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Best Independent Coffee Shops in USA
Written by Rahul on September 20, 2020 Share on

Best Independent coffee shops in the USA – It’s time for coffee!

A holiday to the USA is the most beautiful one in the world. It is one of the major tourist destinations with skyscrapers that tear the sky to the endless oceans. The United States is a place that is enjoyed to every bits and piece by everyone. The never-ending Great Canyon is a testimony to the kind of wonders that it bears in its breathtaking land. Known for its exciting and adventurous activities and great monuments, there at many places that you can visit here. The USA is also more than this. How about taking a coffee break in the USA? A coffee date with your loved one? Here are the best independent coffee shops in the USA.

The towering Beauty of United States.
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Best Independent coffee shops in the USA

Sometimes the United States is heavily criticized for its watered-down frilly coffee. But you have got to look past the cheap diners and the megastores. There are many hidden gems that you will find if you just dig deeper. There is a whole new community that is very passionate about its coffee culture and the perfect brew. So in this particular blog, you will be able to get to know the perfect place to find that perfect place to quench your coffee pangs. Here are the best independent coffee shops in the USA.

Commonplace Coffee

Owned by a couple, Commonplace coffee is a very dynamic company in Pittsburg. Found in Western Pennsylvania, both the husband and wife wanted to own a coffee company for themselves. This particular coffee company has its own loyal set of customers since the past 12 years and are just growing from one level to another. It is usually crowded in this place since the dining area is small. So we would suggest you come here early and grab yourself a seat. The baristas here have very good knowledge of the coffee and they are more than happy to share the craft of their coffee making with the locals. Visit this if you are in Pittsburg to know how good coffee tastes in the USA.

Common Place coffee
Image Credits: Photo by Billy Kwok on Unsplash

Four Barrel

Located in San Francisco, this is one of the favourites hangout spots for the locals there. With deep caring for the coffee supplies, Four barrel looks into customer satisfaction and nothing else. This is not only a coffee shop but also a coffee bean roasting company. They care too much about the coffee suppliers, the employees who roast the beans and the community that uses their coffee beans. With a cosy and comforting atmosphere, you will not be able to find a more friendly staff anywhere like here. With the perfect confidence of the quality and the service that you are going to receive, the Four Barrel is the perfect place for you to enjoy your favourite beverage.

coffee and bread
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When you think of Coffee, the place that comes to your mind is New York City. This city is overflowing with cafes and is coming up with even more to quench your caffeine pangs. Each new spot is trendy and hip for the people coming in. Meaning embrace in Portuguese, the Abraco Espresso is one of the best and the most charming shops in NYC. Functioning as a grab and go bar, this famous coffee shop does not exactly have a perfect place to sit and enjoy your coffee. With some homemade seasonal baked goods and the best coffee, the staff always have their own way of greeting the customer with a great big smile. This is one of the main reasons why this is one of the best independent coffee shops in the USA.

Abraco Coffee table setup
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Peregrine Espresso

Winner of America’s Best Coffeehouse Competition, the Peregrine Expresso is one place that made many people turn their attention to. The Peregrine espresso already has 3 outlets in the DC metro. Mainly focussing on the best single-origin bean, the locals at DC metro say that the Latte is the best HERE. Other than this the company also trains you in espresso fundamentals so that you can make a best-tasting coffee at home. Isn’t that cool? Visit this place to taste one of the best coffees in the United States.

a coffee cup
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Palace Coffee Company

Located in the northern Texas city, the Palace Coffee company bring the craft of coffee to Canyon and Amarillo. This coffee company is in two places and brings in the cool atmosphere to their outlets. The best flavour that it brings in to the coffee and great hospitality made it the title winner of the 2016 America’s Best Coffeehouse Competition. Try their most famous Vanilla brown sugar cinnamon latte. This is the perfect paradise for all the coffee lovers who are visiting Texas. Wanting to tase a good coffee? Palace Coffee Company is the ideal choice.

Palace Coffee company, USA
Image Credits: Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

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