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sunset at siloso beach
Written by Amirthavarshini on May 12, 2020 Share on

Happiness is Wave-shaped: A visit to Siloso Beach

What’s more beautiful than an ocean that refuses to sleep just to drench our feet and spread joy? Siloso Beach, Singapore is one such happening place strictly for the most fun-loving people. It is situated on the south-western coast of the island. The beach was initially built by the British in the 1880s for the defense of Singapore. Currently, known as the hippest beach in Singapore, A visit to Siloso beach is sure to bring happiness to your day.

Why Siloso?

It is considered as a hub for best restaurants and bars. It entertains us with live music and party lights everywhere. The Beach also plays various hosts to travelers who come from around the world. Enjoy being on the sands of the Siloso Beach where excitement takes precedence over boredom! Just take in the vibrant energy present on the beach and bask in the party atmosphere.

Drone view of Siloso beach
Image credits: Flickr

People travel from all over to experience the most exciting Siloso Beach party where ‘insanity is a rule’. Get ready and wear your party pants to enjoy the most unforgettable evening that will make even non-dancers jump in joy. 

Things to do at Siloso

The beach also offers various thrilling activities for people of all age groups. Some of these include luge, skydiving at iFly Singapore, wavefront surfing, and skim-boarding. Don’t forget to try your hands at kayaking, cycling, and rollerblading surf as well. Surf in a man-made wave and bath in a whirlpool to get instant refreshment. Most of the time the government organizes different events on beaches to attract tourists.

One of the main breathtaking attractions on Siloso Beach is called Magical Shores. The beach is transformed into a fairyland at night with colorful vibrant lights and stunning fire shows. The Magical shores start at 7.30 PM in the evening and last till 10:00 PM in the night. Be wowed by laser, fire, and water effects along with a majestic soundtrack, of the ‘Wings of Time’ show. It is undoubtedly a jaw-dropping experience in Sentosa. Mind-blowing fireworks, lasers, and water shows will take the entire beach atmosphere to a different level.

Welcoming ambiance of Siloso beach
Image credits: Peakpx

A large number of restaurants and bars with inviting ambiance will definitely puzzle your mind to choose the best. Try out the various food options available here. The tempting all-day menus in every corner of Siloso will be the best part of your beach visit. You can explore to find the food of your choice and munch on after a long day of partying on the beach.

How to get there?

  • One can use the Hop on Hop off bus to traverse through the island for free.
  • Alternatively, take the Sentosa Express that will help you reach the beach station.
  • Boarding the public bus 123 to reach the Beach station is also a good option.
  • Take the beach shuttle that is available round the clock.

Visit Siloso beach and it will definitely be the most favorite chapter of your Singapore diary. Probably the hardest part of the entire fun-filled day will be saying goodbye to the beach. Do not miss this exciting experience. Start planning your visit to Singapore using the Pickyourtrail website

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