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Scenic click in Lancaster
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Must-visit Day Trips from Lancaster

Lancaster is a beautiful city, located in south-central Pennsylvania. Also, Lancaster is one of the oldest inland towns. It is ranked 8th in population among the Pennsylvania cities. Also, Lancaster is the second largest metropolitan area by population among the whole South-central Pennsylvania. It is also known for being the hub of Pennsylvania’s Amish country. The best time to visit will be in the spring when the countryside blooms. Also, interested to know more about Lancaster? So, how about finding out the top day trips from Lancaster? Well, here are the top 7 day trips from Lancaster PA.

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Day Trips from Lancaster

  • The Lancaster County Amish village
  • Philadelphia
  • Harrisburg
  • Washington DC
  • Atlantic City
  • Montage Mountain
  • Penn’s cave

1. The Lancaster County Amish village

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Amish village, a must-visit day trip from Lancaster, The people in Amish village are known to live a very simple life, without any electricity or other modern amenities. In the country, you will learn more about the lifestyle of Amish people and get to know more about  Pennsylvania Dutch culture. If you are interested and keen to learn more about their culture and history, you can visit the museum for the same. In addition, you can visit Lancaster country on horse or buggy rides, or local transport. It would take a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes to visit the Amish village.

2. Philadelphia

It is the largest city in Pennsylvania, which is known for its rich history and unique modern culture. Philadelphia played a very crucial role in the American Revolution. It was the meeting place where the declaration of independence was signed off. Philadelphia is world-famous for its cheesesteaks, hoagies, and soft pretzels. The Italian market is the world’s oldest outdoor market that has not changed in the past 100 years.

Though Philadelphia is generally safe to travel, it is always better to keep your valuables out of view to others, as pickpocketing is pretty high in these places. Also, the best time to visit Philadelphia would be from March to May when the city just comes out of the winter season, and visiting the city during the spring, would be a delightful experience. You can travel via train to reach Philadelphia, the travel journey would be approximately 1 and a half hours.

Night in Philadelphia, Lancaster
Image credits: Unsplash

3. Harrisburg

Harrisburg is the state capital of Pennsylvania, which lies in the Susquehanna River. If you are keen on learning the history of the state, then Harrisburg is a must-visit city for you. The city also has a wide range of galleries, museums, theatres and all about its history and culture. You can enjoy a beautiful ride in a traditional paddlewheel riverboat, enjoying nature with the touch of a gentle cool breeze. To the East of the city is a chocolate-themed park called Hersheypark, which is the birthplace to Hershey’s chocolate. You get to learn the production and history of chocolate bars that offer rides and entertainment. It would roughly be a 45-minute train ride from Lancaster. 

4. Washington DC

Washington DC, is truly one of the must-visit day trips from Lancaster. Top attractions include the White House, various other monuments, and government buildings. It is also known for various museums, such as the famous Smithsonian museum. It has some vibrant dining culture with plenty of restaurants suitable for all kinds of budget. Washington DC is also known as the green space due to its abundance of parks across the country, with most of them having hiking trails and rivers for kayaking and canoeing. It would be a good 2-hour train journey to reach Washington DC, a must-visit day trips from Lancaster PA.

United States Capitol, Lancaster
Image Credits: Unsplash

5. Atlantic City

The Atlantic City, a must-visit day trip from Lancaster is on the New Jersey coast, known for its casinos, iconic boardwalk, and beautiful beaches. Gambling is legal in the city, and apart from its casinos, it also offers spa treatments and some spectacular music performances. The World’s first boardwalk was built in the Atlantic city. It is also broadly known as the “ Last Vegas of East.” It would be a good 2 and half hour train journey to reach Atlantic City.

Spectacular Atlantic City, Lancaster
Image Credits: Unsplash

6. Montage Mountain

Montage Mountain is best known for its ski resorts in the country. If you are visiting during the winter season, then it definitely cannot be missed, it’s only a short drive from Lancaster.  The resort has 26 trails in total, two terrain parks, and is known for one of Pennsylvania’s longest snow tubing areas.  Imagine skiing with beautiful weather and scenic surroundings, just the right place to enjoy the moment and nature. Once you are finished and tired from skiing, there is a huge range of craft of beer available along with some delicious American food options. It is a must-visit day trip from Lancaster. In case you are visiting in summer, Montage Mountain welcomes you with an epic waterpark for all the kids and family to enjoy. You can reach the Montage Mountains in 2 hrs time from Lancaster.

7. Penn’s cave

It is a very unique theme park that is made of large limestone. You can also opt to take a boat ride to explore the caves, with the help of an experienced guide to help you with the history of the naturally occurring caves. It would roughly be a 45 to 50 minutes boat ride inside the caves. There are a small wildlife park and mountain jeep that is present outside the caves. Although the wildlife park consists of only North American animals, kids will enjoy the most as they would be eager to know some of the well-known animals of the United States. It would be a good 2-hour drive from Lancaster to reach Penn’s Cave. 

To conclude, the above mentioned are some of the must-visit day trips from Lancaster PA. Grab the opportunity when you have it. Check out at Pickyourtrail for some amazing packages and offers. Do feel free to leave a Whatsapp inquiry for any further information or queries. 

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