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Travel to the Blue Lagoon In Iceland: Beat the blues at the Blue Paradise
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Travel To The Blue Lagoon In Iceland: Beat The Blues At Blue Paradise!

Blue lagoon is the best spot for you to spend your time holistically during your Iceland vacation. It is one of the most sought out attractions among the tourist for the most revitalizing experience. In this natural wonder of Iceland, you could see all the shades of blue coming together to calm your mind, body, and soul. Traveling to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland feels like you are on another planet as you step into this enchanting water body with healing properties. Even looking at the spread of the blue-toned milky water, settle the stirred up emotions.

Travel To The Blue Lagoon

Lava Field
Image Source: Unsplash

Iceland is a destination that has lots of activities to offer to get your adrenalin to go up. After a long day of sightseeing and adventures, save some time for a spa time in the stunning Blue Lagoon.

What Is Blue Lagoon?

For the first-timers, the name Blue Lagoon may sound unfamiliar to you. The Blue Lagoon is this outdoor spa with pleasing blue water at 39oC guarded by far stretched lava fields and few quirky-looking mosses. You can find this 8,700-meter spread of Blue Lagoon in Grindavik at Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. But, if you are exploring Reykjavik, you can reach it within 45 min drive. The best part is quite accessible from the nearby airport, Keflavik International Airport.

As there is a significant part being played by the geothermal plant situated in Svartsengi, the hot spring of this spa is not entirely natural even though it is in this land of hot springs. Yet this mineral-rich is the perfect bathtub which gives all the relaxation you deserve. You will be amazed by this beautiful spa with the restaurants, cafes, and stays that solely exist to give you comfort.

What Is So Unique About Blue Lagoon?

Travel to blue lagoon in iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

While the Blue Lagoon and the earthy backdrop with volcanoes pull the tourist to its uniqueness, Iceland people strongly believe in its healing capability. Yes! The strong image of Blue Lagoon as a spa is because of mineral elements dissolved in the seawater, the blue-green algae, specific bacterias unique to this water, and the mud with exfoliating properties. These combinations are known to heal and nourish the skin. That is what makes it so distinct.

The Blue Lagoon which, was once just wastewater from the geothermal plant, found its worth in 1981 when a young man with a skin condition called psoriasis and found his cure in the water. From there, it became the first public bath to this hotspot. Plus, this is the reason for its fame soring up to the sky by attracting millions of travelers and celebrities globally to travel to the Blue Lagoon while visiting Iceland. And this is why you should add it to your bucket list.

Tips For Your Visit To Blue Lagoon

Image Source: Unsplash

Blue Lagoon is the perfect spot for a holistic vacation. You have multiple options to heal and rejuvenate your body. If your reason to visit is more than just healing, you can travel to the Blue Lagoon spa throughout the year. The temperature will also be consistent. So, whatever the season or reason is for your visit, you will get an exceptional experience out of Iceland.

  • You have to walk a hundred meters through a beautiful path from the parking lot to reach the entrance. Your relax mode starts from the parking. Notice that the sound of the city disappears slowly.
  • Visit Lava restaurant to discover its mesmerizing beauty, which comes from its aesthetic architecture where one side of the wall is the lava hill.
  • Try the Silica mud mask at the mud bar. If you chose a premium package, try Algae masks.
  • Explore the lagoon and visit different types of saunas to soothe your skin. Make sure to try in-water massages.
  • If you are staying in winter after 8:00 PM, enjoy the light show of Aurora in the sky.
  • If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Blue Lagoon in bright daylight, the best time is to visit in the Summer.

Things You Have To Follow At Blue Lagoon in Iceland

People swimming in blue lagoon Iceland
Image Source: Pixabay
  • Book your ticket in advance on Blue Lagoon’s official website so that you don’t lose your opportunity to see this most popular attraction. Last-minute booking steals some extra penny from your pocket.
  • Are you planning to check it out on the day of your morning arrival? Get a cab or a bus from the airport to the Blue Lagoon. From there, continue your journey to Reykjavik.
  • Are you planning to visit Blue Lagoon on the day of your late-night departure? Get a bus from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon and get a cab so that you can reach the airport in 15 min.
  • If you are visiting in winter, have some warm clothes.
  • Choose the most suitable spa package out of Comfort, Premium, and Retreat Spa.
  • You will be given a kit with a wristband, towel, bathrobe, and slippers. Place them in changing room locker and get a naked shower, which is compulsory as the lagoon doesn’t have any chlorine. Don’t forget to protect your hair with proper conditioning.
  • Once you are done, have some therapeutic experience at the lagoon spa.

Ideal Time To Visit Blue Lagoon In Iceland

Blue Lagoon spa
Image Source: Unsplash

There isn’t an ideal time to travel to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland to pinpoint, as every season has its beauty to offer. The quality of experience may not differ much. But never choose to visit in a situation, when you are in a hurry give some time for you to relax. Give yourself a 2hr to 4hr to get the full experiences the spa has to offer. You can also extend your period if you are not there yet.
If you want to visit the Blue Lagoon when it’s less crowded or busy, the perfect slot would be the early morning slot or the late-night slot.

Visiting Hours Of the Blue Lagoon:

  • January, March, April, May, December – 8:00 -21:00 hrs
  • February, Mid-August, September, October, November – 8:00-22:00 hrs
  • June- 7:00- 23:00 hrs
  • June to Mid-August – 7:00- 0:00 hrs

During Christmas Holidays, the site will close by 15:00 hrs or 17:00 hrs.
Remember that these timings might get to change. So it is better to check during your booking.

Frequently Asked Questions For Travel To The Blue Lagoon

Are there any good restaurants close to the Blue Lagoon?

There are several restaurants but, the must-visit are Moss Restaurant, Lava Restaurant, and Spa Restaurant.

Are children allowed to visit the Blue Lagoon?

Yes and No. Children under 2 years are not allowed. But all the children above 2 years are let in only under the supervision of parents.

What is the fee for children?

The fee for children below 13 years is free.

What is the depth of Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon is 4.7 feet deep and safe for a swim.

Iceland is a destination brimming with attractions that makes you reluctant to leave from there. With the holistic spas, time in the stunning Blue Lagoon is a worthy experience to relax, heal, and disappear in the tranquility surrounded by the dramatic view of the lava field. We know you can’t wait anymore to travel to the Blue Lagoon and visit other destinations around Iceland. So, start your journey by booking at Pickyourtrail by selecting the Iceland tour packages that suit your taste. Do you want something more? Then we also got a way to customize your Iceland itinerary easily. Start your journey now.

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