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Top attractions in ice cave in Iceland
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Top Attractions of Ice Caves in Iceland – No.1 Guide to Ice Tour!

Ice cave tour in Iceland sounds like a “chill-freeze”. Join us on different kinds of Ice caves exploration tours which you will never forget. Enjoy every moment inside the cave with breathtaking views. There are various types of ice caves in Iceland with unique features, colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. Some are really naturally formed ice caves from the glacier whereas some are man-made attractions. Each year, guides discover new caves in different locations. The feeling of standing inside a living glacier is an unimaginable experience, one could get in their lifetime. Don’t miss visiting this place at least once.


On an ice caving tour day, you will be taking a monster jeep or mini-bus at the meeting point. Once you reach the gateway of the ice cave, your guide will outfit you with a waterproof jacket, helmet, shoes, gloves. In addition, your guide will give you an instruction safety brief on where to walk, how to place your toe, and all. If you are going to walk on the restricted area inside the ice cave, you could fall into a crevasse.

Ice caves in Iceland
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You need to walk for 5 to 10 minutes to get into the ice cave. Once you’ve reached your point, the guide will allow you to explore the cave and take pictures. If you are visiting in the peak time, there will be a heavy crowd of tourists from several groups. The basic tour is approximately for 2-3 hours and some tour packages are even 6-8 hours depending on your booking type. Once the tour ends, the guide will drive you back to the meeting point.


One of the most famous and most visited ice caves in Iceland is known for its astonishing blue glacial crystal ice cave that is found deep inside the glacier. It is Europe’s largest glacier with blue ice unlike any other in Iceland. This beautiful bluish cave is formed by the rivers of melt-water. Snowfall for thousands of years was compressed into a frozen sculpted wave over the heads. This crystal ice cave tour takes place for 3 – 4 hours where you will spend 30minutes inside the cave to explore and take fantastic photographs. The minimum age of this tour is 10 – years old. Make sure to visit every ice cave tour with an empty bladder since there are no restrooms near the ice cave.

The crystal ice cave, Ice caves in Iceland
Image source: Pexels


The Katla ice cave is open all year round whereas some ice caves are running only in the winter season. Katla ice cave tour brings you on an excursion through the black-sand beach, magnificent waterfalls, blue glaciers, and 800 – years old cave. It is the fourth largest glacier in Iceland. Once you’ve reached the Myrdalsjokull glacier, the tour guide will give you instructions including safety clothing. The minimum age of this tour is 12 – years old. This Katla has craved steps and even you will have a rope to hold on to easily to enter the cave. In the middle of the cave, you can see the black ash from the volcanic eruptions of the Katla volcano.

ice caves in Iceland
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Langjokull ice cave is the second-largest glacier in Iceland available all year round. This tour takes place for 3 – 4 hours, some packages last even for 9 hours. Since it is a man-made ice cave, there is no minimum age for this tour. The exact opposite to this man-made ice cave is a natural ice cave that formed just before 2 years ago (2016 – 2017). Adventures like snowmobiling and super-jeep tour are offered to visit the natural ice cave. Unfortunately, the natural cave didn’t last very long. Since it is not safe, visitors are restricted to go from 2018.

The Langjokull Ice Cave, Ice caves in Iceland
Image source: Unsplash


Iceland’s first man-made ice tunnel has opened to visitors located in Langjokull (Long Glacier). Visitors are treated with benches to sit and enjoy the man-made ice cave. It stretches about 500 meters into solid glacial ice and 1,260 meters above sea level. This unique man-made ice cave project, backed by the Icelandic entrepreneur enables visitors to have a rare opportunity. There is a chapel inside a glacier called “Ultimate wedding venue”, where people have already married.

ice caves in Iceland
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Skaftafell ice cave is a naturally made ice cave located in the southeast of Iceland. This ice cave tour is not suitable for children under 8 – years. Visit Skaftafell National Park and put on your hiking shoes to get ready for a hike up in Falljokull Glacier. No matter which ice cave tour you choose, this Skaftafell ice cave 3-hours expedition will never disappoint you.

ice caves in Iceland
Image source: Pexels


The ice cave tours are not cheap. Moreover, the basic tour is usually at least 157.85$ per person. The basic tour has a duration of 3 – 4 hours whereas the longer tours could typically cost about twice as much. Prices will be varying depending on the ice cave tour packages, duration, area of Iceland you take the tour in. As well some of the ice caves are allowing all age groups where children of 0 – 5 aged can visit free of cost. In addition, some paid ice caves tours are allowing children above 10 – years or 12 – years. As a result, the ice cave tour is a bit costlier one but you won’t regret it as it is once in a lifetime experience.


Obviously, the winter season is the best time to visit the ice caving tour as the glaciers are below zero. Moreover, it depends on what ice cave you are going to visit. Because glacier hiking and ice cave exploring are operating in mid-winter when the weather is cold enough for the caves to be safe to be visited. Whereas some ice cave tours and man-made ice tunnels are operating all year round where you can visit any time.

Most recommended month – November to April

ice caves in Iceland
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No need to worry about this, your tour guide will provide you with all the safety gear. It is recommended to wear ski pants or rain pants and ski jackets or waterproof jackets. Go with a warm hat, warm gloves, and hiking boots or winter boots. If you forget to bring those, don’t worry tour operators also rent boots, jackets, hats, and helmets. If you are visiting in the mid-day or early morning, you will be provided with the headlamp since it is almost dark inside the cave. The very very important thing to bring is your camera and tripod if you have one. The best part is to take photographs and capture every moment of your trip.

Really! Excited to visit ice caves in Iceland? Trust me! It would be a great experience that cherishes for your lifetime. Forget the usual trip like shopping, hiking, swimming, sightseeing, and all. Definitely, the Ice cave tour will be as much as excited to hold on as a memorable journey in your life.
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Happy Traveling! 🙂

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