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Facts About The UAE Flag You Can Never Guess

The United Arab Emirates is comparatively new as compared to other countries. It officially became a country-state in 1971. Being supported under the leadership of its founding father, Sheikh Zayed. The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven diverse emirates with Abu Dhabi as its capital city. the United Arab Emirates does not gain its revenue from the discovery of oil mining only. However, a large chunk of the wealth comes from the millions of tourists who visit. Tourists especially love to visit Dubai. Taking in the stunning deserts, and experience the amazing views are things they love to do. Moreover, the national flag has an intriguing history. The flag is displayed with pride nearly every corner in every main city in the United Arab Emirates. Keep reading to learn some amazing facts about the UAE flag.

Facts About The UAE Flag
Credits: Unsplash

Facts About The UAE Flag

The flag was sketched and designed by a then 19-year old

Abdullah Al Maainah was an Emirati youth from Abu Dhabi who came to know about the contest for the most suitable design of the country’s brand-new flag. The young lad was not even told of the choice to go forward with his sketch. He found out when he took a trip to the palace himself to get a small glimpse of the flag being flown for the first-ever time in 1971. Post so many months since then, he finally received the attention and reward money. He then went on to become the United Arab Emirates ambassador for a number of foreign countries. He was last seen working as the United Arab Emirates ambassador to Chile. He had received 4,000 riyals as his reward money at the time.

It was declared on December 2nd 1971 which is now observed as National Day

It was inaugurated on the very day that the United Arab Emirates was formally announced an autonomous nation. This is one of the very notable facts about the UAE flag as it was hoisted in the air for the very first time on this special day. A celebration of this important milestone is still observed each year as National Day in the United Arab Emirates.

Each Emirate will hoist the UAE flag, besides with their own particular emirate flag

Facts About The UAE Flag
Credits: Unsplash

All seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates have their very own particular flag. This is one of the facts about the UAE flag not known very well. They will also showcase their own flag usually right close to the UAE flag during important holidays or at all official buildings. However, in the last few years, most cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi prefer to only keep the national flag in order to display solidarity and unification as one nation and not different emirates.

The red colour in both the UAE flag and each emirate’s flag signifies their devotion to the Prophet Mohammad

Though the colour red can be understood to indicate the sacrifice many Arab nations have passed through. It is commonly known to serve the powerful devotion to Islam and to the Prophet Mohammad. The United Arab Emirates, although officially living by international regulations, is still managed on the basis of Islamic sharia law and continues proudly dedicated to showcasing what it needs to be a devotion to Islamic law.

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