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Most Popular Things To Do in The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park is a part of the World-Famous Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. This is one of Australia’s most famous forest areas. The park is visited very frequently as a day trip from Sydney as it lies only around 60 Kms from the capital city. The Blue Mountains get its name from the blue haze originating from the many eucalyptus trees. The striking mountains are made up of rich wildlife, valleys, waterfalls, beautiful eucalyptus forests, and many hilly rock formations. This is a nature lover paradise with many heritage tracks and more than 140 kilometres of hiking trails. This park offers a wide range of Wilderness adventures like caving, mountain biking, abseiling, canyoning, camping, rock climbing, horseback riding and canoeing. 

The Three Sisters 

The most popular tourist destination in the Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters, near Katoomba. The striking sandstone pillars rise more than 900 meters above the mist-covered Jamison Valley. The view are Instagram worthy. The sight at night is breathtaking, the pillars are illuminated and this creates an eerily beautiful effect against the dark night sky. Legend states that the peaks were originally three sisters who were cursed by a tribal elder to protect them against three brothers from another tribe. Sadly the elder passed on before he could reverse his spell. The starting points for many walking tracks into the valley is at Echo Point, which also is the ideal spot for some amazing views. You can take the Giant Stairway trail to go to the base of these remarkable peaks.

The Three Sisters in The Blue Mountains
Image Source: Pixabay

Scenic World

A great way to experience the exciting topography is by visiting the Scenic World park. This offers some of the most popular adventures in the national park. You can experience the steepest railway in the world. You will zip through a tunnel by the cliffside into an ancient rainforest in this scenic railway adventure. You can explore the scenic cableway or choose the glass-floored Skyway for a day of fun and adventure. Scenic World has a Jurassic rainforest and you can walk at your own pace along the 2.5 km scenic walkway.

Cable Car ride in the Scenic World
Image Source: Pixabay

Govetts Leap Lookout

Offering one of the most striking views in the Blue Mountains, the Govetts Leap Lookout is seated over the steep Grose Valley. Relatively less crowded than the Echo point, you will find a juncture of Bridal Veil falls sandstone cliffs and thick eucalyptus forests. This also is home to some of the most difficult hiking trails in the region. Easel accessible by car, you will also find the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre with wonderful displays and information about the area.

Wentworth Falls

One of the most stunning waterfalls in the park, you will find the falls falling down three steps of rock ledges. At the end of the cliff, the Jamison Creek falls almost 300 meters and forms a huge pool that flows into the Valley of the Waters in the form of a creek. You can find hiking trails that cater to all levels of difficulty. Hikers can witness some of the best views of the falls from various lookouts.

Australia Waterfalls
Image Source: Pixabay


This is a major tourist hub and also the largest town in the Blue Mountains area. Katoomba grew fastly from a coal-mining town into a sought after holiday resort, with easy access from Sydney by rail. This town is packed with boutiques, cafes, second-hand bookstores, galleries and some very good restaurants.


The quaint city of Leura is known for its beautiful gardens and health spas. The Edwardian-style houses and 19th- century cottages give a British feel to this city. The Leura mall in the city centre has things to offer from gift shops to antique stores and restaurants.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

The highest botanical garden in Australia is also known as the sister of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney. A must-see for plant-lovers, the garden is placed over the basalt peak, with stunning views of the Blue Mountains as it sits 300 meters above sea level.

Jenolan Caves

One of the oldest caves in the world, you can explore the Jenolan Caves filled with subterranean rivers, fossilized remains and huge limestone formations. Interestingly this cave is claimed to be the best of any performance space in the world and musical concerts are conducted in the Cathedral chamber of the Lucas Cave, for people to appreciate the amazing acoustics. You can choose to take leisurely walks on the boardwalks or enjoy the spooky night tours. Looking for something more adventurous? Try the Cave Clamoring tours. You will also find native wildlife around the bushwalking tracks. People opting for overnight stays can book at one of the bush cottages available.

Cave Formation
Image Source: Pixabay

Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum

The famous Australian Artist and Writer stayed a major portion of his life at Faulconbridge in a sandstone cottage. This is now converted into a beautiful museum with a wide range of his works. Widely popular for the book called The Magic Pudding, a children’s book, even people who are not very familiar with his works visits the museum to understand his works and also get some valuable information on the life of this celebrated artist. The museum grounds include garden sculptures, beautiful formal gardens, etching studio and even a painting studio.

Hiking and Heritage Trails

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular ways to breathe in the beauty of this World Heritage site is by experiencing the hiking and heritage trails. Dating back to the early 1800s, the historic national pass is one of the most popular trails. This trail begins at the conservation hut, enters into the Valley of the Waters, and then you navigate a path that is carved into the edge of the cliff. You get to experience some of the most beautiful waterfalls before ending the trail at Wentworth Falls and Jamison Lookout. Don’t forget to pack your cameras to capture some of the best views of your journey.

So, next time you are in Sydney, don’t forget to explore the Blue Mountains to experience Nature at its best. Not sure where to start? Check out the Sydney packages at Pickyourtrail to take inspiration from. See you soon, in the Land Down Under!

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