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South Andaman
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Chidiya Tapu – A Mystery of Andaman

Chidiya Tapu is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Andaman, and if you are on a trip to the islands, do not forget to spend a few hours at this wonderful place. Chidiya Tapu is mainly popular for its wide range of birds and is a haven for bird watchers. Indigenous and migratory birds can be seen decorating the skies here, enticing nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts visiting the place. This island in Andaman is also a treasure trove of thick forests and stunning views of the ocean. At almost every turn, the mesmerizing views of a thick green blanket and azure sea waters await you. Experience serenity as the dense mangroves cover the entirety of the island and provide a sense of calm to the senses. A walk through the jungles will make you forget everything about your hectic lifestyle. For an unforgettable vacation experience, explore the pristine beaches and vibrant marine life with our exclusive Andaman tour packages.

Chidiya Tapu in Andaman
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It is also an attractive option for adventure sports lovers. It has a rich underwater sea life, including colourful corals and vibrant marine wildlife. You can snorkel or scuba dive and experience the rich world under the surface, explore the labyrinthine reefs, get caught in the whirlpool of tiny fishes, and swim with majestic sea turtles. The island also has an option of sea walking, for those of you who do not know how to swim. Now you can witness the mesmerizing underwater view under the guidance of experienced and helpful staff.

If you like staying on land, you can check out the trail that leads to the famous Mund Pahad, or the Black Mountain. The path is rife with mesmerizing views of the island, and the vantage point will take your breath away. You can witness the blue sea stretched out as far as the eye can see. The biological park is where you can enjoy a picnic with your family in the dense forests and witness wildlife in their habitat. Chidiya Tapu is also famous as The Sunset Point, so simply head over to the beach in the evening. Get enthralled by the tangerine sunset over turquoise sea waters.

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Sunset at Chidiya Tapu
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Chidiya Tapu Biological Park

  • Catch the rich biodiversity and a wide range of tropical flora and fauna of the Andaman Islands at this biological park, established in 2001. This conservation park aims to study endemic and endangered species of plants and animals that are indigenous to the islands. The place covered with thick green jungles provide animals with natural habitat and act as a source of relief towards its visitors.
  • The park features exotic plant species like Mahuas and Padauks, to exquisite birds and animals. Spread over 40 hectares, there is a lot to see here, including wild pigs and deers roam in the jungle. There’s also a reptile centre for those of you interested in watching crocodiles and snakes. For bird watchers, it is a heavenly delight, as indigenous and migratory birds can often be spotted flying without any reserve in the park.
  • The serpentine treks, sound of birds singing in the background, and the sighting of wildlife is a thrilling experience. For the nature admirer and photography enthusiast, there is no better place on Chidiya Tapu than spending a few hours here.

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How to get to Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu is roughly 30 kilometres from the city of Port Blair. Most travellers rent a car or bike to reach Chidiya Tapu from Port Blair. Travellers can take the winding road, through the forest and hills, which also passes through the rugged Kalapathar Beach.

Best Time to visit Chidiya Tapu

You can visit Chidiya Tapu anytime between October and May as it’s the peak season for Andaman. The best timings to visit will be 6:00 am to 6:00 pm and end the day with a beautiful sunset.

Don’t miss out the sunset at Chidiya Tapu. The Sunset Point at Chidiya Tapu has the most beautiful and mesmerizing sunset on the entire island. Plan your vacation with PickYourTrail and craft your Andaman Nicobar honeymoon package with all top highlights of Andaman! Happy Vacation!

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