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Durkair - The airline of Bhutan
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Airports in Bhutan – Fly your way in this wonder through many ways

Bhutan is a wonderful country with many cities to go to and various tourist spots. Tourist fills up Bhutan as a tourist spot making this country is also one of the most sought after places to go to. Its oldest monasteries, temples and its best of its Himalayan view makes it a place to visit. Just an interesting fact about this place is that the median age of the people is 22.3. This is because one-third of the population in Bhutan is 14 years. The unclimbed peak proudly stands in Bhutan and the name of the peak is Gangkhar Puensum. This peak is 24,840 feet. This place is a great preserver of the Buddist culture and traditions. This was mainly because of its isolation from the rest of the world. Let us now look at the list of Airports in Bhutan through with tourists enter to see this marvel.

The Beauty of Bhutan
The Beauty of Bhutan | P.C – Wikimedia Commons

Interesting Facts about Bhutan

When land is absolutely filled with wonders, it will certainly have an amazing history and culture attached to it. When it is recognized throughout the world, it has its own things that make us curious about it. So let us have a quick look at some amazing facts about this wonder-filled land.

  1. ‘ The land of the thunder dragon’ is the translation of the Word “Bhutan”. The country acquired that name because of the fierce storms that emerge down the Himalayas.
  2. Bhutan has its specific constitutional obligations. So this makes it an important country in the world. This is specifically to protect the environment. Among this is that 60 per cent of the population should live under forest cover at all times.
  3. Out of 43 lockdown countries in the world, Bhutan has its place for it.
  4. One interesting fact about the Bhutanese culture is that they should refuse food. They should say the word “Musu Musu”. After 2-3 hours they can give in and accept it.
  5. A Black-necked crane is one of the endangered species in Bhutan. Killing it will earn life long Imprisonment.
  6. Bhutan is one of the places where there is a ban on the sale of Tobacco.
  7. After a long time, the ban on the internet and television were lifted just 21 years back.
Pungthan Dechen Dzong, Bhutan
Pungthan Dechen Dzong, Bhutan |P.C – Google Images

Airports in Bhutan

There are many entry points in this great and marvellous country. Located on the east side of the great Himalayan mountains, Bhutan is bordering Sikkim. Separated by Nepal, Bangladesh by the west and West Bengal by south, Bhutan is bordered by these states. The capital of Bhutan is the largest city in Bhutan, Thimpu. Prior to this Punakha was the capital. Bhutan has 4 different airports in the country.

  • Paro Airport
  • Jakar (Bathpalathang Airport)
  • Gelephu (Gelephu Airport)
  • Trashigang (Yongphulla Airport)

The neighbouring country India’s airport, Bagdogra airport also has access to Bhutan. This might be of amusement to most of them who read it, but it is true.

International Entry point (Airports in Bhutan)

Paro international airport is the only airport that lets in or leaves out into the border. This airport as the name suggests is in the city, Paro. One bonus point is that the airport is not far away from the city. The airport built during 1968, is a small airport. This airport only has one terminal and one runway. Pick to visit the Chirang, Chhukha and data, picking Paro airport is the best to land in. Even Paro has a lot to offer as a tourist destination alone to spend 2-3 nights there. This Paro airport is located admit tall mountain peaks on every corner. Landing into the Paro airport will be one of the best landings in your life. Keep your fingers crossed to have a clear sky while landing. This landing will give you one of the best views and experiences in your life.

Paro International Airport in Bhutan
Paro International Airport | P.C – Wikimedia Commons

Domestic Airports

Gelephu Airport

Situated in the Samtenling, Gewog, This Bhutan airport is one such domestic airport in Bhutan. 2008 was the year this airport was built in. The international airport plan went on and off due to financial regularities and various logistical reasons. The airport started regularly operating from the year 2017. The only airline that runs in this airport is the Durkair. This only flies to Paro and Jakar and from it too. If you are planning to visit these cities or the neighbouring towns, then grab your boarding pass to this airport.

Durkair - The airline of the Bhutan
Durkair – The airline of the Bhutan | P.C – Google Images

Bathpalathang Airport (Jakar)

The wonderful city of Jakar’s airport was built during 2011. This airport has flights only flying to Paro. Suspended by the government due to some reasons, It just recently started its operation. Two main flights operate in this airport which is the Bhutan airlines and Durkair. The Bhutan airlines operate to and from Paro/Thimpu, while the Durkair operates to  Paro and Gelephu. This is one of the airlines which takes you to major cities in Bhutan. This airport is 5 km from the city of Jafar.

The Jakar Village
Jakar Village | P.C – Google Images

Yongphulla Airport

Constructed by the Indian army, this airport was originally was built in 1960 with one runway strip. It went unused for a long time. Then again it was reopened in 2010. Now it is running since 2010 and planning on becoming the next international airport of Bhutan. This airport is located 20 km from the city of Trashigang. The two major airlines that are operating here are the Druk air and Bhutanese Airlines. They fly to and from Paro and Jakar. It has seen various closures. The airport started operation again in 2013. But then it resumed its operations on 2015 October again and then closed again. Then finally in 2017, it was opened by the Prime Minister Dash Tshering Tobgay.

The runway of  Yongphulla Airport
The runway of Yongphulla Airport | P.C – Google Image

Bhutan is one of the best places for your holiday getaway as you get to blend in with nature. The fresh air in this city is simply therapeutic. Create your own getaway with the finest. Pickyourtrail offers you the best customized holiday packages. Our experts at the destination will certainly help you build the best Bhutan holiday packages. Do drop your comments and suggestions for this article. Also, keep a check on the website to read more fresh content on travel.

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