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Flamenco Andalucia
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Astonishing Andalusia: The best of Southern Spain

What makes Spain one of the favourite destinations in Europe? From north to south, the country is diverse and full of life. Each region in Spain has its own unique stories, vibrant culture and breathtakingly beautiful places. Andalusia, Spain’s southern region brims with some of the most enchanting cities in the country. As a matter of fact, this region has endured a lot of invasions by multiple countries and cultures. And now it’s known for the rich multicultural history. Because of Andalusia’s unique characteristics, you revel in its beauty and its wonderful cities. Here, check out the best cities in Andalusia which should be on your itinerary.


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7 Best Cities in Andalusia Spain

1. Malaga

This port city is not only the birthplace of the legendary Pablo Picasso but also a graceful combination of past and present. This blend of two worlds has given Malaga a new look and feel. The city has over 30 museums and it is hugely influenced by Roman and Moorish history. The Roman theatre and the 11th-century Moorish castle Alcazaba are some highlights. Breathtaking beaches, Gothic styles cathedrals, elegant streets with unlimited shopping options, the list goes on. Moreover, the tapas bars serve the best of Andalusian cuisine for which Malaga is famous for. A visit to Malaga is all you need to feel the animated life in Spain’s south.

Malaga Andalucia
Image Credits: Unsplash


The city of Cordoba is full of history. It’s brilliant architecture simply speaks for itself. It has seen more battles than any other Andalucian city, and the city was built over and over. The city has incredible buildings and influences on multiple religions over time. The Mezquita is the city’s icon, which initially built as a Roman temple, then to a Muslim mosque and again to a cathedral. The building now is a perfect example of the cultural and religious diversity of the city. Take a stroll along the Guadalquivir river until the Jewish quarter to learn about their influence on Cordoba and its history. Because of these reasons, Cordoba is unmissable in Andalucia.

Mezquita Cordoba Andalucia
Image Source: Unsplash

3. Granada

This incredible city is a crown jewel in Andalucia. Granada is famous for its Moorish history. The marvellous Alhambra palace is a tribute to its past. This majestic fortress is located on a hilltop with aromatic gardens is a sight to behold. Together with the snowcapped Sierra Nevada in its background, you will be at a loss of words when you are here. Granada’s Moorish influence is most visible in Albaicin, where you will find Arab styles baths and spas, and Moroccan styled tea rooms etc. There is a wide variety of tapas and flamencos in the city.

Alhambra Granada
Image Source: Unsplash

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4. Seville

Fans of Game of Thrones would definitely remember the palace of Dorne. In real-world, we call it Alcazar of Seville, which is an incredible Moorish palace. Seville is the heart and capital of Andalucia and has some of the finest buildings in Spain. Flamencos and bullfighting are the souls of this city, in addition, its museums are filled with the story of the evolution of this city. The majestic Cathedral and Giralda tower cannot be missed, also Seville’s rich and happening nightlife will take this experience up a notch.

Seville Andalucia
Image Source: Unsplash

5. Ronda

This is one of Spain’s oldest towns and it is simply an architectural marvel. Wondering why? It is located on either side of the El Tajo gorge, with the 30-storey high Puente Nuevo bridge connecting both sides. Above all, this is Ronda’s most famous attraction. Do you know the fact that it took more than 40 years to complete? As incredible as it sounds, Ronda is home to the oldest bullring in Spain. The city’s architecture is heavily influenced by the Roman and Moorish rule. In addition, Ronda is also home to an excellent wine collection.

Ronda Andalucia
Image Source: Unsplash

6. Cadiz

The port city of Cadiz used to be entrance point to seafarers. This included both invaders and Spaniards returning from their colonies. Hence, Cadiz is a rich city where its museums exhibit artefacts from more than 2500 years ago. It is said that there were more than 150 watchtowers in Cadiz solely for the purpose of keeping an eye out for incoming ships. The city is full of exceptional architectural wonders. Excellent sunkissed beaches and a distinct happy-go-lucky lifestyle, makes you wonder. And also, once you visit Cadiz you will feel sorry for those who missed out this gem in Andalucia.

Cadiz Andalucia
Image Source: Unsplash

7. Jerez de la Frontera

When you are in Jerez de la Frontera get ready for the most authentic Andalucian experience. Unlike other developed Andalucian cities, Jerez has kept its naturality and has the proper spirit of Andalucia. Moreover, it is the home to the Spanish horse culture and fortified sherry wine. Its elegantly performing horses attract a lot of real enthusiasts. Because of the many festivals and fairs, the city has a bright vibe. It is also the home to the traditional flamenco dance. Jerez de la Frontera is also not heavily visited, but its beauty and charm beg to be relished.

Jerez de la Frontera
Image Source: Google Images

Southern Spain is a beauty in its own right, it’s historicity and cultural roots takes you way back in time. Do not miss out the beauty of Andalusia, drink it in, enjoy it as its authentic and pure. Planning your trip to Spain? Check out the Spain trip packages on the Pickyourtrail website. Also, you can customize your itinerary as well. Connect with us on Whatsapp, and talk to our travel experts. Don’t forget to download the Pickyourtrail app and always stay connected.

Felices Vacaciones, Andalusia te Espera!!

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