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15 Reasons Why Australia is Better Than New Zealand

Who knows about the countrymen but the countries of Australia and New Zealand share a beautiful relationship like that of siblings. They might charge head-on in a game of cricket or Rugby, but at the end of the day, they love each other. And we at PickYourTrail are glad to tell you the 15 Reasons Why Australia is Better Than New Zealand and why Kiwis and Aussies share this beautiful bond.

Best 15 Reasons Why Australia is Better Than New Zealand

australia and new zealand
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1. Weather

At 20 degrees, what one may call an average summer’s day at the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, is seen as an average winter’s day in Sydney, Australia. Which makes us comment on the two climates of New Zealand. Just two? Unlike all other countries with, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, four climates, the Kiwis only have cold and rainy climates. It’s cold and rainy or colder and rainier or slightly cold and slightly rainy. The Kiwis get a glimpse of Sun five minutes in a day. The yellow rays of the sun never shine in bright in Kiwi’s soil.


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2. Beaches

Being an Island Continent Australia has n number of beaches. It is said that you could visit a new beach every day for 27 years of your life. On the contrary, New Zealand’s beaches are scattered and are the size of pinheads, cast aside carelessly. New Zealand’s beaches are not enjoyable due to their cold and harsh climates. Australia has many islands offshore with great beaches and adventurous sports for tourists.

3. The Flag

Both the country’s flags are also similar. Like “Brother, can I copy your flag?”…. “Sure little one, make it less obvious!” And boom all they did was add red to their stars and cut down the number of stars. That’s some lazy plagiarism we’d insist. One would easily mistake their flags without reading glasses.

sports australia
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4. Sport

The Aussies were generous enough in giving the Kiwis Rugby. But the Aussies outwit the Kiwis in almost every other game from cricket to football to netball to Olympics in the far end. And the list never ends they say! Any game comes in handy for the Aussies.

5. The Underarm Ball

The most untasteful chapter in their sporting rivalry came in 1981 when the Aussies bent the cricket’s code on conduct to secure an infamous victory. Moving forward let’s not forget that the Aussies have beaten the Kiwis in 20-odd tests and 80-odd one day international since the bitter encounter, not mentioning the recent one where they lost it to the Kiwis.

6. Defections

Russell Crowe, the Finn brothers, Quade Cooper why did they all fly to Australia if New Zealand was that great? Stats say that an estimated half a million Kiwis live in Australia, which is equal to the whole of Wellington packing up and flying down to Australia. Why would the whole capital go out of the country to settle in some other country if you claim you lands to be that great?

7. The Pavlova

Here’s to one such sweet sibling fights, but just that the fight in itself is about a sweet. The Pavlova is a meringue dish topped with fresh cream and fruits. Though the Kiwis claim it to be their dish, deep down you’ll definitely know this heaven on earth dessert belongs to the Australian soils.

8. Movies

Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush.. are all Aussies. You’d hardly notice their heavy Aussie Accent pulling them down. What does that mean half of Hollywood is Australian, agreed ‘Lord of the Rings’ was shot in New Zealand, but let’s agree Aussies are just about everywhere.

wildlife in australia
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9. Wildlife

The Kiwis got the Kiwi itself, a flightless bird that would look like a chicken nugget compared to the wildlife in Australia. Australian wildlife is all about the wilderness that can’t be compared to New Zealand. Australian marsupials are native only to that land and can not be found about roaming everywhere.

10. The Accent

Speaking of the accent, something is really wrong with the Kiwi’s vowels, all the I’s turn into U’s when they speak, so is the case with E and me, and A and E. The Aussies thrive in Hollywood because their actors hide their heavy Aussie accent quite well unlike the Kiwis.

11. Music

There are more quality music and artists in Australia. Unlike the one or two in New Zealand. There is much more from the Aussies to contribute to your playlist than the Kiwis.

Wine  in australia
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12. Wine

The Kiwis produce a countable number of drinkable cool-climate wines, on the other hand, Australia is known for its world-class wine regions. The hunter valley near Sydney and the Barossa valley on Adelaide’s doorstep are quite a few to name.

13. Funny Town Names

There are funny town names in all countries. Now to look at our brotherly nations, New Zealand’s Waipu pronounced as Why-poo and Whakatane where Wh is pronounced as F are no match to Australia’s Tittybong, Bong Bong, Boing Boing, Humpybong, Cock Wash and Delicate Nobby.

14. Vegemite

For those of you who are hearing it for the first-time marmites are yeast extracts. The Aussies are enjoying a far superior yeast spread than the Kiwis who are struggling with just not enough Marmite and Vegemite. We can even say the Aussies are even swimming in rivers of it.

15. Slang

The Kiwis slang is a bit funny when you talk to them and gets a lot funnier as you dig deeper. Oh sorry, ‘dug diipir’. Unlike the Aussies who adapt to the surrounding the Kiwis are caught because of their slang where ever they are. All these sums up to why Australia is better than New Zealand. So, travellers book your Australia packages or New Zealand packages the right with PickYourTrail.


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