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Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
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Most Beautiful Towns in New Zealand that you should visit

Picturesque beaches, breathtaking mountains, majestic lakes, and dazzling cities are what makes New Zealand a stunning country. People wax lyrical about New Zealand’s scenic towns and stunning countryside and now I know why. The smell of fresh air, the crystal clear lakes, the snowy alpines, and the cosy homesteads of these scenic towns will leave you spellbound. From the South Island to the North Island you’ll find several beautiful towns that offer you a surreal experience. Hit the road to visit the scenic towns in New Zealand and fall in love with the country. It won’t be possible for you to cover all the towns in a short period of time, but you can visit the most beautiful places. We’ve curated a list of the most beautiful towns in New Zealand that you should visit. 

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Most Beautiful Towns in New Zealand 

1. Queenstown

Queenstown in New Zealand
Photo by Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash

Queenstown tourism, the adventure hub of New Zealand, is perched on the edges of Lake Wakatipu on South Island. This lakeside town offers heaps to do and plenty to see. It doesn’t matter what your interests are, the town appeals to each and every one of us. Its lakeside location gives you a perfect opportunity to try out thrilling jet boat ride and river rafting, or for something relaxing you can hop on board the river cruises. And its beautiful mountains make it an ideal place for walkers and hikers. The breathtaking scenery of Queenstown will make photographers fall in love with the place. To enjoy the scenery in a much better way, try out extreme adventure sports like Skydiving and Bungee jumping. 

Besides being a scenic town, Queenstown is also a sophisticated and lively town. It is home to quirky cafes, fine dining restaurants, and vibrant bars. The town is lively during the winter season as it is packed with celebrations featuring Queenstown winter festival, winter sports, fireworks and street parties. Queenstown is hands down one of the most beautiful towns in New Zealand. 

2. Feilding

Fielding most beautiful town in New Zealand
Image credits: Wikimedia

Feilding is so beautiful that it has been a 14-time winner of the Most Beautiful Town in Newzealand award. Situated on the north of Palmerston, Feilding is the centre of Manawatu district. The town has a historic ambience to it with its Edwardian architecture, renowned museums, boutique shopping and old-world charm. Feilding is also known for keeping up with its traditions such as the weekly Feilding Farmers’ Market and the Feilding Saleyards, a livestock sale which has been happening since 1880. If you’re in Feilding, make sure you take some time to witness these traditions. 

Feilding is also a great place to visit for history buffs and art lovers. There are several historic museums that you must visit, especially the Coach House Museum. And as for art lovers, you’ll find interesting murals on all the building walls in the central business district. If you’re looking for something other than the usual, then Feilding would be a nice place to visit. 

3. Wanaka

Photo by Laura Smetsers on Unsplash

One look at Wanaka tour packages and you’ll know why it is likely to be one of the most beautiful towns in New Zealand. Wanaka is home to Mt.Aspiring National Park and two crystal clear alpine lakes that will take your breath away. The place is so pristine and rugged, that it became a utopia for travellers. Wanaka would make a perfect spot for a relaxing and peaceful stay in the midst of nature. Visit the Mount Aspiring National Park, a world heritage site, to witness the surreal beauty that is the gorgeous peaks, glaciers and waterfalls. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, then you must visit this place as it was featured in the movie. 

The lakes at Wanaka are equally stunning. If you’re up for some recreation, then you should go fishing, kayaking, and cruising at the lake. For those of you who just wanna relax and not do anything – Wanaka has some of the cosiest accommodations with beautiful surroundings, where you can stay. The town also features sophisticated cafes and restaurants of award-winning chefs. 

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4. Raglan

Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash

Raglan is a picturesque coastal town just west of Hamilton in the North Island. Ragland is not only the fourth largest city but also the most beautiful town in New Zealand. Famous for its beaches that offer the best surfing in New Zealand, Ragland is a dream destination for water sports enthusiasts. But that’s not the only thing Ragland is popular for. It offers several other activities from hiking to the top of the Bridal Veil Falls to travelling across the Te Toto Gorge, which holds the remains of the Maori Gardens. 

For those of you who simply want to enjoy your time at leisure, why not do it at the town’s quirky cafes, and vibrant bars. You’ll enjoy the bohemian vibes that the place offers. 

5. Kaikoura

Photo by Soo Ann Woon on Unsplash

A scenic seaside town located just a few hours drive away from Christchurch, Kaikoura is one of the most beautiful towns in New Zealand. This town’s location is to die for as the gorgeous mountain meets the stunning sea. The scenery is not the only thing that Kaikoura boasts about but also its rich Maori culture. In fact, the Maori culture is so rich, that it is even down to its name – Kaikoura is a Maori word which means “eat crayfish”. And that reminds me if you love seafood then you must try the crayfish, the town’s culinary speciality. 

If you’re not a seafood lover but more of a sea animal lover, then you must take a boat or a cruise trip to witness some of the best dolphin, seal and whale watching in the world. 

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you should add it to your list. This beautiful country will surely make you fall in love with it. So, if you haven’t started planning your trip to New Zealand already, I suggest you start doing it right away. Pickyourtrail offers some amazing pre-made New Zealand tour packages or you can get your own itinerary customised by reaching out to our destination specialists. Start planning your vacation and have a happy travel!

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