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A picture of an amazing couple on the snowy lands of Europe
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Everything About How Europe Took Our Hearts Away On Our Honeymoon

The best way to start the journey of a lifelong togetherness is through travel. Planning a trip overseas with our loved one for the first time is one memorable experience that would stay fresh in our hearts forever. Here is about a couple, Lithin and Reshma who went on a honeymoon vacation to Europe with Pickyourtrail.

Lithin and Reshma, on the beautiful streets of Paris!

A picture of a couple wandering around the streets of Paris

There is never a bad time to visit Europe. No matter what month you are planning a visit, you would have the best of times in this beautiful continent. With its appealing beauty, best places to visit and admirable culture, it easily attracts thousands of tourists every year. Let’s now start reading about how Lithin and Reshma spent their honeymoon vacation to Europe, wandering around its beautiful streets.

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About the planning

When the talks about our honeymoon trip came up, we were quite sure about the destination we would want to visit. Since we both love admiring natural beauty with some adventurous activities included, we decided to plan our honeymoon vacation to Europe. At first, we didn’t have any idea about the trip planner whom we should go with. That’s when I started searching for the top trip planners on Google and found Pickyourtrail on the list. I checked their website and got connected to one of the agents from the Pickyourtrail team. Since I felt that I could connect my ideas easily with them, I went ahead to the booking part.

Planning a trip to Europe is never a bad choice!

A picture of a couple on their honeymoon vacation to Europe

We planned our trip for 8 nights with 3 countries included. Since it was only a week-long trip, we made sure that we visit 4 cities to not make the trip robotic. The cities include Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich and Interlaken. The planning started in the month of May to fly to Europe in the month of October. Let me now tell you how the on-trip experience with Pickyourtrail was.

Days in Switzerland

We reached Europe and set our foot in the soil of Switzerland on the 31st of October. The first city that was on our itinerary was Interlaken. The only activity that we had there was Jungfraujoch which happened to be one of the best parts of our trip. But we feel that it was enough to speak about how beautiful Interlaken was. Then we moved to Zurich by train, the next day. On the day we reached, we had a visit to the Rhine falls followed by Titlis experience the next day. The icing in the cake was we were able to cover all these activities with the Swiss Pass.

Switzerland was so picturesque! <3

A picture of a woman standing under a picturesque tree

Days in Paris

Moving from Zurich to Paris by train was yet another mesmerizing part about the trip. We had two nights there including visits to Louvre museum, Eiffel tower and Seine river cruise.


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We were truly impressed by the collection of art at the Louvre Museum!

A picture of a couple posing in Paris on their honeymoon vacation to Europe

Any trip to France would be incomplete without visiting this beautiful Iron lady!

A beautiful picture of a couple at Eiffel tower in lights on their honeymoon vacation to Europe

Days in Amsterdam

On the third-last day of our trip, we reached Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. It might be last on our itinerary but definitely, not the least. We had two nights there with only one activity planned which is the Half-Day Zaanse Schans Tour. It was a wonderful experience in the Netherlands. With that, we took off our flight to India on the 8th of November.


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Amsterdam was real fun! 😀

A picture of couple having fun in Amsterdam on their honeymoon vacation to Europe

The most favourite activity

Out of all the activities that we had, our most favourite would be the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland. As you might have heard, train journeys are the most beautiful thing about Europe, especially in Switzerland. You will get to witness the best views of snow covering the mountains around. The entire day was fully about changing trains but we never felt tired.

To the best mountain experience in Switzerland! 🙂

A picture of a couple posing at the Jungfraujoch on their honeymoon vacation to Europe

The most amazing part of the trip

Interlaken was one of the many amazing things happened on our trip. Not because of the hotels or the activities, but the kind of experience it gifts you with. What we witnessed there, would be an experience for a lifetime. With the beautiful Bernese Alps and fascinating peaks, we lost our heart in Interlaken.

Awww! Walking in Interlaken felt so MAGICAL 🙂

Our snow stories

Though Europe is especially known for its pleasant climate all year round, visiting it in Winter is way more beautiful. That feeling of touching the snow, throwing some snowballs at each other, feeling the chill breeze against our face is everything about visiting Switzerland in Winter.

It was a shivering experience yet stupendous!

A picture of a couple adding a memory to their snow diaries

Our food diaries

No matter how hectic you plan your trip to be, never miss tasting some scrumptious food in Europe. To help you there, Europe has too many amazing restaurants in almost every street. Be it choosing the food or choosing the restaurant, you will have plenty of options.

Enough of heart-filling. Time to fill the tummy too 😀

A picture of the local cuisines of Europe

Why Pickyourtrail?

We will never regret our decision of having chosen Pickyourtrail for our Europe trip. It was really a great experience that would forever remain special for both of us. Right from the booking day, we got excellent support in all aspects like itinerary planning, visa applications and travel time support. They have a dedicated team working every day of the week and any time of the day. Whenever we needed their help, they did their part really well. Overall I wish to give a big 5/5 for the whole team. Pickyourtrail would surely be our trip planner for all our future trips because we know they are the right people.

Happiness redefined! 🙂

An amazing picture of a couple with happy smiles on their honeymoon vacation to Europe

Where to next?

As I said, we had an awesome time on our honeymoon vacation to Europe. As we have now realized how beautiful this continent is, we are thinking about revisiting this wonder to explore some more countries like Italy, Spain, Austria. Are you someone who doesn’t like visiting a place twice? Then you must visit Europe and I am sure you will change your idea 😀

Beautiful, isn’t it? Their experience itself makes us feel like Europe shows one, a different version of our lives. Be it the culture you see there or the local people you interact with, you will get to learn a lot of things while travelling to Europe. Haven’t you been to Europe yet? It’s okay. It is still not too late to plan your Europe trip and witness some beautiful views of the continent with friendly people around. Head out to the website of Pickyourtrail and check out some amazing Europe Honeymoon Packages. With your ideas and dreams, you can even customize it in the best way possible. Can’t wait to provide you with an awesome vacation with 24*7 customer support via the Pickyourtrail application.

Explore the best of Europe with Pickyourtrail! 🙂

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