58,948 /Person

Spectacular Austria Package for Couple

  • St Moritz (3N)
  • Lugano (3N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 3 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,19,686 /Person

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