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Bhutan's Chele la pass
Written by Amirthavarshini on May 21, 2020 Share on

Chele La Pass Welcomes The Hiking Heroes!

How excited are you to experience the rugged mountains, enchanting valleys, cascading falls, and shimmering lakes? The fascinating country of Bhutan is easily identified as Paradise land. Loved by all poets, photographers, and artists, this place houses some of the world’s tallest peaks. The series of valleys separated by mountain ranges in Bhutan are accessible only through high passes. One such pass is the Chele La pass. Hiking tour at Chele la pass trek will definitely be an unforgettable experience. The thrilling atmosphere and breathtaking views will definitely be an eye-opener for all nature lovers. This experience will definitely enhance your trip to Bhutan and will make you want to come again.

Mountain view from Chele La Pass
Image credits: Google Images

Standing tall and majestic in the heart of the city, Chele la is at an altitude of 13000ft. It is also considered as one of the highest motorable passes in Bhutan. In Chele la, one can experience sightseeing, trekking, and hiking at one go. This natural beauty can easily be reached from Paro within an hour. It is the best pick for those who wish to experience higher altitudes of Himalayas within a short span of time.

You will witness Mount Jumolhari, Jichu Drake, and Thserimgang mountains during your trek. Kanchenjunga can also be seen from a distance. Walkthrough the Haa Valley beside the country-side to experience a beautiful stream and the Yak summer grazing land. Hike through high ridges that offer amazing views of mountains and valleys of Paro and Haa. Make new friends during your trek as you will come across numerous tourists and local people. This place acts as a perfect place to build your own camps to rest and have fun. 

Pathway connecting valleys of Chele La pass
Image credits: Google Images

Know Chele la pass before you start!

  • This mountainous terrain is a place that offers a variety of climates, from tropical to extreme cold. It is advised to take warm clothes and raincoats during the trek.
  • Make sure that the temperature of Chele la pass is moderate on your day of trekking. If you get to visit the place during rains or other odd times, all your efforts may go in vain. Do proper research about the weather and temperature before you start your trip.
  • It is good to start your trek from the North of Haa valley.
  • The highest camp altitude is exactly 4191m. And the average walking distance in the whole trekking experience is 9 km.
  • The trek takes around 5 hours to get completely over with.
  • You will cross two main high passes on your way. They are Ningula Pass (4435m) and Kungkarpo (4455m)
  • Do not miss out to explore the Rich forests, vegetation, Yak herders, meadows, grazing land, and blood pheasants.

A perfect mix of religious sites and monasteries, along with the scenic beauty of the mountains sums up this beautiful place. Come fall in love with nature’s vivid grandeur in the dragon land. Climb upward through the criss-cross valleys of Chele la pass to get the most stunning views of Bhutan. One cannot miss Chele la pass trek on their Bhutan trip as it showcases the utmost beauty of the country. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Bhutan right away!

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