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Best cities to visit in Greece
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5 Best Cities to Visit in Greece in 2023

Greece is one of the most beautiful places on earth with so many islands to wander around. Though to the outer world, the most known city is Athens and the famous Islands Mykonos and Santorini, the capital city of Athens is where most of the population resides. Athens is a city full of historic structures, archaeological sites and museums. Strolling around the streets itself is enough to treat your senses with some history. Here, we take a look at the 5 best cities to visit in Greece.

Greece has everything from mountainous villages, all sorts of beaches and even the volcanos. Thessaloniki is another popular city in the mainland with some great attractions. Greece could be an apt destination for any kind of traveller.


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Top 5 Best Cities to Visit in Greece

  • Athens
  • Thessaloniki
  • Chania
  • Rhodes Town
  • Rethymnon

1. Athens

The capital city, Athens has been visited by millions of tourists every year due to its deep-rooted history and culture. You will be awestruck by the lifestyle of the ancient greeks. The major highlight of the city is the Acropolis. Even after so many years with modernisation in place, this particular place in the city has the same charm. This is the foremost reason for the city to be very popular among the tourists. This is one of the historic and best cities to visit in Greece.

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Athens, Best Cities to Visit in Greece
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In fact, this is the place where the Olympic games were born. The other noteworthy places around the city are Plaka, commonly known as the ‘Neighbourhood of Gods.’ This is because of its close proximity to Acropolis. Athens is the hub for international tourists to gain entry into the nation. This means you can expect some decent crowd all the time in this historic city.

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2. Thessaloniki

The city of Thessaloniki is also in the mainland. Situated in the Gulf of Thessaloniki, this place holds massive importance in the history of Greece. It is a friendly city with a lot of festivals and cultural events happening all over the year. The best attractions in this place include the majestic White tower. The iconic structure dates back to the 16th century. More like the other cities on the list, this also has a vibrant culture and Nightlife. The uniqueness about this place is that this a rare blend of history along with new-age sophistication.

Thessaloniki, Best Cities to Visit in Greece
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The reason behind the vibrant culture and energy of this city is the large student population that resides in this place. This is what sets the clubs and the bars on fire once the sun has set. Not just this, the place also has a large number of museums and galleries where you can spend some quality time. No wonder this is the second-largest city in Greece after Athens. This is one of the most vibrant and best cities to visit in Greece.

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3. Chania

This picturesque city is located on the north-western coast of one of the famous islands called Crete. This is also the second-largest city on the island and definitely one of the best cities to visit in Greece.. The Venetian structures that you see on the streets of this city are adored by travellers worldwide. You will also come across some of the Turkish architectural designs as well. The place gives you an Old town feel with beautiful boutique hotels all the way. There are places for you to just sit and relax, like waterfronts.

Chania, Best Cities to Visit in Greece
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In addition to this, if you are into understanding the Cretan way of living, this is where you need to head. Strolling around the streets is more than enough to keep you engaged all day, as this place won’t make you feel bored at all. People also come to visit the old port and ancient lighthouses along with it. Of course, you have the beaches and this is a home for a few of the most scenic beaches in the whole of Greece.

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4. Rhodes Town

This is another old town on the island of Rhodes and it is the capital city of the island, hence it is called the Rhodes town. This place was once ruled by Greek emperors and for some time was held by the Italian government and now it is finally under Greece again. The historic structure in this place includes the Byzantine, Ottoman and some Greek castles. Rhodes Town is one of the beautiful and best cities to visit in Greece.

Rhodes Town, Best Cities to Visit in Greece
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During the Italian rule, a massive renovation took place after which it has gained some serious popularity. The walk down the street could treat you with massive walled ancient structures. The streets are filled with restaurants of the highest class to serve the needs of the tourists.

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5. Rethymnon

Rethymnon, Best Cities to Visit in Greece
Image credits: Unsplash

This is another stunning Cretan city on the list. Mush like the other Cretan cities on the list, this also has a stunning appeal to it. There are many other similarities as well, for example, you can see a similar kind of Turkish structure in this city as well. Even though it is less popular than Chania, this is one of the best cities to visit in Greece. The same good old town looks on the streets with a hefty number of the student population, this place boasts an energetic nightlife as well.

There are so many restaurants and clubs where you can spend the evening relaxing. The place comes to life at 6 P.M with colourful lights storming the streets. Though the city parties hard, the people are absolutely friendly and it is one of the safest cities to visit in Greece. Travelling around the city won’t be a hassle as you have very well maintained public transportation with proper routines.

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Apparently the list of best cities to visit in Greece has to come to an end, but these are not only the cities that people visit mainstream. There are several other cities that you can choose from for those of you with a unique niche. Get in touch with the destination experts from Pickyourtrail to understand and customize your next Greece travel packages or Greece couple packages. For more information on the destinations leave a Whatsapp inquiry.

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