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Cape town
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on May 21, 2020 Share on

Bo-Kaap (Malay Quarter), Cape Town: Discover the Vibrant Colors of Bo-Kaap

South Africa is a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is one of the most underrated places by many due to the misconception that there is nothing more to forest and wildlife. Its a country that takes pride in it for the environment and experiences it provides. South Africa is an affordable place to visit for today’s travellers. Explore the wonders of this country with our South Africa tour packages.

Ariel view of cape view
Image Source: Unsplash

No trip to South Africa is complete without visiting Cape town, after all, it is the capital of South Africa. Located in the foothill of Signal Hill, easily accessible by foot, the entire street is painted with bright and colourful colours which are the main attraction there. Many of the houses built here are single-storeyed with terrace. It was previously called the Malay Cape getting its name from its diversity in culture.

What to do at Bo Kaap?

1. Visit the Bo Kaap museum

It is one of the oldest buildings in the street being built somewhere in the 1980’s. Bo Kaap was predominantly occupied by the Islams, designed like a home, the museum speaks about the histories about the political and religious conflicts that went on during that era and about the Muslim families that lived there.

2. Admire the architecture

Cape Malay aka Bo Kaap has been inhabited from 1870. There is a number of houses constructed in this area and each with a unique design. The architectural design is a mixture of Dutches and Georgians. Bo Kaap was initially filled with slaves and were later freed by the Muslims that came and lived on. Each building has a unique design on the inside and the outside. The streets are just perfect to click some colourful pictures for you to upload on your social media.

Colorful buildins at Bo Kaap
Image source: Unsplash

3. Enjoy the Cape Malay cuisine

Cape Malay cuisine is a mixture of flavours from different parts of the food. The food is prepared with basic South African spices and ingredients with the Malaysian and Eastern influence in it. Enjoy the curries prepared by the locals there with some hot roti or samosas.

4. Feel lively at Marco Africa place

Marco African is a 220 seater resto-bar located in Bo Kaap. The place is very popular for its food and entertainment. It is a good place to dine in peace and enjoy African music while dining. Few of Marco’s speciality items are:

  • Pan African Platter – Springbok, Kudu & Ostrich
  • Traditional Xhosa Dishes
  • Home-Brewed African Beer

How to Reach Bo-Kaap?

Ba Kaap is located 20 minutes away from the Cape Town city center. You can take a cab to reach the place or if you feel to be touristy, take the hop on hop off buses available. Visit Pickyourtrail for customized Cape Town tour packages and get ready to explore the wilds of South Africa.

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