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cape of good hope
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Cape Point Tour, Cape Town – The view of a lifetime!

Cape Point is an uneven piece of land that extends over the sea at the Southeast corner of Cape Peninsula. Situated a little north of the Cape of Good Hope, This gorgeous foreland is a scenic landscape of jagged platforms, a rich maritime crystal blue ocean and the Cape Point tourism have an abundance of opportunities for entertainment activities. Cape Point Nature Reserve has a hybrid range of flora and fauna and the tour of the place charms a large number of travellers visiting the Cape Point in Cape Town, South Africa

History of Cape Point

Cape Point has a very intriguing history, Which adds up to the beauty of Cape Point and Peninsula Tour. The area was first inhabited by the Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias in the year 1488, who named it the Cape of storms for its extreme climatic conditions. Vasco da Gama was one of the visitors of the same route as well. Even since the days of Bartholomew Dias, the cape point has been treated with great respect because of the difficulty it gave for the sailors. To make it easier and safer to travel, The first lighthouse was built in 1859, followed by the second one in 1914, which is considered to be the most effective one in the South African Coast. 

cape of good hope in cape point
Image Credit: Pixabay

Attractions at the Cape Point

Although most people argue that the Cape of good hope is the southernmost tip of Africa, that specific credit actually lies with Cape Agulhas. However, Cape Point tour brings to its visitors a picturesque sight of lush green hills and valleys, elevated cliffs and stony edges, a variety of endemic flora and fauna stretching from rocky and sandy beaches. 

The Lighthouse at the Cape Point still resides at the highest tip of Cape Point, atop Da Gama Peak at around 238 metres above the sea level. If you wish to access the observatory deck of the older lighthouse, You can do so by taking the classic Dutchman funicular, which will take you right to the foot of the towering building. From here a set of stairs takes you to the viewing platform from where you can marvel at the sight of the entire stretch of Cape Point, where two oceans meet. There is a second route here that takes you to the lower peak of the second lighthouse. The tour also includes other fun activities like animal spotting and whale watching as a part of the bundle.

aerial view of cape of good hope, the cape point
Image Credit: Unsplash

Things To Do

  • Free Audio Tour of the Cape Point: A good option for those interested in learning the Wildlife of Africa, this educative tour started by the VoiceMap app allows the travellers to take a free audio-guided tour of the Cape Point in which they are told about the Unique flora and fauna present at the national park and the history of the park.
  • Visit the Lighthouse: Built-in 1859, Needless to say, the Old Lighthouse offers breathtaking views of the surrounding coastal line and the vast ocean.
  • Visit Cape of Good Hope: Cape of Good Hope is one of the top attractions to visit at the Cape Point, the place is filled with a lot of fun activities like hiking, cycling, picnicking etc.
  • Enjoy the Wildlife: The Cape Point has a wide variety of marine life and one can catch a glimpse of the whales with just binoculars. Visitors will also find ostriches, mongooses, baboons, antelope, and porcupines at this beautiful location.
view point in cape peninsula
Image Credit: Pixabay

If you are a nature lover or just someone who loves breathtaking views, Then be sure to add The Cape Point tour in your plan on your trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Plan your vacation with Pickyourtrail for the best deals. Alternatively, You can check out the available bundles on the Pickyourtrail Website.

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