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Germany in September
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Germany in September – Places to Visit, Weather and Festivals!

Early fall in Germany is about more than litres of beer and oompah bands. Germany in September is a great time to visit the country’s quieter natural areas after the summer crowds have faded, with leisurely drives in the Black Forest, 13 wine regions, and Alps adventures before the snow starts. Read down to know more about Germany’s beautiness in September with its Top 5 Places to Visit, Weather and Festivals!

Weather in Germany in September:

LocationAverage Daily Maximum TemperatureAverage Daily Minimum TemperatureWeather
Berlin19°C11°CWarm and Sunny, occasional Indian Summer
Munich19°C11°CWarm and Sunny, occasional Indian Summer
Frankfurt21°C (70°F)12°C (54°F)Rather warm, occasional Indian Summer
Bavarian Alps (Garmisch-Partenkirchen)Variable due to altitudeVariable due to altitudeCool at higher altitudes, especially near Zugspitze
Northern Coastal Areas (e.g., Hamburg)Variable, influenced by sea breezeVariable, influenced by sea breezeBenefiting from sea breeze, suitable for beach visits at end of summer
Weather in Germany in September
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The key to packing in Germany in September is to bring a smart layer that can absorb warm and cool nights and excellent walking shoes. You will also need to bring a raincoat and umbrella on rainy days and sunscreen for sightseeing and outdoor adventures. Bring your swimsuit as the beaches and lakes are still great for swimming.

Top 5 places to visit in Germany in September

1. Munich

Munich, the capital of Bavaria and one of Germany’s largest cities, is a popular tourist destination due to its location on the edge of the beautiful Bavarian Alps. It is not one of Germany’s oldest cities, but its roots can be traced back to the monastic settlements before it was officially founded in 1158 and has the cultural and political structure of the country. It has played an important role in shaping. The rapid growth of the city has made it an important centre of art and commerce, as well as a religious centre.

Germany in September
Source: Unsplash

2. Cologne

Cologne is one of these wonderful old German cities that has succeeded in preserving the past for the modern generation. Originally settled by the Romans, Cologne has been an important religious centre and pilgrimage site for centuries. The best place to visit Cologne is in and around the old town with 12 classic old churches, including the famous Cologne Cathedral. Expect hours to explore this magnificent building and the former merchant houses around it. Many are now bustling with modern commerce such as art galleries, boutiques and cafes.

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3. Koblenz

Koblenz also serves as a good starting point for exploring the beautiful Rhein Valley. The Middle Rhein Valley or Rhein Valley is so important that the entire length from the south of Koblenz to Mannheim is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is your chance to see the picture book Germany, where you can enjoy spectacular scenery like the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Source: Unsplash

4. Hamburg

Those who want to experience the wonderful hospitality of the northernmost people of Germany should consider visiting the city of Hamburg. The country’s second-largest city is located at the mouth of the River Elbe, not far from the North Sea, where it has established its importance as the country’s most important port. The route not only crosses the earth from here but also connects to important inland waterways.

Source: Unsplash

5. Leipzig

Leipzig, famous for its traditional trade fairs and markets including the wonderful Christmas markets, is worth a visit. Surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Saxon Unterland at the confluence of the White Elster and Pleiße rivers, Leipzig has long been an important centre of trade and commerce for a convenient one-hour train journey from Berlin. As a result, Leipzig has emerged as one. Of the country’s major arts, culture and education centres.

Source: Unsplash

Festivals in Germany in September

Berlin International Literature Festival

Berlin’s theatres, museums and concert halls are one of the most important literary festivals in the world, hosting 11 days of reading, discussion and workshops in September. 

Oktoberfest, Munich

The main candidate for a bucket list of all beer drinkers has been Germany’s most famous event since 1810. It starts in mid-September to early October and lasts for about 16 days. You can find huge tents serving beer by the glass and hearty German food, live music and other folk celebrations. Plan early. 

Canstatter Volksfest, Stuttgart

Starting at the end of September, this two-week event is the second-largest beer festival in the world. An alternative to Munich’s Oktoberfest, it’s a less touristy place, with amusement park attractions, trade fair rides, and even a French village with food stalls. 

Berlin Beer Week, Berlin

The festival has grown into Germany’s largest craft beer festival, celebrating Berlin’s status as a craft beer mecca in early September. 

Rheingau Wine Festival, Frankfurt

At the beginning of September, Frankfurt hosted a wine festival in the city’s pedestrian zone, serving over 600 wines from Rheingau and creating the longest wine bar in the world. 

Wurstmarkt, Bad Dürkheim

With more than 600,000 visitors annually, Bad Dürkheim, a hot spring town in southwestern Germany, is the largest wine festival in the world. Check out the celebrations for the second and third weekends of September.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Germany in September

1. What is the best time to travel to Germany?

The best time to travel to Germany is from May to September due to the best weather, surrounded by snow-free alpine paths and the like. Travel during this time will also be easier due to the weather. Feel free to explore the best places to visit in Germany during this period.

2. What is famous in Germany?

Germany also has numerous museums and ancient royal palaces and castles for visitors to explore and admire. Whether you’re a foodie, beer lover or wine lover, travelling to Germany can be a big surprise.

3. What is Munich famous for?

Munich is known for its beautiful architecture, beautiful culture, and of course, the famous Oktoberfest, which is held annually.

4. Which city in Germany has the best nightlife?

Hamburg, a small German city, is known for enjoying the best nightlife in the world. 

5. Is Germany safe at night?

Germany is almost safe at night, but be careful not to go out alone at night. Certain parts of the city must be avoided.

The month of September is one of the most popular times to visit Germany. For the most part, the weather is pleasant, and festivities are in full swing. Expect hotels and attractions to be at their most expensive, and cities to be practically full, because this is such a great season to visit Germany. This may be an ideal time to travel to smaller towns and natural marvels. Book your Germany tour itinerary in a personalised way only at Pickyourtrail and get Germany trip packages at the early bird offer!

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