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Travelling with Eurail Passes: Is It Worth It?

Caught the travel bug? Love the entire process of getting places, whipping out your backpack and exploring? In Europe, Eurail let’s you do just this. Here’s what you need to know before you snag one for yourself –

Oh, and getting to Europe and planning? Don’t worry about that. We have you covered, just drop in a postcard!

1. Eurail passes are passes for non-European citizens to travel to 26 countries that are covered by the pass. The passes give you flexibility and economic options of travelling within Europe.

A Eurail pass
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2. Eurail works well if you intend to hop on and off trains constantly, and travel many countries. On the other hand, if you need to take just a couple of trains or few countries, then this might prove an expensive thing.

3. Eurail passes are cheaper if you are 25 years or younger. Or if you are travelling as two or more people.

Getting off a train
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4. Eurail passes can be purchased in non-European countries and need to be purchased in advance. Before you use your pass for the first time, remember to validate it a train station – essentially getting an official to stamp and fill in the start and end date of your pass and your passport number.

Ticket counter
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5. Second class passes are cheaper than first class when it comes to Eurail. Makes sense if you want to travel around Europe on a budget. While first class can be uber-comfortable, budget travellers will be pretty much delighted with second class.

6. Types of Eurail passes: A Single Country Pass is what you should take if you plan a single country travel, Regional passes if you are visiting two bordering countries. A Select pass helps if you are travelling to three or more countries that share a border. The Global pass is for those with large scale dreams of up to 23 countries!

Eurail pass information
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8. Along with the Eurail, you will get a map of all train routes across Europe, a Eurail timetable and a guide. These are helpful when selecting trains and planning your trip. Just remember that the station names could be the European ones such as – Vienna could be Wien.

7. Ferries are also included in the pass! Some ferries are free or discounted, so you can save your pass on these. Plan your travel accordingly

Eurail ferry
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9. The biggest misconception that pass holders may have is that their seat is assured. At times some trains might need reservations. In such cases, it could happen that you might be refused a seat. Watch out if you are travelling during peak times.

10. Help is always at hand with Eurail Aid offices in major train stations. Pass holders can check timetables, make reservations and validate their passes at these offices.

Woman at Eurail aid desk
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Still thinking? Read up on this blog from Eurail on the 10 best experiences you can have on one train trip!

And after that if you need help in getting to Europe or with the Eurail pass, come to us the Europe experts.

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