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New Zealand
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Discover the underwater wonders – Best spots to go snorkelling in New Zealand

New Zealand is a year-round destination. There are several things you can do in the country and you will never feel bored. New Zealand can look different to your eyes in different seasons. While we know that they have the best attractions to visit in the country, How adventurous is New Zealand? Yes, they are also quite famous for their adventurous sports too. How about Snorkelling in New Zealand? Just imagine what it would be to view the beautiful lives that live underwater. Amazing Isn’t? The lovely bright coloured fishes and sharp corals are waiting to greet you. Below here is a list of best spots to go Snorkelling in New Zealand.

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New Zealand
Image Source: Unsplash

Best spots to go for Snorkelling in New Zealand

Vacations are mandatory for every individual. Same way, playing in the water is quite mandatory in every vacation. One of the most exciting water sport is snorkelling and here are the best spots in New Zealand.

1. Goat Island

Fondly known as Cape Rodney by the locals, the Goat Island located in New Zealand. Are you an expert or just a beginner in snorkelling? worry not, it is one of the safest places to try out the adventurous sport. Get a chance to view stingrays, kingfish, kahawai and huge snappers. And for those who are scared of going underwater, enjoy the glass bottom boat ride and view the colourful marine life.

2. Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve

For all those people who are first-timers to snorkelling, this is the fun and best spot for you. Located about 30 minutes from Whangarei is the popular Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve. This vast blue ocean is home to some of the amazing kelp gardens and stunning coral fields.

3. Cathedral Cove

Situated a little far from the main city, is the Cathedral Cove. Cathedral cove is easily accessible by road and boat rides. Head to the Gemstone Bay, a perfect fun-filled spot for snorkelling. Enjoy little of music, dance and soul comforting food items at the Gemstone Bay. While you are there, try taking the sparkling scenic walk which is about 30 minutes long. Get a glimpse of fishes of all sizes, and colourful coral reefs.

4. Taputeranga Marine Reserve

Taputeranga Marine Reserve
Image Source: Unsplash

Located in the north island of New Zealand is the Taputeranga Marine Reserve. Just a 6km away from Wellington this reserve is just perfect for those who are just beginners in snorkelling. Fishes here are of different sizes and colours making it a visual treat to the eyes. If you are lucky, you will get to see the famous seahorses, lobsters, octopus, starfishes and hundred, different marine creatures. An ideal time to do snorkelling here would be when the tides are high and full. If you are a beginner, not to worry, there are certain centres here that can get you trained up in a day. So what are you waiting for?

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5. Tonga Island Marine Reserve

Located right next to the Abel Tasman National Park is the Tonga Marine Reserve. Surrounded by golden brown sands, and secret coves, the place is a cosy snorkelling spot for those who want to enjoy a little privacy. Tumble upon the rocks or swarm across the colourful reefs, be sure to enjoy one full day roaming around.

Image Source: Unsplash

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