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Indian Restaurants in Seville
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10 Best Indian Restaurants in Seville For your Desi Indian cravings!

Seville is the largest city in Southern Spain. This city is as famous as Madrid for flamenco dance and traditional architectural designs. It is also believed that Hercules himself built this city and it still is one of the most fascinating cities to visit in Spain. It is also famous for its multicultural inhabitance for many decades and has many exciting things to do! You can find many Indian restaurants, souvenir shops and Indian chaat stalls. Here are the 10 best Indian restaurants in Seville that will satisfy your cravings on your vacation!


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10 Best Indian Restaurants in Seville

  1. Taj Mahal
  2. Jaipur Palace Indian Restaurant
  3. Maharaya Indian Restaurant
  4. Desi Biryani House
  5. MUMBAI Indian Restaurant
  6. Golok Restaurant
  7. Bollywood Indian Restaurant
  8. Desi Naan
  9. Asian Punjabi restaurant
  10. Asian and Kebab Comida Indian restaurant

1. Taj Mahal

Indian restaurant in Seville
Image Credits- Unsplash

Taj Mahal is the top-rated Indian restaurant in Seville. In this restaurant, you can satisfy every ounce of your home food craving with delicious food, drinks, desserts and snacks. Name a dish and you can find it here. The menu starts with a wide range of starters including pappadams, cutlets, tikkas, bajjis and kebabs. Once you are done with the starters, move to the variety of main course dishes. The main course includes a variety of grills, tandoori, chicken, lamb, fish, prawns, veg and non-veg biryani, plain rice, sides, Indian bread like naan, roti and chapati and extras like chutney, raita, salads, pickle, yoghurt and sauce ranges.

The desserts list is even bigger with a wide range of ice cream, cheesecakes, kulfi, tea and coffee. This place is also famous for its super affordable price and for serving all veg, nonveg and halal dishes. There are also options for people with certain allergies to gluten, soy, peanuts, milk products, eggs and fish. So, this is the ultimate destination to fulfil your cravings at one stop.

Address– Calle Juan Antonio Cavestany, 12, 41018 Sevilla, Spain

2. Jaipur Palace Indian Restaurant

Indian curry in restaurants in Seville
Image Credits- Unsplash

Jaipur Palace restaurant definitely does justice to its name. This restaurant serves both Indian and Pakistani cuisines with veg, nonveg and halal dishes. This place serves hot and spicy Indian curries, meat dishes, soups and yummy desserts. For starters, you can find many options like tikka, kebab, creamy soup, chicken or mutton soup etc. And for the main course, there are a lot of options like plain rice, jasmine rice, biryani platters, naan, roti, chapati, paneer sides, pappadams, pav bhaji and antipasto.

And for the desserts, there are hot chai, coffee, mint tea, iced tea, lassis and ice cream. This restaurant is so beautiful with fine interiors and comfortable chairs and tables. Jaipur Palace Indian Restaurant is also famous for its delicious tea, mango smoothies and lassis. Do not forget to check this place out the next time you visit Seville!

Address– Pl. de la Encarnación, 14, 41003 Sevilla, Spain

3. Maharaya Indian Restaurants in Seville

Curry in Indian restaurant in seville
Image Credits- Unsplash

Maharaya Indian Restaurant is another excellent option if you want to enjoy some spiced up Indian food with a desi twist in Seville. The name of the place again does justice! This place serves amazing options for starters including veg and nonveg dishes like corn salads, vegetable salads, soups and bites. The main course includes authentic veg curries, meat curries, channa masala, chole bature, chicken and paneer tikka, chicken pakora, malai tikka, prawn puri, biryani rice, fried rice and plain rice.

The authentic Indian taste, clean ambience and courteous service will make you feel at home. After having a good meal, you can try out some amazing desserts like traditional North Indian lassies, smoothies, tea and coffee. Try this one out for all your cravings!

Address– Calle Vermondo Resta, 4, 41018 Sevilla, Spain

4. Desi Biryani House

Briyani in restaurant in Seville
Image Credits- Unsplash

Desi Biryani House serves authentic hot and spicy Indian dishes. As the name says, this place is very famous for the wide range of Biryanis served here. And also, this place serves vegetarian, non-veg and halal dishes. Start with starters like tikka, chicken samosa, veg / non-veg pakoras, falafel, bhajis and kebab. The main course is so elaborate with different types of Biryani rice- Veg biryani, chicken/ mutton/ fish biryani, paneer biryani, chana biryani, potato biryani, mushroom biryani etc.

You can also taste amazing Indian curries like paneer curry, veg kurma, palak gravy and dal tadka. This place also serves delicious grilled chicken, fish and fried fish. The price is also very affordable and does justice to the taste!

Address– Calle Amor de Dios, 53, 41002 Sevilla, Spain

5. MUMBAI- Indian Restaurant in Seville

rice bowl in restaurant in Seville
Image Credits- Unsplash

Mumbai Indian restaurant is a one-stop destination for everything you crave for. On your splendid vacation in Seville, try visiting this place for amazing Indian meals! This place serves Indian and Asian cuisines at jaw-dropping prices. The appetizers include pappadams, onion bhaji, chicken pakoras, chicken/paneer/mushroom tikka, kebab and masalas. The options are also available for people with certain food allergies.

The main course is an elaborate list with chicken/ lamb/ prawn curry, jalfrezi, vindaloo, palak, bhuna, makhani, cheese curries, vegetarian curries, biryani, naan, butter/ garlic/ cheese/ lamb/ sweet/ onion naan, mushroom rice, Kashmiri pulao and peas pulao. The mouthwatering does not stop here. The list of desserts is more appetizing with ice cream, lassi, smoothies, kulfi and fruit salads! This is one of the must-visit restaurants on your vacation in Seville!

Address– Calle Amor de Dios, 43, 41002 Sevilla, Spain

6. Golok Restaurant

Golok is a typical Indian restaurant that also serves Mediterranean cuisine. Located in a busy spot in Seville, this place offers to serve authentic Indian cuisine with a spectacular ambience and outdoor seating facilities. The starters are available for both vegetarian and non-veg options. Some of the starters are Gobi samosa, pakora, paneer/chicken tikka, fritters and kebab. the main course includes a range of biryanis, malai kofta, grilled chicken/lamb, salads, fried rice, burger and pulao. The most famous dish here is the lamb biryani. On your next visit to Seville, do not forget to try the delicious lamb biryani with a perfect side dish!

Address– Calle Callao, 5, 41010 Sevilla, Spain

7. Bollywood Indian restaurant

Bollywood restaurant in Seville
Image Credits- Pixabay

Bollywood Indian restaurant is a typical Indian restaurant serving all types of starters, biryanis, rotis, rice and desserts. The elaborate starters list includes pappadams, chicken samosa, tikka, grilled mushrooms, prawn puri and traditional chaat. This place has a very clean and neat ambience with stained glasses, white marbles and grand chandeliers. The main course menu includes tandoori with curry sauce, chicken/ fish/ lamb/ prawn biryani, special Madras dishes, plain rice, fried rice, naan, jalfrezi, balti, makhani and cheese curries with rice.

The desserts list includes icecreams, lassis, smoothies, fresh juices, tea and coffee. Treat your day with amazing desi food on your busy vacation. This is one of the tastiest Indian restaurants in Seville!

Address– Calle Felipe II, 28, Local 8B, 41013 Sevilla, Spain

8. Desi Naan

Desi Naan is one of the simplest Indian restaurants in Seville. The menu is short but the tastes of the typical Indian chaat and street food dishes are inestimable. The menu includes chicken shawarma, tapas, fritters, kebabs, grilled chicken/ paneer, bhajis, naan and salsa. There are also options for vegetarian and halal too. This place also serves sweet lassi with original fruit flavours and kulfi. This place is perfect for a quick night out spot to hang out on your vacation!

Address– Calle Trajano, 45, 41002 Sevilla, Spain

9. Asian Punjabi restaurant

Asian Punjabi restaurant serves PAN Asian cuisine at affordable prices and with amazing taste. Some of the best dishes are kebab, tikka, tapas, monkfish, soup, taters, salsa, cheese curries and jamons. How can a Punjabi restaurant go without typical Indian bread? This place also serves utterly delicious naan, roti and chapati with hot and spicy butter and chicken curries, mixed vegetable curry and plain kurma. Punjabi lassi also joins the last of authentic Indian dishes served at this restaurant. So, this place is one of the go-to Indian restaurants in Seville!

Address- Calle Virgen de Aguas Santas, 8, Seville, Spain

10. Asian and Kebab Comida Indian restaurant in Seville

Kebab in Indian restaurant in Seville
Image Credits- Unsplash

Asian and Kebab restaurant is a quick and delicious place for hot and Indian spiced dishes like kebabs, tikka, shawarma and many Indian and Asian dishes. This place also serves vegetarian plate shawarma, mushroom/ paneer tikka, grilled mushrooms, grilled paneer, samosas and pav bhaji. This place is also famous for serving traditional Indian thali meals with proper sides, sweets and curries. And finally, end your meal with some delicious icecreams, beeda or smoothies that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Address– Calle Parque de Grazalema, 1, 41015 Sevilla, Spain

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The Indian restaurants in Seville serve you the best and healthy meals prepped by expert chefs. Enjoy your vacation with a happy tummy full of your favourite authentic desi food. On your vacation to Seville, do not miss trying as many restaurants as possible to quench your midnight hunger or an elaborate meal! Check out Pickyourtrail for more amazing offers and great deals! Check out Spain travel packages to know more about the itinerary and cost! You can also customise your package according to your own comfort and budget! Have the best times of your holidays!

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