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  2. 10 Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai To Eat The 'desi Way’

10 Best Indian restaurants in Dubai to eat the 'Desi way’

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Dubai Tourism with its glitz and glamor, offers you a diverse culinary delight from the best Indian restaurants. These restaurants promise a wonderful journey into the heart of India’s culinary heritage, which is complemented by its magnificent architecture and breathtaking surroundings. A world of delicacies awaits at Dubai's Indian restaurants. While you read this short guide, don't forget to check out PickYourTrail's Dubai tour package, which allows you to customize everything about your trip. Whether it is your Dubai honeymoon trip or a family trip, there are options for everyone's needs and wants. 

Top 6 Luxury Indian Restaurants

1. Indego by Vineet - India on your plate

Chef Vineet Bhatia manages Dubai's favourite Indian restaurant, called Indego by Vineet. This restaurant serves dishes curated by the Chef himself. It presents the flavours of India on your plate. This Indian restaurant presents a perfect combination of traditional delicacies and modern culinary twists, prepared to the liking of the guests. In addition to that, the restaurant will amaze you with its luxurious designs and pleasing ambience. Above all, the artifacts like the Nataraja Statue, framed Juttis, the Genda phool in the restaurant are sourced from India.

  • Timings: 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  • Price (Approx.): INR 5000
  • Location: Indego by Vineet is located at the Grosvenor's House Hotel on Al Sufouh road.
  • Speciality Dishes: Lucknowi Paneer Pulao, Punjabi Chicken, Ragan Josh Lamb, Malai Pyramid

2. Gharana - Food with entertainment

You should choose the Gharana restaurant if you want more than just a dining experience. This Indian restaurant serves food along with Bollywood tunes, ghazals and warm hospitality. In other words, the restaurant presents traditional Indian cuisine on your plate with entertainment. The menu has a variety of cuisines to choose from namely Jaipuri, Hyderabadi, etc. Above all, the Indian restaurant also houses 'Maharaja and Maharani tables'. These tables are popular amongst rich families in Dubai.

  • Timings: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  • Price (Approx.): INR 3000
  • Location: Gharana is on the Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1
  • Speciality Dishes: Chicken Biryani, Litchi Rabdi, Murgh Ghazala

3. Rang Mahal - treat your tastebuds

Serving mouth-watering starters to colourful desserts, Rang Mahal in Dubai is a very famous Indian restaurant. The restaurant pleases your eyes with chic interiors and aesthetics. In other words, dining at the Rang Mahal will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your lifetime. Most Importantly, the founder of this Indian restaurant is a Michelin award winner. Never worry about the quality of the food. When you are at Rang Mahal, you can taste the best of his culinary expertise and satisfy your Indian cravings.

  • Timings: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  • Price (Approx.): INR 5500
  • Location: You can spot the colourful Rang Mahal at the Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Speciality Dishes: Fish Fry, Keema toast

4. Naya - For your North Indian culinary cravings

Naya is the best restaurant to visit if you want to taste authentic North Indian Cuisine in Dubai. The restaurant is helmed by the most popular Chef Pravesh, who hails from India. He cooks with high-quality ingredients sourced from India. The restaurant serves classic recipes in a five-star environment. In addition to this, you will get to listen to the story behind a dish from the restaurant team. For instance, if you are ordering Dal Makhani, the chef or the waiter will tell you the origin story of the dish. There are several signature dishes of this restaurant when you are, it's going to be difficult to choose!

  • Timing : 7;30 am to 2 am
  • Price: INR 6000
  • Location: Naya is a part of the Jumeriah Beach Hotel, Jumeriah road
  • Speciality Dishes: Naya Lamb chops, Tadka-daal, Kulfi Kalooda, Dahi Puri Chaat

5. Antique Bazaar - Enjoy the royal experience

If your heart craves for a royal dining experience, head straight to the Antique Bazaar. When you are here, you will eat in style like Maharajas and Maharanis of India. Enjoy the royal hospitality and food at the Antique Bazaar. Titillate your taste buds and you will treasure this dining experience forever. Take some Instagram worthy pictures to post them and everybody will believe that you dined at a Palace.

  • Timing: 12pm to 1 am 
  • Price: 3000 INR 
  • Location: Antique Bazaar is a part of Four Points Sheraton, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd
  • Speciality dishes: Sheekh Subz Bahar, Gosht Angar

6. Armani Amal - Eat stylishly

When you are at Armani, taste comes together with style. Wondering why? The restaurant will stun you with its most fashionable interiors, ultra-modern decors and sophisticated setup. More than this, the restaurant serves you scrumptious food. In conclusion, if you are on a Honeymoon vacation to Dubai, this is the best choice to dine with your loved one. Or if you want to celebrate a special day, head to Armani.

  • Timing: 6:30 pm to 11 pm  
  • Price: 6000 INR 
  • Location: Armani Amal is a restaurant located at the Armani Hotel, Dubai
  • Speciality dishes: Goan Fish Curry, Chilli Cheese Naan, Basil Naan

Top 4 Mid-range Restaurants

7. Raju Omelette restaurant - for the love of eggs

Raju Omelette is an egg lover's paradise. It serves a range of egglicious dishes like Power omelette, Curry omelette, Boiled egg tikka rice and more. This restaurant has fans all over Dubai. When you are here, you can't simply stop with one egg omelette. Above all, the ambience is also quite pleasant and they offer the best service. More than the egg preparations, the restaurant also serves refreshing chai. So, don't miss it!

  • Location: It has three branches in Dubai: Al Karama, Al Quoz, Sharjah
  • Speciality dishes: Chilli Omelette, Cutting Chai, Crush Omelette

8. Aryaas - your favourite South Indian restaurant

For all your South Indian culinary cravings, there is one best restaurant in Dubai called Aryaas. From hot idlies to crispy dosas, from tasty vadas to south Indian filter coffee, they serve all the South Indian dishes. Aryaas is the most famous South Indian restaurant in Dubai. They say, any South Indian who craves for dosa in Dubai should head to Aryaas. Therefore, never miss the Aryaas experience when in Dubai. Above all, do not miss the breakfast at Aryaas, you will see the restaurant buzzing early in the morning, but still, it will be worth it!

  • Location: Aryaas is located in the Business Centre, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Dubai.
  • Speciality dishes: Five-feet dosa and speciality chutneys

9. Rangoli Restaurant - taste the flavours of Western India

Craving for Ghar-ka-khana? Then, Rangoli restaurant is the place to be. This restaurant serves the typical dishes from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The decor is very simple, yet a pleasing one. In other words, it's a simple restaurant giving you the feel of your home and serving yummy food.

  • Location: The Rangoli restaurant is located at the Meena Bazaar, Cosmos lane
  • Speciality dishes: Bhel Puri, Masala Chai

10. Bombay Chowpatty - taste the street foods of India

This restaurant has more than 18 branches all over the city. When in Dubai, if you are craving for Indian street food, head to Bombay Chowpatty. The restaurant has almost all the Bombay chaats. These chaats are quickly made similar to the Bombay style. In conclusion, Missing Bombay? Head to Bombay Chowpatty!

  • Location: The restaurant is located in several places in Dubai city.
  • Speciality dishes: Pav Bhaji, Dahi Papdi Chaat, Basundi

The Indian restaurants in Dubai provide an outstanding blend of flavours, fragrances, and cultural experiences. These culinary havens reflect the spirit of India's rich gastronomic past, from the elegant opulence of Awadhi cuisine to the fiery joys of street food. Book your Dubai holiday from Pickyourtrail to go on a wonderful trip across Dubai's Indian food scene. Our skilfully designed itineraries provide a smooth and personalised experience, allowing you to savour India's myriad flavours while immersing yourself in Dubai's delights.

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