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Petro Paulo sculpture in Antwerp
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Explore Antwerp: The Jewel of Belgium

One of the best things about Europe is that it has a country called Belgium. Belgium is one of the best places to visit for a family holiday as this country offers many and more to every kind of travellers. It has its own scenic landscapes, loved by nature lovers, A challenging hike for all the hike enthusiasts, and also great cuisine for all the foodies out there. Spend quality time with your families for your families at some of the scenic beaches here and learn more about the country’s rich history in some of the world-famous museums out here. This is also one famous destination for all honeymooners as it is one of the romantic spots in Europe. This is a place with some of the best scenic lookouts. Let us now look at the Best Things to Do in Antwerp, a city in Belgium.

The Man on the beach Knokke statue, Belgium.
Image Credits: S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Things to Do in Antwerp

The second-largest city and also one of the major industrial port city, Antwerp is one amongst the most sought after cities for tourists. The port in Antwerp is the biggest in the country. The historic status of this city is that it was home to moguls and diamond dealers. From then to now, diamond has been a major role in the economy of this city and so the city is called the diamond capital of the world. Antwerp has everything that a traveller needs. Good food, world-class museums, and also amazing art and architecture. Antwerp is surely a place for all the art enthusiasts for its museums and its display of arts. So, let us look at some of the best things to do in Antwerp.

Antwerp in Belgium
Image Credits: Cédric Dhaenens on Unsplash

1. Antwerp Central Station

This may not be one of the most intriguing things to do while you are on a tour. But in a city like Antwerp, it is mandatory to see the central station. The architecture looks Gothic and it will simply blow your mind away. If you think that’s it then you will be even more surprised to see the main hall, as it just looks splendid. Rated among the top 5 beautiful railway stations in the world, this is one of the best landmarks and even a symbol/icon to the city. Not it is only architecturally brilliant but from the 21st century, they have totally adopted to the multi-level platforms. This will be a treat to your eyes and it will also be a great start to your Antwerp holiday.

Antwerp Railway station, Antwerp, Belgium.
Image Credits: Adam Hill from Pixabay

2. Grand Palace (Grote Markt)

The heart of the Old town, the Grand Palace of Antwerp is just a visual treat. It has a town hall and various other guild houses. In the middle stands the poignant Barbo fountain. The town hall is the central piece of the Grand Palace and the rooms in the town hall have been decorated by the paintings of H. Leys. Most of the buildings that are bordering the Grote market are the Guild houses (Gildehuizen). Even though there are many Guild houses, there are certain houses that are interesting for tourists. Out of these the Coopers’ House No. 5, Archer’s House No. 7 and Grocers’ House No. 11 are the interesting ones. Gildekamersstraat, a former guild house behind the town hall has been turned into a folk museum which is open to the public. This is one of the best things to do in Antwerp City.

Grand palace (Grote markt), One of the best things to do in Antwerp.
Image Credits: Google Images

3. Museum Plantin-Moretus

Formerly a printing press, this was the finest of its kind in the world. This has been a museum since 1876 and it is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Weird right? Naturally, your thought would be “How come a museum is in the list of World Heritage sites?”. Well, the answer can only be known if you view this beautiful site yourself. The building itself is of the medieval period, it surely worth a visit while you are in Antwerp. This is the oldest printing press in the world with 17th-century artwork and valuable collection of artwork makes this place so likeable by the travellers. It is a must-visit and one of the best things to do while in Antwerp.

Garden of the Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp.
Image Credits: Google Images

4. Ruben’s House

Also known as Rubenshuis, is the former living space of the painter, Pieter Paul Rubens. This was built by the painter himself and this was both his studio to work in and his living space. The restoration work of this building began during 1937 and it had to be worked through very carefully. Now the building is back to having its own charm. This house is officially the showplace of some of his artworks. Even some of the furniture that was there during the lifetime of the painter can be seen still there as showpieces. If you are an art lover, This is one exciting thing to do while you are in Antwerp.

The house of Ruben, Antwerp, Belgium
Image Captions: Okra Amps on Unsplash

5. Chocolate Nation

Located just across the Antwerp Central station, is the largest Belgian chocolate factory in the world. There are interactive exhibits and a slideshow of step by step process through the multimedia while entering the museum. The steps involve right from the cocoa beans stage to the final out product. You can, of course, enjoy the Chocolates from the free samples during the tour and the museum shops. The museum also educates the travellers on how chocolates played a major part in the customs and traditions of Belgium as a country. Visitors can sign up for the special chocolate workshop and take home some special goodies. This is a must-visit place if you visit Belgium and this should definitely be a part of your itinerary if you are a chocolate lover.

Belgium chocolates
Image Credits: David Greenwood-Haigh from Pixabay

Antwerp is the major port and also an important historic city of Belgium. Visit Antwerp for its brilliant architecture and its rich culture. Add all these activities in Antwerp as a part of your itineraries for your Belgium holiday packages. You can also customise your unique itinerary as per your requirements with the Pickyourtrail website.  Explore wide selection of International tour packages on our website.

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