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Clubbing in Seychelles | The vibrant nightlife that was never expected

At one point or another, people crave for having a night party. It is all about socializing with one another. Seychelles is famous for its nightlife as it is for its lush greenery and beaches. There aren’t much discos and pubs as it is not as famous as the Beaches in Seychelles. Mahe and Praslin are where major of the pubs are located in. Seychelles, the land known for its rich natural contents do not have many places to actually to visit. The night birds do have certain places where they can actually spend a great time at these pubs. Let us look at the article which focuses on clubbing in Seychelles.

Clubbing Scenes in Seychelles
Image credits- shbs from Pixabay

Clubbing in Seychelles

A fun place to spend your nightlife in, Seychelles is a great place for actually everything. As the sun sets in Seychelles, nightlife takes a new turn with the tourists who visit Seychelles. We present you with one of the best options to spend your nightlife. Here are the places to go Clubbing in Seychelles.

Barrel Nightclub (Clubbing in Seychelles)

Victoria is most famous for its shining star, The Barrel Nightclub. this club is most famous for its Reggae music and its pool table for chilling outside the clubhouse. It has its famous underground dance floor where people shake to the hip hop tunes and various dance music. This budget is best for tight budgets with more fun. Inhale the liveliness around you and be yourself. It will be fun to socialize with the locals there and have the best nightlife here.

Entrance: Free entry
Address: Revolution Ave, Victoria, Seychelles

Alcohol set up in a pub
Image credits- Adam Wilson on Unsplash

Tequila Boom

Since the time this night club opened, this has been one of the most happening places in this archipelago. This Club is spacious and even has its own VIP booths. Mostly you would find the dance floor set on fir by the dancers around there. You will find various hip hop music to groove to and this is one of the most happening places to go and enjoy your nightlife at. You can also spend your evenings at the Beau Vallon Beach nearby.

Entrance: 1700 INR
Address: Beau Vallon, Seychelles

Beer mug Refreshment (Clubbing in Seychelles)
Image credits – Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay


Want to know what a real part looks like in Seychelles? You will experience the same when you visit this nightclub. This Ozone in Mahe is real fun to go for your nightlife. The variety of cocktails, jamming sessions brings in quite a decent crowd. This pub is famous for its raffle tickets and prizes. This venue is famous for its several social events.

Entrance: Free entrance
Address: East Coast Road, Mahe

Beer taps in a Pub (Clubbing in Seychelles)
Image credits – Veeka Skaya from Pixabay


With a high spirited nightlife, this is one of the places where you should certainly visit the nightclub. This place is admired for its best music and the mind-boggling crowd. Tourists and Locals rush towards this place just to this place as soon as the sunlight disappears. No t-shirts, flip flops are not allowed to enter the shop. You should be nicely dressed to enter the night club.

Entry Fee: 380 INR per person
Address: Baie Ste Anne, Praslin

Cocktail in a glass
Image credits- Social Butterfly from Pixabay

People love to have a very vibrant nightlife and Seychelles provide you with that. Create your own Seychelles holidaying the Pickyourtrail app with the best nightlife available. Look for the various Seychelles trip packages to have happy and exciting nights in Seychelles. Check out our Pickyourtrail website for more fresh contents on travel.

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