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Snoopy Island
Written by Kajani Shivam on August 10, 2020 Share on

Things To Do In Snoopy Island – It’s Snoopy Time Folks!!

Snoopy Island, the name sounds interesting, right? I am sure that people who love the cartoon character Snoopy can connect more. Now wondering how the island got this name? Well, the island is named after the 3 sections of rocks which resemble like an image of Snoopy sleeping atop his doghouse. That’s cool, huh? Interested to know about the top things to do in Snoopy Island? Well, keep reading… Snoopy Island is situated in UAE. It is located in the emirate of Fijuraih which is just 2 hours away from the stunning city of Dubai. Snoopy Island is a paradise for water sports lovers, honeymooners and for people who are looking for a peaceful destination. Now buckle up and get ready like Snoopy to discover the top things to do in Snoopy Island for a fun-filled vacation.

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Image Credits: Tenor

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Things to do in Snoopy Island

  • Scuba Diving
  • Relax at the sandy beach
  • Snorkelling
  • Indulge in water sports
  • Enjoy at the bar

1. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
Image Credits: Google Images

When in Snoopy Islands, Dive. The water is warm here and offers a perfect diving condition for the locals and the tourists. Newbies? Or an experienced scuba diver? Well, it doesn’t matter to which category you belong, this island has a team to guide you. Choose scuba diving and explore the shipwrecks and the beautiful coral reefs. In addition, you can also take a diving course here and become a trained diver.

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2. Relax at the sandy beach

Sandy beach in Snoopy Island
Image Credits: Google Images

Not interested to wet yourself in the water? Well, not to worry, you can always sit back with your loved ones and sunbathe peacefully. A vacation is all about having fun and relaxing from your routine life, right? So, take this chance and visit Snoopy Island. Also, you can relax in your resort and enjoy the luxury facilities which are provided by the resort.

3. Snorkelling

Image Credits: Google Images

Another experience which you can’t miss here is snorkelling. Imagine getting underwaters and touching the fishes while you go snorkelling on this island. Beautiful, huh? The shallow water, mild currents and clear water visibility makes snorkelling suitable throughout the year and is also ideal for both swimmers and non-swimmers.

4. Indulge in water sports

Kitesurfing in Snoopy Island
Image Credits: Google Images

Get ready for some adrenaline-pumping rides in Snoopy Island. From banana boats to bingo rides, you have everything here. Interestingly, the Sandy beach resort has some cool water sports for the locals and the tourists. So, get ready with your friends and family for an adventurous ride in Snoopy Island, UAE.

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5. Enjoy at the bar

A bar in Snoopy Island
Image Credits: Google Images

Once you are done enjoying all the water rides, you can get back to the resort and chill in the bar. Head to Snoopy’s Pool Bar and Grill area to have some crispy snacks and cocktails. You can enjoy the drinks and snacks by having a spectacular view of the beach.

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Just like Snoopy the cartoon character, Snoopy Island also captured our hearts, right? Well, then why not take a vacation and experience all the above things to do in Snoopy Island in Dubai for real? All you need to do is to head to Pickyourtrail website and check our super cool tour packages to Dubai. Also, you can connect with our travel experts in Whatsapp to plan your vacation. Pack your bags to explore Dubai with Pickyourtrail!!

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