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Written by Akshaya Devi on May 15, 2020 Share on

A “Pura Vida” Guide to Costa Rica’s Nightlife

It starts with Panama’s seco-infused sea breeze and Belize’s pre-Columbian Mayan culture, keeps getting finer with rest of the quesadilla-loving vodka-chugging Caribbean ways of life until it culminates at free-spirited Costa Rica. The zen game is top if you’re into that sort of thing, or stay wide awake for the wackadoo side of Costa Rica that typically comes alive at night. If you’re imagining it like the thumping streets of Las Vegas or the neon-filled jamming nights of Miami, you need to visit Costa Rica asap, for you need to up your nightlife game. Costa Rice, after all, is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

Costa Rica nightlife

Where to go

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After a long day, possibly a day of dizzying ziplining over rainforests or disastrous cooking classes by the Caribbean beachsides (that’s not how bad you are at cooking. That’s how complex the spicy Costa Rican cuisine is!), unwind at the vibrant nightclubs of Puerto Viejo, or any other Costa Rican town for that matter. Or if you want the typical sea breeze-imbued experience go to Playa Tamarindo, the coastal town. But Jacó, a rather wild party town is straight up the answer for you if you have the grit to deal with “a real party”.

Where to eat & drink

As discussed Costa Ricans sure know how to party. Not any kind of party but Reggae-Rumba-Punk-Metal music powered late-night parties. Wih jugs and jugs of rum (which is natural, because, cool fact: Costa Rica is a tropical country with an average temperature of 80 degrees). But with over 7000 islands connected like a string, the heat in Costa Rica will not bother you. Anyway, for food, visit the Public House Irish Pub, El Gaff or Alma de Amón which offer lip-smacking Caribbean dishes. If you like restaurants with a view, visit Tasty Waves Cantina or Mango Sunset. Club Vertigo, Irish Pubs and Hoxton Pub are the best choices when it comes to exhaustive drinks menu and ambience while (catching breath!) Johnny’s Place, Jazz Cafe San Pedro etc have the best dancing floors graced with popular DJs from all over the country.

What to eat

Order a Gallo pinto seasoned with sweet pepper or a casado sided with roasted tortillas. When it comes to what to eat, you’re spoilt for choice in Costa Rica. Did we talk about Costa Rican’s biased love towards rum? Yes, Guaros and Frescas exist but they just love Rum. So much that the famous “Caribean twist” they give every cocktail and drink is a tinge of rum. Pina Colada, a blend of rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream originated here in Costa Rica. Make sure you taste one.

It doesn’t take much to fall in love with Costa Rica’s nightlife and everything it offers!

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