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Famous 5 kid-friendly places to see in Sri Lanka

One of the best kinds of vacation to take is with your kid. Exploring new places, teaching them about the world out there, and most importantly telling them life is incomplete without traveling are a few of the advantages of doing so. In addition to this, it also brings a lot of joy and helps make memories for a lifetime. This is why it is very important to carefully plan the vacation you will be taking next with your kid. One of the most kid-friendly places in the world is Sri Lanka. It is sure to guarantee everything mentioned above and more! A perfect opportunity for you to run wild along those crystalline beaches, soak in a bit of their rich history and culture and try new great food that is good for health. And all this as a family 😀
Here are the famous 5 kid-friendly places for you and your kid to check out on your next vacation to Sri Lanka!

Famous 5 kid-friendly places to see in Sri Lanka

  1. Negombo
  2. Sigiriya
  3. Yala National Parl
  4. Dambulla Cave Temple
  5. Trincomalee

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Being close to the Columbo airport and known for offering its visitors a quaint and calm experience, Negombo need to be your first stop in Sri Lanka. It offers a wide range of activities to do and explore. Always wanted to watch and teach fishing to your little one in foreign waters? Then, Negombo is your man :). You can watch the locals fish in the waters and bring their catch to the local fish market. You can even ask to join them at the Negombo lagoon. It always has a lot to provide. Other than fishing, you can also try your hand at touring the canals of this town with dutch colonial history, check out their forever happening bazaar or just visit the beaches .

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2. Sigiriya

On your family vacation, it is a must to have a place that will involve some physical activity that will build your and your kid’s perseverance. On your visit to Sri Lanka, Sigiriya would be that place. The visit to the place involves a 200 m climb on a winding staircase at this world heritage site. The ruins of the castle of King Kashyapa of 477 AD lies at the end of this climb. On the way to the top, you get to see moats, gardens, and ancient wall paintings. Though you can visit the place any time of the day, it is best to do the climb at sunrise or sunset so that you don’t miss the breathtaking views that will make it worth all the effort 🙂

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3. Yala National Park

No vacation is complete without a visit to one of the National Parks that a country boasts of. Adding to this a national park visit might just get your kid close to nature and the animal kingdom. Apart from watching the local wildlife at Yala National Park, there are a lot of things in store for you at this gem of a place. On your safari, you might just get to see elephants, leopards, and peacocks along with the natural lush flora! Along with this, you can choose to do outdoor camping or the glamping experience. The Glamping experience is camping with a twist. It involves you getting to stay at family cocoon-shaped suites with an urchin for children. So, be sure to make the right choice!

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4. Dambulla Cave Temple

Has your kid ever been a fan of Dora the Explorer? Have they been interested in caves that had shiny things of high cultural value inside them? Then this is your place to be! Another UNESCO heritage center, the Dambulla Caves are the perfect opportunity to let your kid in on the things sheer hard work and human creativity can get done in the world. This abode of serenity is one of the longest-standing examples of the architectural skills of the monks of ancient Sri Lanka. Consisting of 5 rooms,  the temple is home to a collection of one hundred and fifty statues of the Buddhist Order and the country’s history. A must-visit to truly connect with the past and also for the views of the flatlands surrounding the Dambulla Rock. 

5. Trincomalee

It is time to check out the major water spot activities in Sri Lanka. The major town set in Eastern Sri Lanka, Trincomalee is the right place for this. Regaining its stability post the difficulties that struck the place during the civil war that ended in 2009, it is safe for families to visit. Here is where you can tick off things of your must-do water sport activities. Being a one-stop destination for surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and whale watching, Trincomalee is sure to make your jaws drop!

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So, these are the famous 5 kid-friendly places to visit in Sri Lanka with your little one. Ready to explore Sri Lanka on your next vacation? Then, go ahead and explore PickYourTrail! We are India’s leading customizable travel company that gives travelers the freedom to customize their itineraries based on their budgets, requirements, and interests completely online. Go ahead and check out one for yourself. Happy vacation to you! 😀

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