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Elephant Rock, Iceland – Discover this Volcanic Wonder in Iceland

The Elephant Rock is a basalt rock found in Heimaey((which means “Home Island”) , part of the Westman Islands also known as Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland. Scientists found the rock as a result of an eruption but there are beliefs around the place that these rocks are petrified mythical elephant seals. This is often because some of the volcano-formed look almost exactly just like the head of an enormous elephant sticking its trunk within the water.

elephant rock iceland
Credits : Pixabay

Where is Elephant rock located ?

The Elephant Rock lies off the south coast of Iceland ( approximately 7.5 kilometers ), near Heimaey in the Westman Islands. The Westman Islands are formed by volcanic eruptions and are a collection of 15 islands and reefs formed by volcanic eruptions. The Elephant rock is around 135 -140 kilometers from Reykjavik. Talking about Heimaey,it is the largest of the 15 islands present in the Westman Islands and also the only populated island. Elephant Rock is found in the western part of Heimaey, Westman Islands.

How to get to Elephant Rock?

To get to the Elephant rock you’ll either pass a ship or fly. The elephant rock can also be visited by a rental car followed by a ferry from Landeyjahöfn or Þórlakshöfn to the Westland Islands. Comparatively flying may be a quicker option in comparison to the boat or self-drive where you catch a flight from Reykjavík and land within the Westman Islands in just about 20-25 minutes. you’ll get to book a Rib Safari tour or a ship ride round the island after landing there and there’s no way of seeing the Elephant Rock walking around the island you want to go only by boat. Still, the sight is well worth the effort!

History of Elephant Rock

Elephant rock formation
Credits : Pixabay

Attractions near Elephant Rock

1 .Eldheimar Volcano Museum and Eruption of Eldfell Volcano

Eruption of Eldfell Volcano
Credits : Unsplash

The Eldheimar Volcano Museum is a must-visit for everyone coming to Westman Islands. This exhibition focuses on one of Iceland´s biggest natural disasters; the 1973 Volcanic eruption in Eldfell. The locals experience a series of earthquakes and eruptions happening on a daily basis. The museum was built around one of the houses which got totally buried under the cinders from the volcanic eruption that makes Eldheimar one of the biggest attractions on the Westman Islands.
Opening hours of the Museum :
Every day from 13:00-17:00.

Eldfell is a volcanic cone on the Icelandic island of Heimaey. It formed in a volcanic eruption. Hiking Eldfell Volcano is a popular experience. The island has well-marked paths, and that we can see the lava field that covered houses during a dire 1973 eruption.

2 . Visit Heimaey Stave Church is located next to the harbor area on Heimaey Island. This church is a duplicate version of the first-ever original wooden Viking church in Iceland.

Heimaey Stave Church
Credits : Pixabay

3. Try out the local sport Sprangan -scaling and swinging within the rocks of Heimaey.

4. Sip on a number of the locally brewed beer and taste the cannon fodder at the local restaurants

5. Visit Sæheimar Aquarium

6. Try out the swimming pool near the Island

Where to eat near Elephant rock ?

Europe is a continent known for different cuisines and flavors . Here are some of the places where to get to have a variety of experience starting from fancy meal at timber house to a normal comfort meal at a quite place .

Iceland food
Credits : Unsplash
  • Slippurinn 
  • Einsi Kaldi 
  • GOTT 
  • Tanginn 
  • The Brothers Brewery
  • 900 Bar 
  • Friðheima

Places to visit near Elephant rock

  • Thingvellir National Park – beauty spot with dramatic rocky scenery and lakes
  • Dyrhólaey also known as Cape Portland
cape portland
Credits : Unsplash
  • Gljúfrafoss -a small water falls
  • Thridrangar lighthouse 

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