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Berlin's East Side Gallery
Written by Rahul on October 17, 2020 Share on

Berlin’s East Side Gallery – Visit This Historic Monument at the German Capital

Germany is one country that is very much appreciated for its infrastructure. It is not a very famous tourist country as a whole but if you visit it, you certainly will not be dejected. Its beautiful infrastructure and the natural setting of the place will make you fall in love with it. Being one of Europe’s largest countries, there are many places that you can visit and keep yourself occupied here. You can literally see differentiated landscapes in all four sides of the country. The tall mountainous regions in the south, the beautiful landscapes in the north, the dense forest hills in the west and the flat agricultural lands of the east. In this country, the spiritual centre is the city of Berlin. Well, how about finding more about Berlin’s East Side Gallery? Interested? Keep reading…

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Berlin's East Side Gallery
Image Credits: Photo by Adam Vradenburg on Unsplash

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Berlin’s East Side Gallery

Berlin’s Eastside Gallery is much political and that was proven as since the fall of the Berlin wall on the 9th November 1989. After the wall was down there were few cement remains which then stood as the symbol and it was then much more than the normal wall. The east side gallery is the most authentic part of the Berlin wall. So here are more insights on Berlin’s East Side Gallery.


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The East Side Gallery of Berlin is one of the most exciting parts of the city. It is much of more traditional and historic landmarks of Germany. But not only that it has also turned out to be the artistic landmark of the city. This large part of the Berlin wall is also the longest part of the wall which is 1.3 km long. This is a place that is open always and is also visited by many visitors both day and night. Majority of the people spill out of the clubs that are there nearby like the Berghain or Watergate.

Berlin's East Side Gallery, Berlin wall
Image Credits: Photo by Anthony Rosset on Unsplash

The Mercedes Benz Arena is one big arena which is the largest in the city of Berlin. This is just right across the east gallery side of the Berlin wall. This is one famous arena that is most famous for its raging ice hockey matches that are almost sold out everytime it happens.

What is famous at Eastside Gallery?

The Eastside gallery of the city of Berlin on the spree at the Soviet and America’s former borders. Located next to the Oberbaumbrücke, this is one of the most important bridges in the history of the city of Berlin. Restricted entry to the West Berlin citizens, this was one famous spot as there were other places that even gave entry to the West German citizens as well. This is the bridge that separates the east from the west. It separates Kreuzberg of the West and Friedrichshain from East. That is why this is one of the most famous spots in the East Side Gallery of Berlin.

Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin's East side Gallery.
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Contradicting Belief

According to the popular belief, one wall was risen when Berlin was diving. Contradicting to that, there was multiple obstacles and several walls present while dividing Berlin. In its 30 years of existence this particular wall went through major 4 designs. Built-in the year of 1975, a part of the wall is still the most famous structure of the wall. Before the Ultimate Destruction, Grenzmauer 75, is a 3.6 metre high wall. Lasted for almost 14 years, this was ultimately got down by the government.

Berlin Wall, Germany
Image credits: Photo by Lily on Unsplash

People from around the world, who visit berlin wants to know more and more about the wall and its amazing history. For more intricate information on the wall, you can visit the Mauer museum in Prenzlauerberg. This particular museum gives you the information that might even baffle you to one great extent. This also exhibits to the tourists of how the Berlin wall was during the former times.

Communicating through art

The wall was very famous for its various murals that were found. This 101 mural is the art of 118 artists from 21 countries. From the year of the erection of the Berlin wall, there were many Grafittis that mostly took over the west side of the wall. The sad part was, it was just the west part that was taken over while the east side of the wall was there. This was because of the inaccessibility of the east side of the wall. Now, this makes it more significant to the east side gallery of the Berlin Wall because there are now murals that are strictly on the east side gallery of Berlin, which was never possible before. This particular gallery was up only once the Berlin Wall was down.

Trabi breaking through the wall, Berlin.
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

In this one of the most famous pieces of Mural is the Dmitri Vrubel of Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker kissing. Dmitri Vrubel is the former General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and rich Honecker was the former General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party. This Mural is famous for its quote in German which says, ” ‘My God help me to survive this deadly love’. The other popular Mural you will see here is the Trabi breaking through the wall. The Trabi was one of the most popular cars that were found in East Germany. The Eastside Gallery is very much famous for these murals.

Recent Controversies

2013 was not a great year for the wall. The government planned to demolish the wall to build deluxe apartments on the same site. But as guessed, there were heavy protests for this and even David Hasselhoff gave his support to the protest. These protests delayed the destruction of the wall. Later the murals moved across the street building of a fence around the wall happened in the year 2015. This was because of the frequent vandalism that happened. The Painted murals by the artists over the years were safely preserved. With so many things, this is one place that many tourist visit around the year. This mural depicts the former struggle and restriction of the division of Berlin.

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