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The Best Things To See and Do in Dubai’s Old Quarter!

One of the largest city in United Arab Emirates, Dubai city is marked with biggest construction of the world, and changes its persona with new built ups almost every day. It is indeed a wonder to see, how deserted zone has grown up with plethora of huge bricks. The city has become a hub to not only undertake business but also caught the attention as a getaway for national as international travelers.

A shopping hub, honeymoon destination, leisure place, entertainment hub, nightlife to remember; what else you want to call this city when you have multiple names to tag it. Home to Burj Khalifa, Palm islands, history and calm sand dunes, Dubai city calls all the tourists from far away lands to as to taste the culture and savor the life differently.

‘Mashallah’ is quite common to hear when people are seeking major attractions in here. Go for Jumeirah beach park to enjoy some beach time or Burj Khalifa to taste the heights in a luxury. Why to stay back in hotel when wonderland family park waits for you with the whole family, not to be missed places like Dubai fountain, Dubai Marina, Deira clocktower, Burj al Arab, and much more.

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A couple of things you can explore are

  1. The glittering Gold Souk
  2. A stroll around the old Al Bastakiya Quarter
  3. A drink in the Arabian Tea House
  4. A visit to The Dubai Museum
  5. A boat ride across the Dubai Creek

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The glittering Gold Souk

Have you ever wondered a place where you would find any gold items? A heaven where you would see gold, round and round – a breathtaking sight! Here, come to Gold Souk market in Deira which is located in the old part of Dubai that sells all variety of gold from 18carats gold to 24carats pure gold. They have everything in between 20, 21 ,22 carat gold as well. You would be stunned at their intricate polished jewelry sometimes studded with other precious stones like Ruby, emerald and Ruby..
So whether you are just window shopping or shopping for a couple of gold items, the whole scene is a sight to behold. You would have seen bargaining in the vegetable market or the next door cloth shop, but here you can actually negotiate and bargain for the gold jewelery as well. From November to March the shops see a surge in the tourists because of the pleasant season in Dubai.

gold souk to go and see in dubai's old quarter
Image Credits : Unsplash

A stroll around the old Al Bastakiya Quarter

Whenever you visit any new country, you would definitely have the urge to see how the city looked back in the olden days. How the city evolved and how the cultural ethnicity took a modern shape to it! Then you should go and visit the The Bastakiya quarter which was constructed around the 18th century. It was originally home to some of the Persian merchants who settled near the Dubai Creek because of the flourishing trade  activities. With the olden architecture of the trading house still preserved and maze like streets, it is very evident to sense the olden style of living .

It has a fair amount of tourists visiting this area where a couple of art galleries, museums, café and retail shops have been set up. It is also known by the name of  Al Fahidi Historical District. The best place to look up the Emirati culture lies here!

A drink in the Arabian Tea House

Also known as the Basta Café, located around the historic Al Fahidi area, is popular for its traditional and chic food menu. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and have a relaxing evening sipping tea and having some snacks, this is the perfect getaway. They sell more than 150 varieties of Tea, including mint lemonade, or a house blend of black tea with herbs and fruits. Once, you taste those, the taste would linger in your mind for months. Not only is it popular for its tea, but you can also soak up in their wide selection of sandwiches, salad, pastries and deserts.

The café has grown along with the Dubai city, from having a single branch in Dubai to multiple branches in UAE and Egypt as well. Apart from serving the typical food, they have an amazing range of traditional cuisines to try as well. The tourists who want to take away with them the regional food’s taste, this is quite one of the best place to try your hands on!

herd of camel to see in Dubai
Image Credits: Unsplash

A visit to The Dubai Museum

Dubai being  city where both tradition and culture blend effortlessly with modern day lifestyle, is pretty sought after by the tourists. Dubai Museum located in the legendary fort of Al Fahidi is a key attraction to all the history enthusiasts! It is just a short 9minutes walk from the Al Fahidi metro station if you prefer a little walk, or in other case you can directly take a cab from your place.

Thousands of people from all around the world flock to visit the Dubai Museum to explore its rich social, political and cultural history. The museum has an abundant collection of artifacts and antiques handed down through the ages with Asian and African origins. You would be amazed to see the intricate details of the interior architecture that dates back to the 18th century. If you are looking for a glimpse of the Arab’s world – the culture and heritage, you would be able to explore every aspect here.

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A boat ride across the Dubai Creek

The mighty Dubai Creek, which is basically a saltwater waterway is where the initial settlement began from the fishermen and traders back in those days. This canal divides this rich city into two halves – Bur Dubai which lies in the southwest portion and as you head in the north – east direction you have the Deira region. Both regions have their own uniqueness and cultural ethnicity.

Along the creek, you have Abra( also known as water taxi) that is the most affortable way of traversing across the Creek with a cost of 1Dirham. If you prefer to have a luxurious boat ride, book a seat in the traditional Dhow that offers Day/Night cruises with meals onboard. You can watch the shimmering reflection of the tall building in the glistening water. The night lights illuminating the whole waterline, is sure a gorgeous picture to capture for your Instagram feed! So either you choose to sail in a cost efficient Abra or a luxurious cruise, you would be mesmerized by the Dubai Creek.

Image Credits : Unsplash

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