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Ancient sculptures in Greece
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Temples in Greece That Tell Grandeur of Realm!

Greece human advancement has consistently been famous for its set of experiences, legacy, and culture. They place incredible significance on the Greek divine beings. The temples of Greece date back to as right on time as the sixth century BC. Their plan and design pass on incalculable stories from an earlier time. Numerous renowned Greek temples perceived as world legacy locales today. The uniqueness in the architecture of Greek temples lies in their huge segments of mud, marble, and stone.


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Top 10 Most Beautiful Temples in Greece

Allow us to take you through a portion of the 10 most beautiful and old Greek temples. It makes them powerful with regards to visiting Europe.

  • The Valley Of The Temples
  • Erechtheum
  • Temple of Apollo, Corinth
  • Hephaestus Temple
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Poseidon’s Temple, Sounion
  • The Parthenon
  • Temple of Aphaia, Aegina
  • The Erectheion, Athens
  • Tholos of Athena, Delphi

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1. The Valley Of The Temples

The Valley Of The Temples
Image source: Pixabay

The UNESCO World Heritage site of the Valley of the Temples is one of the most entrancing of all Greek sanctuaries in Italy. Situated in the lovely Sicily, it holds the remaining parts of 7 antiquated Greek God sanctuaries displaying various styles of Greek temple design. The most amazing of them is the Temple of Concordia. The Concordia sanctuary stays probably the best sanctuary that depicts Doric engineering to date.

2. Erechtheum

Erechtheum is one of the notable temples in Greece in Athens. It has a particular plan from Pentelic marble, including the ‘Porch of the Caryatids’ or the ‘Yard of Maidens’. It is an enormous patio with six lavishly planned segments as ladies. This perplexing plan accepted to be created during 421-407 BC is known to be the Golden time of Athens city.

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3. Temple of Apollo, Corinth

An incredible city-state on the Isthmus of Corinth, somewhere between Athens and Sparta, the old city of Corinth was home to a Doric-style sanctuary committed to Apollo. The sanctuary is an extraordinary illustration of a peripteral temple. It was upheld by 38 sections, however, today, just seven are still set up.

4. Hephaestus Temple

Committed to the God of Craftsmanship, the Temple of Hephaestus is one of the renowned sanctuaries in Athens. The designer Ictinus has displayed incredible work actually as he did while planning for the Parthenon. This temple made of Pentelic and Parian marble is one of the preserved temples in Greece on the planet.

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5. Temple of Olympian Zeus

Temple of Olympian Zeus
Image Source: Unsplash

At the focal point of the Greek capital, Athens stands the remaining parts of the biggest sanctuary in Greece, devoted to the lord of Olympian divine beings – Zeus. This Greek Temple finished 336 years after the fact that King Antiochus IV Epiphanes followed modified plans with the Corinthian style of engineering and Pentelic marble. Strolling past the leftover 15 of the first 104 Corinthian sections standing today, one thinks back to its recent magnificence.

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6. Poseidon’s Temple, Sounion

Temple of Poseidon, Greece
Image Source: Unsplash

Creatively based on the tip of the Attica landmass and encompassed via ocean, the Greek sanctuary of Poseidon is a radiant tribute to Poseidon, the Water God. Worked around 440 BC during the period of Pericles, this Greek Temple is of the Doric style that bragged 34 thousand Doric style white marble segments, out of which 15 actually stands.

7. The Parthenon

The Parthenon
Image Source: Unsplash

A sanctuary devoted to the city’s benefactor goddess – Athena Parthenos, the Parthenon terrifically remains as a declaration of the force and magnificence of antiquated Greece. Announced as a UNESCO World Heritage site today, the Parthenon is eminent as the biggest Doric Greek sanctuary working during the period of Pericles ( 447-432 BCE). This Greek sanctuary initially housed a superb sculpture of Goddess Athena cut out of ivory and gold.

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8. Temple of Aphaia, Aegina

This temple roosted on top of a slope is devoted to the goddess Aphaea (or Aphaia), a god only revered on the island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf. This sanctuary was built in 480 BC, and today, 25 of the first 32 Doric segments stand because of the difficult work of restorers. As ahead of schedule as the fourteenth century BC, goddess Aphaea was a nearby divinity related with ripeness and the horticultural cycle; be that as it may, under Athenian authority, she immediately became related to the goddess Athena, which is the reason some consider it the sanctuary of Athena Aphaia.

9. The Erechtheion, Athens

The Erechtheion, Athens
Image Source: Unsplash

The Erechtheion (or Erechtheum), which worked somewhere in the range of 421 and 407 BC and settled on the northern side of the Acropolis of Athens, is a sanctuary of the Ionic style. Named after a sanctum committed to Athenian legend Erichthonius, the temple, worked by modeller Mnesicles, devoted to Poseidon Erechtheus and Athena Polias, safeguard the city. The temple is one of the most popular ones on account of its southern patio, upheld by six caryatids, etched female figures filling in as engineering support.

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10. Tholos of Athena, Delphi

Situated in the archaeological site of Delphi, in Central Greece, the Tholos at the asylum of Athena Pronoia is a round sanctuary developed somewhere in the range of 380 and 360 BC. It contains 20 Doric segments around its outside and 10 Corinthian segments on the inside; however, just three of them remain.


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It is obvious from the talented engineering and plans that the Greek Civilisation always committed to their way of life, religion and divine beings. Antiquated sanctuaries—worked from the sixth century BC until the second century AD on central area Greece, the islands, in Asia Minor, and Greek settlements like Sicily and Italy—are probably the best declarations of old Greek engineering. While these temples in Greece are an absolute necessity visit by every explorer, don’t pass up these notable sanctuaries on your next visit. Check out Pickyourtrail for the best offers on Greece travel packages or customise your Greece itinerary on your own.

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