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A sneak peek inside the Royal Palace of Brussels

In Brussels, art galleries outnumber buildings, even whose closed shutters speak to you through faded vivid graffitis. It is for this reason that Belgium is loved for something more than chocolates, waffles and glasses. For art. And among all, Brussels Royal Palace is sure to give other museums a run for their money, and certainly a great addition to your Europe castles list.

About Brussels Royal Palace

Image credits: Pixabay

Located in the heart of Belgium’s capital city, Brussels Royal Palace is the official residing palace of the royal descendants of Belgium. But the king lives in the Royal Palace of Laeken in another part of Brussels, leaving a lot more room for curious culture buffs and travellers to have a glimpse into the royal residence of Brussels.

What to see

What never ceases to amaze us about the Royal Palace is that its grand Neoclassical facade is almost 150% of that of Buckingham Palace, though its interior floor space is not even half of Buckingham Palace’s area. Admire the long, spectacular facade of Brussels Royal Palace before taking a trip inside to look at the large antichambers and medieval ballrooms which bustled with life and cheer in the past.

Image credits: Wikimedia

Commissioned first by William I of the Netherlands, the Royal Palace was the epicentre of major revolutions (and also attacks) that went on to shape the Belgian history and constitution. King Leopold 2 salvaged the glorious symbol that stood the test of time and ruin by ordering to renovate it, only to change the entire crux of the building, the result of which is loved till now.

The front avenue of the Royal Palace leads us to the Parc de Bruxelles, the largest park in Brussels. The palace is also the centrepiece of two other majestic palaces namely Place du Trône and the Palace of Justice. Just like the palace, Brussels park has seen many revolutions and destructions, from the Belgian revolution to the Netherlands separation.

When to visit?

Although not home to the king and his family now, the Royal Palace of Brussels will be open to the public only during the summer holidays, from July 23 to August 25. During this time, travellers can quench their thirst for history and culture by visiting the several avenues in the palace that grant access to visitors.

Entry fee and timings

You can visit the Royal Palace of Brussels from July 23 to August 25, and the palace allows viewers at 10:30 am and stays open till 3:45 pm. There is no entry fee to enter the Royal Palace, and it is closed on Mondays.


Rue Brederode 16, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

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