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Featherdale Wildlife Park
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Meet The Australian Native Wildlife At The Featherdale Wildlife Park

Sydney is a popular holiday spot in Australia that tourists have been travelling over the years. Sydney is the largest city in Australia, home to stunning beaches, historical landmarks, breath-taking natural beauty, and amazing wildlife. Not just that, Sydney is also known for its easy-going people, a well-organized transport system, a near-perfect climate, year-round calendar of events and festivals, culture, world-class cuisines, and entertainment. Sydney has been a favourite tourist destination as there’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re planning for a romantic holiday or an adventure trip, Sydney is the perfect destination.

If you wish to go up close and meet native Australian wildlife, then Featherdale Wildlife Park is the perfect place for you to visit. Featherdale wildlife park is an Australian Zoo located in Doonside, Western Sydney. This zoo is home to the native Australian wildlife, birds, reptiles, and marsupials. Just like any other famous attraction, this park also has a history behind it.

Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney
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In 1953, Charles and Marjorie Wigg purchased a seven-acre land to open Featherdale what was then a Poultry farm. Later in 1972, their son-in-law Bruce Kubbare opened an animal nursery filled with Australian native trees and plants along with the wildlife park. The park is located in an urban setting with a natural bush so that the animals feel at home.

Featherdale Wildlife Park is a premier wildlife experience in Sydney. This park has been a very popular tourist location. The park unlike many other parks in the city offers a hands-on wildlife experience in a relaxed and picturesque environment. Another speciality of the park is that it educates you on the conservation of Australian wildlife.

About The Park

Animals At Featherdale Wildlife Park

Little Blue Penguins Featherdale Wildlife Park
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Koalas Featherdale Wildlife Park
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At Featherdale wildlife park, you get to encounter some of the native Australian wildlife. This place is home to a variety of animals, from mammals and marsupials to birds and reptiles. The favourite animal at the Featherdale park for most of the tourists are the Koalas. The other marsupials situated in the park are the Kangaroos, bilbies, Wallabies, Quokkas, wombats, quolls, and Tasmanian Devils. Some of these marsupials are also allowed to roam around freely inside the park.

There are also native Australian mammals present in the park. They are dingoes, echidnas, and bats. You can also find a farmyard with sheep, cattle, and goats. Reptiles such as lizards, venomous snakes and python can also be found in enclosures. Not just this, one can also find native Australian birds such as kingfishers, emus, and cassowaries within the park.

Conservation And Breeding

The Featherdale wildlife park has been one of the leading conservation and breeding sites for all of Australia. The park also plays a vital role in fostering and protecting the live animals and also the future animal population. The park has many breeding projects for endangered species and it also works with universities to prevent the extinction of certain species.

Research At Featherdale Wildlife Park

The park, not just assists in the conservation of these animals, it also focuses on researching the animals. This is done to understand why certain species are endangered and how to prevent them from extinction.

Things To Do

Encounter With The Wildlife

Kangaroo feeding at Featherdale Wildlife Park
Image source: Wikimedia

The best attraction at the Featherdale wildlife park is that it lets tourists be highly interactive with the animals. You have countless opportunities to get up close to these animals and also hand feed them at a specific time. Due to the constant interaction, even these animals are friendly and comfortable around people. When you’re in Australia and at a wildlife park, your first thought would be to cuddle up to a koala and take a picture with it. This is possible at the Featherdale wildlife park where the visitors get to meet and take a picture with the koalas at the display. Featherdale also lets you meet the pretty small marsupials, Quokkas. The close encounters would be a perfect opportunity for all the tourists to interact with these animals.

Animal Presentations

You can also consider the animal presentations were a professional staff shows you around the wildlife park showcasing these animals to a small group.

Getting There

Featherdale wildlife park is 45kms from the Sydney CBD. You can choose from plenty of transportation options available. If you’re comfortable taking public transport then you can take the western line train from Circular Quay to Blacktown station. From there, you can walk up to Bus stop 9 and take the bus line 725 which will take you to the park. This would be the most economical option. You can also opt to take a cab or taxi however it’s going to cost you a bomb as it is quite far from the city centre.

Visitor Information

Entrance Ticket

You will have to purchase a ticket to enter the park. For children between the ages of 3 and 15, the ticket costs 19 AUD and for adults, it costs 34 AUD.


The park is open from 8:00 am in the morning to 5:00 pm in the evening, every day of the year (Excluding Christmas Day).

Tips To Consider While Planning A Trip To The Park

  1. Combine the Featherdale Wildlife park with the blue mountains tour – this lets you explore both these places in an organized manner and it’s economical.
  2. . Learn about the layout of the park to move easily and quickly through the park.
  3. Purchase the tour tickets in advance so that you don’t miss out on it.

Animal Lover or not, Featherdale wildlife park will definitely make you fall in love with wildlife. Plan a trip to Australia and especially to Sydney. And be sure to include the Featherdale park in your itinerary. For more itinerary suggestions or assistance in planning your customized itinerary, head to Pickyourtrail and check out the itinerary packages and customize it according to your requirements.

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