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Poros in Greece
Written by Siddhi on July 23, 2020 Share on

Top Things To Do in Poros On Your Vacation In Greece

The remote island of Poros on the Saronic Gulf is an hour’s ferry ride from the Port of Piraeus on a “Flying Dolphin.” Poros is isolated by no more than 200 meters from the Peloponnese on its south side, and it’s one of the most accessible Greek islands if you’re moving by road or boat from the capital. Awaiting tourists is a pine-decked paradise on its tranquil south coast, dotted with sand and pebble beaches. The island was thought to be Poseidon ‘s birthplace in ancient times, and the vestiges of a temple to the deity can be seen commanding the north coast from a cliff. Exciting right? Let’s know more about the thing to do in Poros.

Poros Port, the main settlement is a chic harbour with a promenade on the seafront, and yachts bobbing in the harbour. So, you ‘re on Poros Island or Galatas, or nearly anywhere, and you’d like to know what to do. Here’s a rundown of top 10 things to do on the island and surroundings of Poros, including events that are focused on our personal local experience and that you won’t find on any tour guide. Have any queries? For any queries, you can always feel free to reach out to us!

Top 10 Things to Do in Poros

  • Mesmerise in the sunset from the Clock Tower
  • Take a long stroll along the marina
  • Cycle the coastline
  • Hike through the Lemon-Tree forest
  • Walkthrough old Galatas
  • Walk on water towards Lazaretto Island
  • Swim at the isolated beaches under the Monastery
  • Rest at the Love Bay during the afternoon hours
  • Marvel at the century-old olive trees
  • Watch the day like a timelapse from the balcony

1. Mesmerise in the sunset from the Clock Tower

Poros Clock Tower
Image Credits: Google Images

Yeah, I understand, this is for some reason in the travel guides. The sunset in between Poros Island and the Peloponnese over the clear waters is breathtaking. Make sure you’ve got how to use the panoramic photography mode on your smartphone! Look out for mountain top ‘Reclining Girl.’ The tower is younger than its Neo-Renaissance lines make it appear, and was built only in 1927. You have to go up a stairway to get up to it, which can be difficult in the heat of midday, but the stairs are partially shaded by fig trees. You should know why you’ve made the attempt at the top of this mountain when you can see the whole strait and the plateau of the Aderes on the Peloponnese.

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2. Take a long stroll along the Marina

Whether before or after seeing the sunset, enjoy the opportunities for people-watching and yacht gazing provided by Poros’ mile-long natural marina. Numerous restaurants and coffee shops/bars are on the way of course. Contact us again, if you want our recommendations.

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3. Cycle the coastline

Poros Coastline in Greece
Image Credits: Google Images

With very few and small uphills, it’s a very quick cycle; but it’s a highly satisfying ride that will leave you toned and comfortable. Cycle west-bound to Love Bay or eastward to Askeli Beach and Monastery. You can do the two easily in a day, Poros Island isn’t that big!

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4. Hike through the Lemon-Tree forest

The Lemon-Tree forest, crossing on to the mainland side, remains a famous hiking destination despite its gradual degradation. Seek local guidance, a few gem-like pieces of this once thriving hillside are still worth a visit.

5. Walkthrough old Galatas

Many people would think the Poros Island view is the best thing about the town of Galatas. Okay, that may be true for the modern city facing the island, but few know the old Galatas, extending from the Hospital (ask the locals for directions) into the Methana peninsula. It is a beautiful stretch of land, full of orange and lemon trees, stone walls and some spectacular architectural expressions from the early 20th century. Don’t miss this one!

6. Walk on water towards Lazaretto Island

Lazaretto island in Poros
Image Credits: Google Images

Especially during sunset, it is an experience worth photographing. Two small stretches of land just under the water floor link the tiny and green island of Lazaretto to the Peloponnese. Start from Plaka Beach, make sure you wear suitable beach footwear to protect your legs from the sea urchins.

7. Swim at the isolated beaches under the Monastery

Such practice is a little more difficult to do, because there is no public path that leads to such secluded beaches. At the other side, being available only by sea ensures that they are peaceful and suitable for relaxing. The beach itself is not a paradise (big pebbles, and not cared for), but the water ‘s colour and visibility will merit the effort. One of the benefits of this location is that while it’s just 15 minutes away from Poros Town by car or taxi, there are few visitors able to travel this far. Also in mid-summer, the beach stays pretty calm and there are sumptuous views of the Peloponnese as it faces south.

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8. Rest at the Love Bay during the afternoon hours

Love Bay in Poros
Image Credits: Google Images

This is one of the best-known beaches on Poros Island, and with a good cause. Ever-green pine trees hang above the water of this small, intimate brown sand stretch. The beach bar owners are nice people and the beer is still cold.

9. Marvel at the century-old olive trees

The Peloponnese’s Northeast is ancestral to the olive variety Manaki / Kothreiki, renowned for its excellent olive oil production. Move across the Troizina hills and wonder at the centuries-old trees, reaching out their limbs full of grace and wisdom.

10. Watch the day like a timelapse from the balcony

The endless passage of sailing boats, catamarans and fishing trawlers allows for an ever-moving background from sunrise to sunset. Just come and knock at the door, you don’t have to sit with us and we’ll be sharing a coffee or cold beer on the balcony with you. You wouldn’t want to go!

Finding this Greece guide useful? Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to the vibrant city. Poros is going to be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences. We at Pickyourtrail make sure best travel experience is put into crafting your itinerary with the top highlights of Poros along with lots of excitement. Start planning with the best things to do in Poros and Happy travelling with your loved one! Also, feel free to leave a Whatsapp inquiry for any queries about Greece Packages.

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