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Dubai Airport
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The A to Z of Dubai International Airport

When you think of fancy destinations with all the blitz and glitz, one of the first countries which appears to your mind will be the UAE. And, Dubai is the most commercial and tourist-friendly emirate of all the emirates. Dubai City has been a major attraction for travellers all around the world. One of the major contributors to success in tourism has been its aviation sector. The quality of the service they provide is evident in the way they provide a lavish and first-class experience for the people travelling in and out of the city. And the Dubai International Airport (DXB) stands as a testimony to the former statement and it is, in fact, one of the many awesome airports in Dubai. Here’s everything that you need to know about the world’s busiest airport.

Wall art in Dubai International Airport
Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

Dubai International Airport – The Centre

Spread across 7,200 acres of land, Dubai International Airport is a global leader in terms of state-of-the-art amenities and world records. The DXB is the largest airport in the Middle East and the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic. The Dubai Airport is aptly placed in the centre of the world and serves as a connection between the East and the West aeronautically due to which it got the name “Gate of Peace”. This central location has helped in intercontinental links and it is the reason for the Emirates airlines being able to spread their reign into six continents.

Terminals of Dubai International Airport

There are four terminals in the airport with three main terminals and the Dubai World Central. Each terminal is used for a specific type of flights and airlines. Below is the way in which the terminals are used in Dubai International Airport by different airlines,

1. Terminal 1 – All international flights except for Qantas and Emirates.
2. Terminal 2 – Regional, low-cost carriers and Fly Dubai flights.
3. Terminal 3 – Qatar Airways (International), Emirates, Qantas and Gulf Air flights.
4. Dubai World Central – Gulf Air, Wizz Air and Qatar Airways flights.

Things to do at the Dubai International Airport

Are you having a transit through Dubai or a delayed flight and have time to spare? DXB has services that will make your time worthwhile. You will have everything right from the Snooze Cube with little comfy rooms to the five-star Dubai International Airport Hotel with a gym, sauna and spa. There are also free showers where you can refresh yourself. And the business and first-class lounges have private showers. For the kids, there is a dedicated play area, Zen garden, G-Force Club and many more.

You can also quench your retail thirst at the Duty-Free Mall at Terminal 3. Spread across 26,000 square meters, the mall is an attraction in itself. The mall is the only place in the whole of Dubai where you can purchase alcohol. The list of products increases with perfumes, jewellery and electronic items. You can also try your luck at lotteries or raffles. Terminal 1 and 2 also has some shops which you can check out

Inside the International airport of Dubai
Image credits: Google Images
And that’s not it!, You have much more!

Terminal 1 and 2 have a broad range of restaurants and bars with cuisines from worldwide. If you want to try burgers, you have McDonald’s and for the Indian cuisine, you have Jashan. You can also dine at the Bistro for Lebanese and Tansu Kitchen for Chinese and Mongolian Barbeque experience. There is also a food court which lies between Gates 113 and 115 at Terminal 1 with multiple food options and the one in Terminal 3 is even bigger spanning over 2000 square meter. The latter has housing Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Burger King and a throng of other restaurant and bars which are available any time of the day.

Important Contact Details

Information Desk – +971 04 224 5252
Cab Services -+971 04 208 0808
Medical assitance – +971 04 216 4950.
Special assistance for people with disability – +971 04 216 2016

Empty waiting hall in Dubai Airport
Image by mmemeiyo from Pixabay

Dubai International Airport is a charming place to be in and it is proved by the multiple documentaries made about the place. Just spending a few hours at the airport will make upgrade your vacation to a whole new level. With knowing what the Aviation attraction has to offer, don’t forget to make use of them on your next trip to Dubai. To have a hassle-free experience and make the most of your next vacation, head out to Pickyourtrail. You can customize your very own itineraries in seconds with your own budget. Start Planning and Happy Travelling!

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