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scenery of Parlslin beach
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A Visit to Anse Volbert Beach (Praslin), Seychelles

Run as long as you can like Forrest Gump to find reach the place where the blue horizon takes a dip at the sea. Anse Volbert, also known as Praslin’s very own Cote d’Or, is the most popular beach on the Island. It is also the longest beach in Seychelles. It passes by many different accommodations, ensuring beach view to every visitors. Pick any property on the beach to stay. You will definitely get a beach view room in every hotel. 

Drone view of Anse Volbert beach
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One can reach this beautiful place by Car bus or even boat. There are parking spaces all over the adjacent road. The bus stops are located along this coastal route, ensuring easy access for all the travellers. There are no restrictions here and one can access every part of the beach. However, please be aware that certain sections of the beach contain sun loungers which are intended for the guests of certain hotels. So avoid using the hotel’s property until and unless you stay there.

Activities at Anse Volbert Beach

The most popular beach on Praslin is the Cote d’Or which will likely be your first stop. Thankfully, this beautiful beach won’t disappoint you. The beach has a lot more to explore and experience. This arching beach not only a place that offers stunning scenery but also a great spot for sunbathing and water sports. Some of the watersports include swimming, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing.

Visit Whitetip Divers

Shoutout to all the divers out there! Here’s Whitetip Divers Centre inviting experts and amateurs to visit and dive deep into the sea. This stands as an ideal place for scuba discovery, certifications of PADI, and various other fun-filled activities. 

Rock formation in the beach of Anse Volbert
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The Anse Volbert Beach is a perfect spot for snorkelling in Seychelles. It offers underwater visibility up to 30m. A wide variety of fishes and amazing corals makes this place everyone’s favourite for snorkelling. The water has a normal temperature of 29 degrees Celcius making it favourable and comfortable for aquatic lives. This place has an added advantage of small gentle waves that make snorkelling simple and easy to experience. 


Take a kayak on rent from the nearby properties and venture this beautiful place. There’s a lot to explore in Aanse Volbert that a single day would not suffice. Paddle your way through the brimming beach and visit Chauve Souris Island to make it a worthwhile journey.

Boat rides near islands

After exploring the beach by the kayak, take a boat ride to the nearby Islands. Make your way to the Islands of Curieuse, Cousine, St Pierre Islet and Aride. Every place has something different to offer you the best experience. Make use of this journey to the fullest. You will never regret doing this for sure. 

There are a number of reasons to be happy in Anse Volbert, Seychelles. This place offers a perfect combination of scenery, adventure and food. Do not miss the tongue-tingling food that the place offers. This beach has something enjoyable for every age groups. It is loved by families, kids and couples that make this beach the most-visited place in Seychelles. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your beautiful vacation to Seychelles.

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