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A group of people enjoying at the Desert Safari in Dubai
Written by Preetha Manivelan on November 14, 2022 Share on

A Perfect Getaway With My Family To The City Of Gold

Going on a trip to such an amazing city like Dubai itself is exciting. And with family, it’s beyond words could ever describe. Whether you are planning a friends trip or a family trip, Dubai will be a perfect choice. The city never fails to surprise its visitors with everything it has to offer. Here is our traveller Aarti Thakkar who went on a family trip to Dubai with two cute little kids and a few others from the family.

As the kid’s T-shirt says, they were just rocking at the City of Gold!

A cute picture of kids posing at the Dubai Aquarium

Because in the end, all one could cherish is the number of happy memories we have gifted them with. Especially for the kids, visiting places and exploring them in the safe hands of their parents is like living the dream stories they sleep to, for real. Keep reading to see how beautiful a family trip can be.

About the planning

As soon as we decided to plan a trip, we were looking for a perfect family destination. And yes, what’s better than Dubai? We were all okay with the choice of the destination and that was when we started to search for a trip planner. Be it anything you are searching for, we land only on Google. When we were looking at some options, we got to know about Pickyourtrail on the suggestions. With many other planners, the quotation by Pickyourtrail was really worth it. Especially after speaking to a representative from the Pickyourtrail team, we gained a lot of confidence. Even when it came to planning the time for activities, utilising all the days in an effortless way, Pickyourtrail handled it really good. Hence we chose them.

Happy smiles ๐Ÿ˜€

A group of people who went on a family trip to Dubai posing for a picture

It was not much of pre-planning. Once we finalized the destination and the trip planner, we got in touch with Pickyourtrail and framed the itinerary only two weeks prior to the trip date. The representative we spoke to made it very easy for us to plan it in a really short time. Let me now tell you how our days in Dubai went.

Day-wise itinerary

Day 1:

We set our foot on this vibrant city on the 22nd of February. It was quite a thrilling experience for all of us as it was the time Corona cases started to come up. Once we reached Dubai, we were picked up at the Dubai airport with the help of a friendly driver. We took good rest and got ready for the evening cruise. Marina Dhow Cruise was one good experience that gave us some beautiful views of the city, shining in lights.

Clicked a picture without our cute little girl and her reaction says it all ๐Ÿ˜€

A group of people taking a selfie in Dubai

Day 2:

On day 2 of our family trip to Dubai, we had our Dubai city tour, followed by Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and the aquarium. From witnessing the stunning views of Burj Khalifa to falling in love with the species of the underwater world, it was really a feast for the eyes.

At the beautiful Dubai Mall ๐Ÿ™‚

A couple posing for a picture in front of the Dubai Mall

Day 3:

Here comes the most beautiful part of our trip! It was the Desert safari that we had on the 3rd day on our itinerary. You know, it was exceptionally great with our kids enjoying the ride and the show as well. We clicked a lot of pictures to take back home along with the beautiful memories that Dubai gave.

Sunset at the Desert Safari just took our hearts away <3

A group of people enjoy the sunset in the Desert Safari

Day 4:

On day 4, we had our visit to Dubai Miracle gardens with a direct drop to Heritage village. It was really worth visiting. Anyone who is visiting Dubai should definitely have some time in hand to visit this world of floral wonder.

The heart-shaped pathway just stole our hearts!

A picture that was taken on a family trip to Dubai

Day 5:

On day 5, we had Abu Dhabi city tour with the Warner Bros included. Our kids loved Warner Bros a lot and it just made their day. While talking about Warner Bros, I do not want to miss describing how beautiful the trip to Abu Dhabi was. It was so good to explore a city like Abu Dhabi which is more of culture and tradition than Dubai. The highlight of the tour was the guide cum driver who was friendly and knowledgeable as well.

Day 6 and 7:

We planned the second-last day on our itinerary to be at leisure. But at the last minute, we had a change in the plan as we added the Limo ride by speaking directly to the supplier. And finally, on the 28th of February, we made our way back to India with the satisfaction of having had a wonderful family trip to Dubai.

A beautiful day ๐Ÿ™‚

A family posing for a picture with the beach as a backdrop

The most liked activity

All the activities were great and more interesting than expected. But talking about my favourite activities, it would be surely the Desert Safari, Warner Bros and Burj Khalifa. It is very difficult to choose between these three as all these activities were beautiful in their own way.

Trying to cover the sky-high Burj Khalifa in the picture be like ๐Ÿ˜›

A group of people posing at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

The most amazing part of the trip

The most amazing part about the trip was that we never felt we were out of India. This was only possible because of the great support that we received from the Pickyourtrail team. Whenever we were in need of help or any doubt, they were just one text away.

Never let the kid inside you die! ๐Ÿ™‚

A group of people posing with the Mickey mouse on their trip to Dubai

Why Pickyourtrail?

Our family trip to Dubai was just amazing. It was well planned and smoothly handled as the team did not put us in any hurry. We felt so comfortable right from planning to everything that came after. The trip wouldn’t have been good as it was without the team’s professional execution. They were the one who made it awesome and turned it out to be one of the best trips for all of us. Most importantly, all the team members were punctual and soft-spoken too.

Thank you Pickyourtrail for the coordination throughout!

A group of people posing at the beach on their family trip to Dubai

Where to next?

Overall our first trip with Pickyourtrail was worth every penny. I would surely recommend this to everyone who wants to have a hassle-free experience. Especially when you are with kids, it’s the safest. If you ask me where I am travelling next with these awesome planners, it would be to Leh Ladakh and Bali once the pandemic ends.

Adding more cuteness to the picture <3

A picture of a cute little kid hugged by a mickey mouse on their family trip to Dubai

It is so beautiful to just read how beautifully they spent their time in Dubai with the two cute little kids. Aren’t they authentic family goals? Dubai is a destination that one should visit at least once in their lifetime. To plan yours, head out to the website of Pickyourtrail and check out the amazing tour packages to Dubai from India. If you need to give your ideas, let us know and we would personalize it for you. Can’t wait to give you an awesome vacation with 24*7 support via the Pickyourtrail application.

Happy travelling ๐Ÿ™‚

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