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7 Best Clubs and Lounges you should know before you travel to Mykonos

Mykonos is it place you looking for?

And you want a beautiful clubbing or unlimited party… Then there is no other heaven than Mykonos island. Which is very near to Athens and you get a transit through ferry or inbound flights. Travellers all over the world enjoy plenty of pristine beaches, gay bars and clubs to dance the night away in this happening town of Mykonos.
You can just imagine how you can enjoy a party in the late evenings to mid-nights over a beach, and feel the cool breeze of the Aegean sea.

The best time for the party happening place is from the month of April to October, since from the month of November again the Temperature starts falling down. Since Mykonos is a party happening destination is also heaven for the party people.

The city is surrounded by beautiful pristine beaches. Moreover, it has scenic beautiful houses constructed of limestone. The houses on this island have a combination of Blue and White colours which makes them more beautiful. If you are a person who wants a lot of memories you can have a self-exploration to such places for few beautiful snaps in the streets of Mykonos.

They have multiple bars and restaurants which have their own speciality. This destination is not only for solo travellers and gaggle of friends. But, also recommended to honeymoon couples, since it is a quite self-exploratory island. So they spend a good time with their loved ones. As mentioned earlier if you are a party person, then Mykonos should be on your Itinerary.

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Here is something that can help you the best party places in Mykonos…

When you are planning your vacation?
Have your bars and lounges booked beforehand with your personalised vacation crafting company Here are the top 7 Bars and lounges that you can prefer, with the best DJ’s, party ambience and lovely atmosphere from open night beach parties to the top-rated Bars and Lounges. Have a note of your favourite drinks and the to-do’s do that, you won’t miss out on anything out in Mykonos.


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Top 7 Bars and Lounges in Mykonos

  1. 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge
  2. Skandinavian Bar and Club
  3. Super Paradise Beach Club
  4. Void
  5. Cavo Paradiso
  6. Astra
  7. Babylon

1.) 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge

Image Source : Unsplash

Dreamt for any roof parties with amazing sunset??
Then this bar with sunset open terrace lounge with dance club is the best place for all kind of party people. This bar lounge is a recent addition to the nightlife in Mykonos. Moreover, it has a pleasant interior which is the best combination for the party you want to enjoy… @54 is a beautiful place for party people and a must-visit if you are planning your vacation anyway soon.

They provide meal service and it is also famous for its night. This is to be considered as the best place for your night parties. you can have beer, wine, cocktails, pub and lot many varieties in Bar… Not only the people who enjoy party but, also who want to enjoy a great ambience can visit here.

2.) Skandinavian Bar and Club

Image Source : Unsplash

If you are staying in the city centre, and don’t want to walk long distances for your parties. Then this is the best place to go for in the heart of the town. Here you can dance till morning and enjoy the tempting cocktails and mock-tails whichever you prefer for. No need of socializing, you hop in and you can find people, performing their crazy moves over the dance floor and partying with the booze. You need not be a party animal always to party, sometimes ambience is what you need to open up your moves. The only reason this should be in your itinerary would be the nightlife experience.
What else you would be waiting for, then adding up this in your itinerary. Book your vacation to Mykonos with the best of best-personalised packages for your vacation.

3.) Super Paradise Beach club

Image Source : Unsplash

You have heard it right the Super Paradise Beach Club, which is a home for the party-holic people. As you know any party that starts goes to till the early mornings, and at this beach club there is nothing better than going for parties. This club is also famous, a beach with gay and straight party lovers, and mainly for the people who love getting tanned in the sun, catching a beer in hand. Lots of happenings in the club are what everyone wants. This is one of the best places to party in the nearing islands of Greece.

4.) Void

Image Source : Unsplash

So when it comes to “Void” is a new bee in the Mykonos clubs. This place is best for people who like to party whole night, and moreover, those who like dancing to the moves of the DJ, it makes it stand out of the box. Even if it is a new bee, it’s slowly becoming a partygoers hotspot. This club has its calendar filled with Damian Lazarus, Black Coffee, Art Department and Apollonia which is served even beyond dawn till 8 am. This can be a place you might love visiting with your tea-totalling friends.

Epic Greece getaway just around the corner

5.) Cavo Paradiso

Image Source : Unsplash

As its name, this is one of the most famous pubs in Mykonos. And as its name Cavo Paradiso, it’s located at the paradise beach. When it comes to Night party, DJ’s and the EDM is the must. The Cavo Paradiso club invites the best of DJ’s and EDM creators which invite and attracts a lot of travellers all over the world. And if you are having an Idea of planning to travel to this Mega-open-air club, then you should be pre-booking a table here, so you don’t get Squeezed in the rush.

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Image Source : Unsplash

This club is a hybrid combination of slow start night parties in the late evenings and a hip hop joint in the dawns. There can be a unique experience of bar and music in this beautiful pub. You can have a glass of champagne, and enjoy the ambience and have a look into the weird world with your eyes. If you are looking for a specific way of lifestyle then Astra club is where you can have the vibe of the Mykonian way of living.


Image Source : Unsplash

Mykonos is very famous and also known as a gay-friendly destination, it is the hotspot for Gays and Straight people. This club is very near to the well known, Panagia Paraportiani Church. This club regularly has theme parties, with multiple trendy, old, new EDM’s and music and till late mornings. This is very near to the seaside, of the paradise beach. It has a very good club-friendly atmosphere and has a quite loud ambience in the Club.


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How can you get all this in your Itinerary?

If you are planning your vacation to Greece and you are specifically looking for some party place like Mykonos with the best ambience. Then go ahead and have a look into the Greece Packages or Greece honeymoon packages and similarly, you can get your personalised vacations crafted by the best of best travel consultants in the Market at, you can drop your queries and have the best of best deals your Mykonos vacation ideal to your budget and requirements.

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