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Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 9, 2020 Share on

Realizing Our Dreams Together In The Land Of The Long White Cloud

Travel is the food of life and travelling together, is love. Though we may travel to many destinations in life, one can never forget the experience of the first trip with their loved one. Yes! Honeymoon trips are indeed beautiful that be the starter to many more amazing trips. Tushit and Arpita went on a honeymoon to New Zealand with Pickyourtrail. Here is everything they have to share on their experience on this magical island country. Let’s start reading.

A couple in the movie sets of honeymoon

About the planning…

Our wedding date was decided for the end of January and the question came up to plan our honeymoon. As I had already covered a few countries, we decided to either visit Europe or some faraway destination. We finally decided to fly for our honeymoon to New Zealand (Although we were lucky enough that this country was not on the list of COVID affected countries during our travel).

A couple clicking a selfie with waterfalls background

It was for the first time I thought of booking online as all my past trips were either booked personally or through some locally available trip planners. We searched and landed in Travel Triangle’s website and we did a lot of research and shortlisted Pickyourtrail as it offered me an acceptable package as per our budget, amazing activities, VISA requirements and comfortable flights compared to other trip planners.

Days at New Zealand

Finally, we landed very comfortably in Auckland after a 22-hour long flight. All our upcoming activities, weather forecast etc., were updated and reminded prior to the start of our day so we had a relaxing time in New Zealand. There’s beauty everywhere in New Zealand and mostly from nature.

Time for some Vitamin-sea <3

A couple enjoying on the beach in New Zealand

New Zealand’s south island indeed had the most beautiful and wild places to cover which formed the most amazing part of the trip including road journeys, as we rented a car to travel every destination, mesmerising the beauty of nature.

Driving in this magical country is the best with your loved one besides you!

A couple driving in the roads of New Zealand

The Franz Josef glacier 🙂

The team gave me a lot of memories to be added up in my travel diaries and Franz Josef glacier will surely be one!

An amazing picture of a couple in the Franz Josef glacier

The most amazing part of the trip

We had planned many activities throughout our trip, but the best and the most thrilling part was the 15,000 feet skydive visualising lake Wakatipu and beautiful Queenstown city. Do you think it can be described by words? It’s a big NO. What you will witness there will look like living a dream <3

Up above the clouds!

Diving high in the land of long white cloud in New Zealand

Anywhere and everywhere but always together! Tushit and Arpita <3

A couple names beautifully written in a white stone on the beach

Sometimes packing your bags and escaping is a therapy! I think our smiles speaks more 😀 Overall, it was the best trip of our lives with overwhelming response and support from Pickyourtrail team.

A beautiful picture of a couple on their honeymoon to New Zealand

My next trip?

If corona disappears tomorrow, I will let Pickyourtrail suggest me the next travel destination and more preferably, Europe. Undoubtedly, it will definitely be another memorable and well-planned trip of our lives.

Why Pickyourtrail?

One would never regret booking via Pickyourtrail. Initially, we were afraid to book as it was my first online booking experience. Now the whole team gave us a wonderful trip of our lifetime. Now the fear of booking online has gone away. Also, our special thanks for helping me instantly at any time of the day to customising our package. Their continued support saved us from getting trapped in the pandemic. We had installed Pickyourtrail application in our mobiles which had all our vouchers and every required information for the trip. On the whole, it was a wonderful honeymoon to New Zealand through Pickyourtrail and would be planning all our future trips with them. I strongly recommend Pickyourtrail to everyone reading this and wants to travel 🙂

Isn’t New Zealand a paradise on earth for anyone to visit? Can’t wait to craft one amazing vacation for you! Visit this beautiful country by having a look at the itineraries to New Zealand on the Pickyourtrail website. And, we will make sure you have been provided with seamless customer experience via the application.

Explore the best of New Zealand with Pickyourtrail! 🙂

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