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Sri Lanka Resort
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Best Hotels & Resorts In Sri Lanka – Top Places to Stay in the Island Nation

Sri Lanka is the largest island in the Indian Ocean and it is one of the most travelled island nations. Also, The astonishing country is filled with natural beauty and places of marvel. Sri Lanka possesses a plethora of landscapes and adventures to explore. With tropical flora and fauna, the place is a dream destination for many travellers. The country is filled with beautiful beaches, historical monuments, diverse wildlife and much more. Sri Lanka is also popular for its tasty culinary experience. In addition to all this, Sri Lanka also has a world-class infrastructure. There are several quality hotels & resorts spread across the country to level up your trip to Sri Lanka. Read on to know more about the top hotels & resorts in Sri Lanka.

Resorts in Sri lanka
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Top Resorts in Sri Lanka

  1. Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle
  2. Anantara Kalutara
  3. Shangri-la hotel
  4. Wild Coast Tented Lodge
  5. Cape Weligama
  6. Santani
  7. Living Heritage Koslanda

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1. Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle

Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle is a hidden gem located on the southernmost coastline of Sri Lanka. It is a luxurious resort with access to the golden sand beaches and coconut plantations nearby. With more than 150 luxurious villas and rooms, the resort gives perfect hospitality for couples, families and friends alike. You can avail rooms with an exotic view of the Indian beach as you wake up along with the sun rising from the horizon. There are many areas of interests around the locality. Natural parks, historic sites and whale watching centre are to name a few. The hotel has a lot of amenities like a refreshing spa, teens’ and children’s club with several outlets providing the perfect dining experiences.

Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle  resort in Sri Lanka
Image credits: Anantara Hotels

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2. Anantara Kalutara

Kalutara is a beautiful town and it is an hour south of Colombo. Anantara Kalutara is a beautiful resort located in the Kalutara town in a serene location. Located right between the Indian ocean and the Kalu river, this place will immerse you in a magical experience. There are more than 140 rooms, villas and suites which has amazing views with lush gardens, lagoons, coastal beauty and rivers. There are also different types of rooms available and the most popular ones are interconnecting rooms, poolside rooms and suites with pools. Apart from these, there is a rejuvenating spa service, a couple of swimming pools and three restaurants.

3. Shangri-la hotel Colombo

Being at the heart of the city, the Shangri-la hotel is one of the best hotels in Sri Lanka as it is present in a prime location with the sea nearby. The resort is a tropical paradise in itself and it will give you the perfect break from the buzz of city life. There is a whopping number of 500+ rooms and suites which offer luxury, comfort and modern amenities. In addition to that, there are also a couple of dozen apartments which you can avail if you travel with your family. There is a quality group of restaurants that provides you with an awesome dining experience. The Horizon Club Lounge is the largest exclusive club lounge in the city and there is special spa service available in the resort. Boasting the largest outdoor pool in Sri Lanka, the Shangri-la hotel definitely deserves your valuable visit.

4. Wild Coast Tented Lodge

The Wild Coast Tented Lodge is right next to the Yala National Park, one of the best places to visit in the entire country. Thousands of travellers travel here to visit the national park and the amazing wildlife it possesses. The hotel is present where the park interjects the coast and it provides a wonderful environment for your stay. There are 28 tented accommodations that will provide you with a natural ambience. The entire panorama is made of natural raw materials and gives you the perfect tropical vibe. Adding to that, there is a beautiful open dome made of bamboo which covers the pristine swimming pool present there. Overall, The Wild Coast Tented Lodge will provide you with an experience of the lifetime.

5. Cape Weligama

Cape Weligama is a marvellous piece of beauty present in the southern cliffs with a ravishing landscape. Being just 30 minutes away from the city of Galle, there are almost 39 private retreats that will provide you with an experience to cherish on the shoreline. These wonderful pieces of architecture were crafted by Lek Bunnag, one of the pioneers in Asian architecture. In addition to that, The famous part of the resort is its crescent-shaped pool. Also, you can avail dining experiences at the outlets in the resort which also has a view as the sun sets over the ocean. You can be rest assured that you will have a breezy vacation during your stay in one of the best resorts in Sri Lanka – Cape Weligama.

Image Credits: Cape Weligama

6. Santani

Being true to its meaning, Santani is a harmonious place where comfort meets elegance. They believe in the concept of sustainable wellness which is attainable by harmonious existence with nurture and balance of nature. The Santani resort is the first wellness resort in Sri Lanka and certainly the best of it’s kind. If you are looking to unwind from your stressful routine, this is the place to be as their motto is to do the same. The resort is amidst the 48-acre tea plantation giving a serene experience to you and your family. There is no air condition in any of the 18 rooms over there as they have natural ventilation. If you book your stay over there, you will have free access to the forest region, plantations and fertile lands along the banks of River Hulu.

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7. Living Heritage Koslanda

Living Heritage Koslanda is a Mountain retreat and also one of the best resorts to stay in Sri Lanka. The property is an exclusive one with only 6 suites spanning over 80 acres of land. If you are looking for a stay in solitude, this is the perfect place to be. The landscape is nothing short of a spectacle and will awe you with its majestic beauty. The place is also famous for authentic Sri Lankan food which will treat your taste buds. There is also an infinity pool with an amazing view of paddy fields from the heights of the mountain. Also, there is a secluded waterfall nearby which can be reached by a 20 minute-hike. Overall, it is one of the best resorts to visit in Sri Lanka with your loved ones especially if you are going for your honeymoon.

LIVING HERITAGE KOSLANDA, one of the best resorts in Sri Lanka
Image Credits: Koslanda

In addition to these amazing places, the country has many more wonderful things to offer. You can enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka by staying in best resorts and hotels. Plan your very own trip to Sri Lanka with Pickyourtrail. You can choose from the various Sri Lanka packages from India available. You can also customise your very own itinerary. Unwrap Sri Lanka with Pickyourtrail!

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