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How To Reach Europe – A Guide For Entering The European Continent

Europe is one of the major travel destinations in the world and is a dreamland for any explorer who wants to travel. Tourism is a major market in Europe with over 500 million visitors arriving on this continent every year. Europe is one of the phenomena in the world for which one can cross oceans, literally, just to be perplexed by this land of history and heritage. If you are confused about how one should reach Europe, the best and the most convenient option will be to catch a flight and there are several flights available from the Metropolitan cities in India to several important cities in Europe like Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, etc.

A map of Europe with its important cities connected
Image by TheAndrasBarta from Pixabay

Despite being a beautiful place to visit, Europe is also a large continent stretching from Portugal to Ukraine with long travel hours and high cost which makes it an expensive and exhausting business. So, here are a few things you need to know about reaching the continent of Europe and exploring it.

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How To Reach And Travel In Europe By Air?

There are several direct flights available from India to Europe and it is the best way to reach Europe. While there are direct flights to popular destinations in Europe, there are also connecting flights to regions like Denmark and Sweden which will help you in cutting the cost as they would be more economical. Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, and Chennai International Airport are the airports in India from where you can board a direct flight to Europe. There are several airlines who operate direct flights to Europe like the Air France, Swiss International Airlines, Lufthansa and Emirates. A direct flight can be about 8-12 hours depending on which part of Europe you are travelling to.

A flight of British Airways taking off
Image by xenostral from Pixabay

Airports in Europe

There are many airports in Europe which are known for their beauty, comfort and safety. Below are some of those for your reference.

  • London Heathrow Airport is presumably the biggest airport in Europe. It is effective and comfortable. Shopping, restaurants and the famous Terminal 5 are somethings which shouldn’t be missed there.
  • Munich International Airport in Germany is known for its cleanliness and safety. It is easily navigable and has really great amenities.
  • Zurich Kloten International Airport in Switzerland which is very accessible from Zurich is considered as one of the nicest airports in Europe. As one may assume, it has the best chocolate shops and also it has excellent lounges in case you have to stay at the airport.
  • Frankfurt Airport in Germany is as excellent as its Munich counterpart. It has great facilities especially the useful retail stores.
  • Vienna International Airport in Austria has a traditional appeal to it and is effortlessly navigable.
  • Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport in the Netherlands is the best airport in case of a long layover. It is also said to be one of the busiest airports in the world.

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How To Reach And Travel In Europe By Train?

You can reach Europe by air and then choose to explore it by train. Europe has well-connected train services with trains connecting one country to another. Exploring Europe by train is a great experience in its way as you can have beautiful views which can’t be accessed by road. There is also an option to buy a Eurail Pass which allows you to travel by train in 18 different European countries. Some of the well known Intercountry train operators in Europe are InterCityExpress, TGV, Eurostar, and Thalys. The cost of the journey varies from region to region across operators. Also, Major cities in Europe have their very own rapid transit system, commonly referred to as a metro, which will also be a helpful choice to travel.

Train in Europe, convenient medium to reach different places within the continent
Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

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How To Reach And Travel In Europe By Road?

Travelling across Europe by road can be a possible option if you have the means to travel across different countries using a car. However, Reaching Europe by road is not feasible. Once you reach Europe by flight or train, you can travel and explore the European countries by various means. While it can be expensive to travel by road, by proper planning and information, it can be managed under a budget. The motorway in countries like Germany, Spain and France are world-class. Within the countries, there are also hop-on, hop-off buses which stop at various main centres. Buses are a more economical alternative to trains for travelling, particularly if you need to travel to less known locations.

A Hop on Hop off bus, one of the modes to reach different parts of cities in Europe
Image by Manfred von Kannen from Pixabay

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How To Reach And Travel In Europe By Water?

It is impossible to start in India and reach Europe by sea. However, if you are departing from the United States, there are several luxury cruises available which are cosy and makes you enjoy the vacation right from the commencement of the journey. However, countries like Spain, Italy and Greece include transportation by ferries. It can be a fantastic and comfortable way to travel as well.

A ferry, one of the modes to reach different cities in Europe
Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

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Now that we had cracked on how to reach the continent of Europe, it’s about time that you create your very own itinerary. Check out some great Europe Tour Packages available in Pickyourtrail and you can also customise your own itineraries. Start planning your trip and have an amazing experience!

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