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Hiking in Bhutan – Explore the Hills and Valleys in the Land of Thunder Dragon

Bhutan is one of the destinations which can give you the best hiking experiences. Apart from the monasteries with rich architecture, it also has magical mountains and amazing hill stations in which you can trek amidst picturesque valleys with a pleasant atmosphere. For all the hikers about there, it is going to be an experience for life.

An amazing picture of Bhutan
Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

There are so many treks that you can opt for depends on how difficult you want it to be. The difference between one another is its difficulty level. Not to worry if you are hiking for the first time, as there are treks for both beginners and skilled hikers. Treks that are good for walking are considered to be easy, those which would take 8 to 9 hours are moderate and those with steep roads and extremely cold weather are difficult. If you are up for it, keep reading.

Top trails for hiking in Bhutan

There are a huge number of trails to choose from and they are unique in its own way. Out of which, we have handpicked nine top trails for you. Here are the exciting treks that one should try while making it for hiking in Bhutan:

1.  Dochula To Lungchutse Lhakhang Hike

If you are a beginner and looking for an easy trek, then this trail is meant for you. The trail starts from Dochula Pass and extends till Lungchutse monastery which anyone who wants to trek can try. It only takes you 3 hours to reach the peak to witness not only the magical views but also other mountain peaks.

The picture of Dochula pass covered eith snow capped mountains for hiking in Bhutan
Image Credits: Google Images

2. Gangtey Nature Hike

For everyone who does not have any prior experience in trekking and wants to try, this is an ideal choice. The trek takes you to one of the fascinating valleys which is the Phobjikha Valley, 3000 m up above the clouds. Found in the 17th century, the Gangtey monastery is located along the way. Outstanding views and green landscapes are the highlights of this trail.

3. Taktsang Goenba Hike

Gracefully located at a high altitude in Paro, is Taktsang Monastery popularly known as the Tiger’s Nest. The reason that the monastery got its name is when the Buddhist leader Guru Rimpoche, rode on a tigress’ back to reach the top of the temple. The hike to the monastery starts from the parking and takes you to the top with amazing views around. The complete trek to the temple would take you 4-5 hours and it seems to be of moderate difficulty. You can even rest in the cafeteria on the way or hire a horse midway if you want to stop it midway.

A picturesque view of Taktsang monastery for hiking in Bhutan
Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

4. Ngang Lhakhang to Tahung Hike

Passing through the forest of bamboos, is the trail that starts from Ngang Lhakhang, popularly known as the Swan temple to the Phephe La. Once you reach the point where the Phephe La is located, you will find a shrine of stone. It will be filled with the prayer flags fluttering all over the place. This is one of the places where you can click that one Instagram shot!

A picture of Ngang Lhakhang in Bhutan
Image Credits: Google Images

5. Khamsum Chorten Hike

Hiking this trail will take you to one of the best historical monuments. You will surely be amazed by Khamsum Chorten and its architecture. Said to be one of the oldest monuments, it is built in the year 1990. Like Taktsang Goenba Hike, it also starts from the parking and takes you to the peak. Along the way, you will find many farmlands and an amazing view of nature.

An amazing picture of Khamsum Chorten, the historical monument in Bhutan
Image Credits: Google Images

6. Druk Path Trek

Imagine yourself hiking amidst beautiful mountains, clear lakes with snowy cover, that’ everything Druk Path has to offer. It is a six-day trek connecting the valleys of Paro and Thimphu besides offering spectacular views. Trying this trek will give you an adventurous experience in nature’s lap.

A picture taken on the Druk Path trek
Image Credits: Google Images

7. Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek

Being an adventurous trek, this trail takes you to splendid altitudes offering the best views of nature. Hiking through the dense forest with snow-capped Mt. Jomolhari and Mt. Jichu Drake is something beyond beautiful. It is dotted with dzongs and monasteries along the way. Since it is a long and difficult trek, it is recommended to try only if you are physically fit.

8. Nabji Korphu Trek

Nabji Korphu is one of the relaxing and easiest treks that you can try in Bhutan. This is a trek of 5-6 days long depends on how fast you are able to hike to the top of the peak. It takes you to a height of 1000 to 1500 metres with rich biodiversity and magical landscapes along the way. When a trail can greet you with such breathtaking views of mountains and soothing weather, why not pay a visit and hike?

9. Merak Sakteng Trek

Out of all the treks that the country has, Merak Sakteng stands out. Are you curious to know what makes this trek so unique? The seven-day trek is along the most beautiful Sakteng valley with magical lands and lies within the Sakteng wildlife sanctuary. You can experience not only the trekking experience through villages but also the culture that the villagers have.

Best time to visit for hiking in Bhutan

Spring and Autumn are the best time to visit which is from March to May and September to November. The average temperature ranges from 15 to 20-degree celsius makes it perfect for hiking.

Tips not to forget

  • Carry packaged food.
  • Pack light with you.
  • Carry both sunscreen and raincoat due to changing weather.

Won’t it be worth a visit to trek in such a paradise-like Bhutan? Whether you are looking for a short or a month-long adventure, this country has everything. There, you will be able to receive the brightest smiles of the locals to live the culture of Bhutanese. For that, all you have to do is, visit the Pickyourtrail website and check out some itineraries to Bhutan. Get ready to hike through beautiful mountains with crystal clear lakes along the way.

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