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North Carolina
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Best Places To Travel Solo In The United States of America

Planning to travel alone to the United States of America is an exciting vacation for many people around the world. Whilst the legalities and visa processes are separate conversations altogether, yet another important conversation to have is to plan what are the places that can be on the itinerary. Being a solo travel itinerary, the safety and comfort of the traveller is also something that is an important consideration. The great thing about America is that it has a wide range of locations all across the country that are welcoming and accommodating the solo travellers. The communities, accessibility, transportation and the things to do are major benefactors for the plan. There are many places that fit the description of being Best Places To Travel Solo In The United States of America.

The right kind of solo travel should start by determining what kind of places and landscapes and experiences that drive the entire trip. It comes down to whether you want a ranch stay, if you would want to hike the wilderness, Kayak through the lakes, or a completely urban setting.

The United States of America has diverse landscapes which make America what it is. The Oregon coasts to Californian beaches to the southwest deserts, grass prairies, plains and glaciers of Alaska.

I have listed down some of the best places to visit in the United States as a solo traveller.

Florida Keys

Florida keys is a perfect destination for a Solo traveller. It is a perfect beachy vacation, where you can be laid back and relax in your swim shorts and flip flops with dollops of sunscreen. The key west is very welcoming of the solo travellers. It is a pretty easy to navigate and very accessible for a new person in the locality. There are a lot of stores and restaurants to be explored in the Old town. You can also explore the Earnst Hemingway museum. Key West also has a shipwreck treasure museum. Several islands around key west are apt for exploration for a solo traveller. The beach is the king and gets the most attention. It is one of the Best Places To Travel Solo In The United States of America.

Florida Keys
Photo by Mark Male on Unsplash

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

The 100 miles of the Atlantic coastline is a delight for a Solo traveller at the outer banks of North Carolina. The Outer Banks in North Carolina is usually a very popular family vacation destination and is opening up to Solo travellers. The islands of the outer banks are filled with beautiful small villages and beautiful beaches. It is a perfect place to go and take it easy.

Some of the popular places in The Outer Banks of North Carolina are Nags Head, Cape Hatteras, Kill Devil Hills, Duck etc. These are great places to find hostels, campgrounds, and small hotel chains. One thing to keep in mind is that these get sold out pretty quickly. The Cape Hatteras is a great place to set your base and take it from there. There are many artist studios an also take advantage of the outdoor activities.

Yet another way to go about in this region is to split it in all of the places. You can travel along the North Carolina highway 12 and visit other towns over the outer banks. Some of the highlights of this part of the world would be the Kayaking, the hiking trails, visiting the national parks and exploring the coastlines of the great Atlantic ocean. It is a great place to indulge in outdoor, adventure activities and is one of the Best Places To Travel Solo In The United States of America.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Door County, Wisconsin

The midwestern peninsula of door country is a natural wonder that is a paradise for solo travellers. Even though you might be a solo traveller arriving as a stranger, the region of door country is welcoming and makes you feel at home immediately. The green bay borders the 300-mile coastline in one side, with lake Michigan on the other side. This makes Door country an exciting place to explore even in the winters as much as the summers. The door country in Wisconsin has about 19 communities for you to explore. Some of them are Sturgeon Bay, Sister Bay, Ephraim, Egg harbour etc. These regions have a lot of private and independent BnB’s to stay at.

You can stay and explore the peninsula state park. Go for a kayak, on a hike, explore the local delicacies. There are many public beaches across the bay where you can relax and take it easy. You can take a ferry to Washington Island and explore for the day. It is a beautiful place that should be explored.

Door County, Wisconsin
Photo by Austin Wehrwein on Unsplash

San Diego, California

There is never really a bad time to visit San Diego is a famous saying. The weather is consistent throughout the year and makes for a great place to go on a vacation or a staycation. The 70-mile coastline has many beautiful beaches for you to explore. It is a perfect place to indulge in water sports like paddleboarding or surfing. Since you are on a solo exploration, you can visit each beach each day. Some of the famous beaches are Del Mer, La Jolla, Mission Beach and Ocean Beach.

Balboa Park is a great place to hang out and have a chill day. The Balboa Park is the biggest urban park in all of the united states and is filled with museum, gardens, music, food and the famous San Diego Zoo. One of the easiest ways to explore San Diego is the hop on hop off trolley. It takes you to all the top attractions, where you can spend some time and move on.

San Diego, California
Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

Some of the other suggestions are Grand County in Colorado, Washington, D.C., Portland in Oregon, Moab in Utah, New York City, Seattle in Washington, Austin in Texas, Boston in Massachusetts, New Orleans in Louisiana, Honolulu in Hawaii are some of the perfect places to visit in the United States if you are on a Solo Vacation.

The most important part of a Solo vacation and also the most overlooked part is the planning. Whilst the thought of solo travel swings towards winging the itinerary and taking it one day at a time, it is also a huge risk and has an investment into it. You can always reach out to a travel consultant at Pickyourtrail to Customize your vacation package and make an informed decision.

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