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Written by Bhavika G on November 9, 2017 Share on

Now explore parts of Giza Pyramids no one has even been to!

Dubai and U.A.E aren’t the only places with exciting travel developments. Egypt joins in with its announcement to open up the cursed tombs near Giza Pyramids to the public. The Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt shared the news much to everyone’s delight on their Instagram page!

The tombs date back to 2694-2513 B.C.E and are said to host the remnants of workers who helped construct the Pyramids of Giza along with the supervisor who is said to have cursed the tomb to protect it from thieves. Tombs of the Egyptian Prince Khufu Khaf and his wife Nefretka are also opening for public purview.

This is indeed exciting given the tombs open for the first time ever after they were discovered in 1990 C.E. Guess what else is opening? China’s virtual reality theme park!

Meanwhile, read about our traveller Prasanna’s tryst with the Pyramids in Egypt.

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