South Africa Adventure Packages

11 NIGHTS: Johannesburg (1N) → Hoedspruit (2N) → Johannesburg (1N) → Knysna (2N) → Cape Town (5N)

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Adventure Fest

The term Rainbow nation is the term for the diversity of South Africa, but the name suits well in term of the adventure as well. Though the country is famous for its natural heritage and activities, adventure sports is growing rapidly. The infrastructure for adventure sports in this country is ranked higher than many. The number of activities available will leave you spoilt for choices. There are so many, that you might find it hard to choose what all activities you want to do? Not to worry, we have adventure packages that are prepared with reference to your interests and preferences.

Spoilt for choices

To start off, you can abseil right down the table mountain. The mountain is famous for its flat-topped mountain in Cape Town with some magnificent views of the Camps Bay and Robben islands. So abseiling down with such views is an activity that will be remembered for long. There is another activity related to the mountains and that is hiking the Otter trail. You need to be relatively fit for this, as it takes up to 5 days for covering the 28 miles. The mountain has the best of both worlds, the forest and the pools. While hiking, it is certain that you will encounter some baboons. After hiking and abseiling the mountains, the next activities are related to the water bodies. Kayaking with the hippos and crocodiles in KwaZulu Natal. Other than being around the dangerous animals, kayaking is truly a beauty with the views and the wildlife that South Africa has to offer. Another beautiful activity in the water is snorkelling with the seahorses in Kynsana. Be ready to fall in love with these creatures while swimming. This site is not to be missed. Next activity is being in the water but in a cage. Shark cage diving in Gaansbai is the activity. Instead of you visiting animals caged, the sharks would pay you a visit in the cage. On the safety front, there is nothing to worry about since the cage is very safe. After getting drenched, the next move is to dry yourself in the air. Zip lining, located in a place filled with the Rocky Mountains and farms all around. This Ziplining is done over the Koekedau River in Ceres. There are many varieties in this activity based on distances. Other than that, you will be given training for Ziplining. When speaking about adrenaline activities, any adventure tour package of South Africa is incomplete without skydiving. When the climate is warm and the skies are clear, it is the time to jump.

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