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budapest shopping candies
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A guide to buying the best things in Budapest

The vivacious city of Budapest is bustled with the local people and tourist all around the year. The city is the 10th largest city in Europe and is a major hub for finance, media, technology, and commerce. This city has a lot of surprises up its sleeve which leads thousands of tourists to flock in every year. The lively ambience, the exuberant churches and parks and the tranquil rivers flowing through the city are some of the best attractions of Budapest.

This lovely city is also popular for its boutiques that sell vintage items, clothing, porcelain ware, wines and other items unique to this place. If you want to shop everything under one roof, Budapest doesn’t disappoint you either because there are an impressive number of malls and big retail outlets in the city. Your Budapest trip itinerary is incomplete until you treat yourself to some retail therapy. To get more insights on where to shop in Budapest, check out the list below:

1. Szputnyik Shop

budapest shopping clothes
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Location: Budapest, Dohány u. 20, 1074 Hungary

The fashion industry in Budapest is growing at a rapid rate as a number of local and international brands are opening their stores in the city. If you are a fashion lover and your taste lies in vintage clothing then you must visit the Szputnyik shop. The store has a huge collection of traditional vintage clothing along with new-age styles. There is also a separate section that sells recycled clothes. The quality of clothes and the variety available at this store is unparallel to any other clothing store in Budapest.

2. Sugar

budapest shopping candies
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Location: Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 48, 1061 Hungary

As sweet as the name is, the Sugar store is Budapests’s Willy Wonka’s factory. You find here candies, toffees, ice-creams, tarts, pastries and everything sweet that you can probably think of! Imagine colourful unicorns trotting through the fairyland or the Eiffel Tower made from chocolates, cakes, and tarts! Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing to see? Also, this huge confectionary shop changes their store theme every month so come in here for some visual treat too.

3. Toys Anno

budapest shopping toys
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Location: Budapest, Teréz krt. 54, 1066 Hungary

Every child loveS buying toys and what could possibly be better than taking them to a lovely toy store in the heart of Budapest? At Toys Anno, you can find toys for little boys and girls, from soft toys to mind games and action figures, you find them all. Also, if you believe this toy store is only for the kids, just check out their cute souvenirs that are meant for gifting and check for yourself if you can resist the temptation to get your hands on these cute pieces.

4. Kepesbolt

budapest ceramic item
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Location: Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér 6, 1061 Hungary

If you are looking to buy pretty souvenirs for friends and family, go to Kepesbolt. You can find a lot of items to shop here at a reasonable price. Check out the posters, ceramic utensils, vases, paintings and key rings here, you’ll surely end up taking more than one item from this beautiful souvenir store

5. Mammut

budapest shopping complex
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Location: Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 20, 1024 Hungary

Mammut is one of the most visited shopping complexes in Budapest. With more than 350 stores, this shopping complex is your ultimate hub for shopping and enjoyment. There are two buildings over which this complex is built and both the buildings are connected through a bridge. Come here to enjoy the food at the restaurants, catch a movie with your loved ones or shop whatever you want.

With so much to shop in Budapest, how can someone not visit this city and spend some time looking around? The best way to explore Budapest is by taking buses or trams or any public transport and covering every part of the city. Budapest is famous for its ceramic ware so make sure you buy some ceramic ware, like utensils or souvenirs to take back good memories of this city.


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