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Museums in Sydney
Written by Shanmugam on August 22, 2020 Share on

Museums in Sydney: Explore the history and culture of Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful city in Australia. Sydney is also called as the cultural capital of Australia. Also, most people mark this city on their travel list for some reason. It has a very good climate, rich wildlife, beautiful sceneries, historic museums to astounding beaches. But most travellers would love visiting the museums in Sydney first. The city is home for museums, art and artefacts. Although there are many other attractions in the city yet the museums in Sydney gives you a better understanding of history and culture. The museums here are not only based on just history and science, you will find all sorts of museums even based on art and sports! There is a museum that suits everyone taste. Due to the plenitude of museums in Sydney, we’ve created a list of best museums in Sydney for you:

Museums in Sydney
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List of Museums in Sydney

These museums on the list are not the only ones in Sydney. You can also other activities and attraction to keep you engaged. If you are very specific about the famous museums in Sydney, these are the ones that you shouldn’t miss while you are in Sydney.

  1. Museum of Sydney
  2. Justice and Police Museum
  3. Australian Museum
  4. Australian National Maritime Museum
  5. Sydney Observatory
  6. Nicholson Museum

1.Museum of Sydney

Museum of Sydney has a long history. The Museum of Sydney will take you through the complete history, culture, heritage, tradition of Sydney. Opened in the year 1995, it was the first Government House. Then it became the official residence of Governor Phillip. It remained the heart of the political life of New South Wales for 57 years. This contemporary museum of Sydney boasts for remaining of colonization, prototypes of the 11 British boats, also pictures and info about people who influenced the city from 1788. Moreover this one of the astounding museum in Sydney that gives you in-depth info right from surfing to historical custom, map, and modernist structure.

Museums in Sydney
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

2.Justice and Police Museum

Justice and Police Museum is one of the most attractive and kids engaging museums in Sydney. Right from local law and order to prehistoric law, you can have a complete understanding of everything at this museum in Sydney. It is one of the oldest museums in Sydney. Justice and Police Museum building was once a police station and courtrooms. This niche museum was constructed in the year 1856. Moreover, the police station had so many surprising cases and underworld criminals. This police museum in Sydney is a must-visit place in Sydney if you love to read some real-life crime documentaries and Nordic noir. Kids will love and have a good time by doing fun activities in the museum.

Justice and Police Museum
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3.Australian Museum

Australian Museum is one of the oldest and first-ever public museums in Sydney. The museum was opened in the year 1827. The museum gives you a deeper understanding of history, tradition, and cultures of Australia and the Pacific. It is one of the kids friendly and engaging museums in Sydney. Kids can see all the history lessons live at this Australian Museum. Apart from history, kids can also find a lot of stuffed animals like kangaroos and koalas. You will be amazed to see stuffed dinosaurs and rare wildlife of Australia. The museum has a humongous collection of Australia history and ethnography in Hyde Park. You can find close to 19 million artistic and scientific shreds of evidence and artefacts at this museum in Sydney.

Australian Museum
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

4.Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum is one of the best maritime museums that you can find in the world. Moreover, it is one of the biggest maritime museums. It is worth adding to your Australia itinerary. Located at the water in Pyrmont, you can meet Bailey, co-director of seagulls. Australian National Maritime Museum boasts for ancient artefacts, exciting demonstrations and fun activities for kids. You can also find a lot of replica of famous ships in this museum. You can learn about the ships and you can see ships that are been preserved for ages. Apart from that, you can also observe the vessels and equipment that were used in the ancient ships. One of the best ways to end the museum trip at the Australian National Maritime Museum is by boarding a ship and experience life on the water.

Australian National Maritime Museum
Photo by Milad Alizadeh on Unsplash

5.Sydney Observatory

Sydney Observatory is one of the best things to do in Sydney as part of your museum tour. The observatory is known for its mix of applied arts & Sciences (MAAS). This famous Sydney Observatory boasts for telescope domes, a 3D Space Theatre, and the Sydney Planetarium. The observatory was once used by astrologers during the 19th and 20th centuries. It was initially used for navigation, meteorology, and timekeeping. In 1982 the observatory was turned into a museum. Also, it has Australia’s oldest telescope and two epic timekeeping devices—the Flag Staff and Time Ball. Here kids can and teenagers can watch and learn about astronomy, space flight, and the constellations.

6.Nicholson Museum

Nicholson Museum is one of the most established college museums in Sydney, Australia. Nicholson Museum boasts for archaeological material from Egypt, the Middle East, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Mesopotamia. This university museum has galleries and exhibition where you can see all these archaeological shreds of evidence. The Main Quadrangle at the University of Sydney is free to access by all. You can visit the university museum only on Saturdays.

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